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Blockchain information 20220624 | micro copyright helps enterprises strengthen intellectual property compliance management

Time : 24/12/2021 Author : f6dnl2 Click : + -
        On June 21, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the "several measures of Beijing Municipality on implementing the" three major projects "to further support and serve the development of high-tech enterprises", supporting enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capabilities, and supporting eligible enterprises to apply for the use of major infrastructure and various common technology platforms in blockchain and other fields laid out and constructed in the city. On June 15, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, together with the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of finance, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of market supervision and other departments, issued several measures on promoting the high-quality development of the human resources service industry in the capital in the new era, proposing the innovative use of blockchain and other emerging information technologies to lead industrial development with digitalization and informatization.
        On June 17, the general office of the Ministry of transport issued the guidelines for the construction of electronic platform for the import and export of dry bulk cargo based on blockchain. Promote the deep integration and development of blockchain technology and the transportation industry, build a global shipping service network based on blockchain, and promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of water transportation. On June 20, the general office of Hainan Provincial People's government issued the action plan for further optimizing the business environment of Hainan free trade port (2022— 2025). It is proposed to explore the market-oriented pricing and trading mechanism of intellectual property, support Hainan International Intellectual Property Exchange to develop blockchain transactions, and step by step promote the construction of blockchain systems such as rights confirmation, evaluation and rating agencies, and rights protection.
        Recently, the higher people's Court of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the white paper on the optimization of blockchain application enabling business environment, which comprehensively summarized the achievements of blockchain application innovation in the courts of the region. Inner Mongolia high court will accelerate the construction of blockchain judicial application, and optimize the legal business environment with science and technology. On June 22, the China TV series production industry association issued a notice saying that the "Nanhai platform" blockchain interactive account sharing core middle station has been successfully developed, and the integration of production, distribution, broadcasting, charging and viewing resources is progressing smoothly. In the fourth quarter of this year, the free trial chain operation of classic old dramas will be carried out. At the end of the year, the first round of dramas will be exclusively put into chain operation and officially launched.
        On June 18, the digital Guangxi Expert Advisory Committee organized a research team to Guangxi blockchain science and technology innovation park to conduct research, and on-site inspected the construction, operation and digital West chain construction of Guangxi blockchain science and Technology Innovation Park, so as to promote Guangxi blockchain application innovation and industrial development. Recently, the "Bay Area smart · Denghu Juneng — 2022 blockchain theory and application innovation seminar" was held in Guangdong financial high tech Zone. Dr. Lu Jing from the blockchain application business department of high beam software was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech on the application of blockchain technology in the energy industry, sharing successful practical experience for blockchain application innovation.
        On June 13, the signing ceremony of the digital industry phase I fund jointly funded by Hainan Ecological Software Park Management Bureau Development Co., Ltd. and bocom international equity investment management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was held in Hainan Ecological Software Park. The fund will focus on blockchain and other key advantageous industries in the park to build a 100 billion level digital industry cluster. [yibaobao] appeared at the "Harbin entrepreneurs' cooperation and exchange meeting", bringing entrepreneurs blockchain opportunities that are just needed by government and enterprises, and launching a new "business tool" to reduce costs and increase efficiency, helping entrepreneurs realize their resources skillfully and build momentum for a win-win future. [easy security] using blockchain technology, we can well solve the problem of full link credibility of electronic data from generation, certificate storage, to notarization, proof and other aspects, so that electronic data can become legal and effective electronic evidence!.
        Shanxi, Shandong, Ningxia and other places have comprehensively promoted electronic labor contracts. [Junzi sign] provide legal, effective, professional and reliable e-labor contract signing services, and help realize the digital transformation of enterprise management and human resources and social security services. There are many crimes against intellectual property rights. Using blockchain technology, micro copyright can provide enterprises with services such as copyright confirmation, infringement monitoring, network forensics, and help enterprises strengthen intellectual property compliance management. [easy security] easy security makes full use of blockchain technology. On the one hand, it can realize the "right confirmation" and "traceability" of NFT digital works, and ensure that the works can prove their authenticity. On the other hand, it can ensure that the transactions on the chain are open, transparent, compliant and efficient.
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