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Blockchain coin,Popular science: how to distinguish block chain and bitcoin

Time : 17/03/2022 Author : nauoeq Click : + -
        At first, there was no name of "blockchain", only blocks were connected one by one. Over time, we have known the blockchain. (1) There are 100 people +1 accountant in village A. all the money earned by 100 people needs to be handed over to the accountant. The accountant records the account book, so as to master the economy of the whole village. As long as the accountant wants to spend money, he can record it in the account book, and the money earned by these 100 people will be reduced. (2) There are 100 people +1 accountant in village A. all the money earned by 100 people needs to be handed over to the accountant, and 100 people +1 accountant are recording the account books. As long as someone spends money, it will be recorded in 101 account books. If you want to delete the record of spending money, you need to contact the 101 account books of the whole village a to delete it comprehensively.
        We can imagine the network as the Milky way and the computer as the stars. You record on a certain star, and the stars are connected to form the Milky way. To delete a record, you need to contact all the stars to delete it. Just think, is the number of stars in the Milky way clear? Therefore, the account book blockchain cannot be deleted, thus ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the data. We all use Taobao. When we buy things on Taobao, we don't give money directly to merchants, but give money to Taobao, that is, Alibaba. Alibaba is equivalent to a third party. It keeps money for us and businesses. After the transaction between us and businesses is completed, the money will be transferred to businesses through a third party (Alibaba).
        Decentralization of bitcoin means the removal of third parties. If we want to deal with the merchants, we can directly contact the merchants, pay, take the goods, and the transaction ends. When we conduct bitcoin transactions with merchants, we enter bitcoin into the merchant's address (the address is equivalent to the bank card number). When the transaction is completed, the transaction record is recorded in the blockchain. Food will expire, life will change, and feelings will grow, but bitcoin will always belong to you, which is so strong and unreasonable. Every bitcoin transaction requires a private key, which can be saved in any storage medium, and no one will know except yourself.
        Of course, if you have to tell others, you can't. Bitcoin has a unique encryption algorithm through the blessing of blockchain, which is a 256 bit binary number. If you want to * * the private key, try one number by one. After trying the 256 power of 2, the private key comes out.
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