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Inventory of domestic head digital collection platform: Giants gather state-owned assets,Regular platform for blockchain transactions

Time : 13/10/2021 Author : 7silw5 Click : + -
        There is a famous sentence widely spread in the historical classic Yanzi Chunqiu: Orange born in Huainan is orange, and orange born in Huaibei is orange. It is used to describe the variation of the same species due to different environmental conditions. At present, this sentence is most appropriate to describe the NFT market at home and abroad. NFT is a noun popular almost at the same time as the primordial universe. Its original meaning is non-fungibletoken (non-homogeneous token). Compared with BTC and eth, each of them is unique with blockchain technology, and can be cast in different forms, such as pictures, music, videos, digital souvenirs, etc. As we all know, cryptocurrencies such as BTC and eth are not compliant in China. They are also issued in the public chain, and NFT with token attribute will not be compliant naturally.
        For this reason, most domestic platforms have adopted a compromise approach, issuing NFT in the semi centralized alliance chain, and do not support resale transactions between users. Obviously, the essential difference between foreign NFT and domestic digital collections lies in whether there is a monetary attribute. The role of domestic digital collections mainly focuses on collection attributes and social attributes, which are similar to the previous methods of Philately, card collecting, trendy play and so on. Different value attributes lead to different evaluation standards for domestic digital collection platforms. Whether a platform is reliable depends not on the volume of transactions, but more on its compliance and whether the endorsement is strong enough. Therefore, we can see that many blockchain platforms in China have state-owned assets, while those in foreign countries are mainly decentralized Ethereum main chain and side chain.
        Based on the compliance standards and market environment of domestic digital collections, we selected 10 head digital collection distribution platforms to briefly introduce their respective backgrounds and advantages, so that everyone can choose their own platforms more targeted. Introduction: ant group's digital collection platform, based on ant chain technology, integrates the purchase, collection, viewing and sharing of digital collections. Users can support their favorite digital collections and artists through whale detection. When users have digital collections supported by ant chain technology, they can show and give gifts to their friends, but the user must purchase the digital collections for 180 days. At the same time, the recipient should meet the purchase conditions of the digital collections (Chinese Mainland residents over the age of 14), and pass the Alipay real name authentication and risk control verification process.
        In order to prevent hype, the recipient can re initiate the donation after receiving the digital collection for two years. Platform introduction: Magic core, an NFT trading software under Tencent, was officially launched on August 2, 2021. Digital goods on the platform are issued based on the blockchain digital collection technology agreement, and each digital commodity has a unique identification on the blockchain, which cannot be tampered with; The digital collection business on the platform adopts the full process real name and content link review of users, and does not open the transfer of digital products between users. After purchasing digital collections, buyers can only use them for collection. Platform introduction: Baidu super chain launched its first digital collection platform in January 2022, and distributed the Museum Series thousand handed Avalokitesvara, the rare version of the temple of heaven auspicious beast, and the series of digital collections created by the specially invited art master Han Meilin, such as ice and snow, renyin Kangxiang, etc.
        Platform introduction: Zebra China, with the support and guidance of the Copyright Administration Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the China Copyright Association, is a "copyright chain" established by China Digital Copyright Industry Alliance (cdcia) and Tianfu TV in accordance with the co construction and sharing ecosystem standard in order to thoroughly implement the central government's strategic deployment on the construction of a powerful intellectual property country. It takes the "creation, application, protection, management and service" of copyright as the main line, and cloud computing, blockchain Supported by big data and artificial intelligence technology, it connects the three main bodies of government, industry organizations and enterprises, and provides national industry standard support and "one-stop" copyright comprehensive services for copyright owners, producers, platforms and other parties in the industrial chain, effectively promoting the parallel development of copyright operation and management.
        Platform introduction: Hi yuancosmos is a digital cultural and creative trading platform jointly developed and operated by juntu Network Co., Ltd. under Shaanxi tourism group and Bojun culture holding company, with "juntu chain" as the underlying structure. It has a complete digital cultural and creative product industry chain such as authorization, creation and distribution, and is the first NFT platform in the field of cultural and Expo in China. The platform is committed to enhancing the cultural carrying capacity of creative products through digital technology and blockchain technology, and realizing the innovative development of excellent traditional culture and IP remodeling. Platform introduction: NFT China (nftcn), a digital integrated trading platform under bigverse, provides services such as NFT digital asset uplink, promotion and trading, which was founded in May 2021.
        The platform belongs to UGC platform, and has built a meta universe space of blockchain + content + community, forming an open NFT ecosystem. At present, thousands of artists have settled in NFT China, and hundreds of artists have carried out in-depth cooperation with the platform, bringing together many high-quality works with investment value. It is the largest digital collection trading platform in China. The self-developed NFT casting system is confirmed at the second level. Xiaobai users can also cast NFT works in one minute. Platform introduction: Netease planet officially announced the launch of digital collection function (NFT) on January 19. Netease planet digital collection platform is committed to extending the boundary of art collection to the digital world, no longer limited to the physical world.
        Provide the IP party with a complete set of brand solutions for digital collection contract casting, product marketing, user management, etc. It also provides collectors with services such as secondary creation, exchange, purchase, gift and collection sharing of digital collections. Platform introduction: Lingxi is a digital collection trading platform launched by on December 17, 2021. All digital collections of the platform will be provided by JD cloud with blockchain technology services &mdash& mdash; JD Zhizhen chain is uniquely identified. Joy&, launched at the same time as the platform; Doga series of digital collections are the first collections of the platform. The release of the first collection also linked JD health and JD public welfare, and jointly helped the public welfare projects of rare diseases.
        Platform introduction: the only digital art e-commerce platform with two rounds of state-owned capital investment and deep brand influence in China, with relatively comprehensive business-related qualifications in the industry. In terms of shareholders and compliance, the only art platform reaped the investment of state-owned capital in September 2021, and obtained a number of compliance qualifications under existing policies. In terms of business qualification, compliance, user scale and the number of works, the company has become an excellent enterprise in the domestic digital art platform. Platform introduction: Vision China's visual art digital collection platform &mdash& mdash; The official website and applet of meta vision (meta vision Collection) were launched in December 2021. The platform realizes the online confirmation of digital works through blockchain, and stores the owner and information of works on the chain to ensure that the data cannot be tampered with.
        At the same time, the original digital works are transformed into unique digital collections on the blockchain. Every change in the ownership of digital collections can be recorded on the blockchain, which greatly promotes the trading and circulation of digital collections. Blockchain technology makes digital collections identifiable, easy to circulate and tradable.
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