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BSN testing network service release provides blockchain development and testing environment for free

Time : 17/11/2021 Author : fki17x Click : + -
        On October 31, the blockchain service network BSN carried out a regular quarterly version update to continuously optimize existing functions while releasing new products and services. Among them, the BSN "test network service" launched this time will be provided to developers free of charge, aiming to provide developers with the development and testing of blockchain applications, try out the latest products and services launched by BSN, and provide a trial and error environment for blockchain technology research and innovation. Developers can experience products and services free of charge in the "alliance chain service" - "test network service" on the BSN official website. BSN test network service developers can publish an unlimited number of application services in the test network. Different from the production environment, they do not need to select the city nodes deployed by the smart contract and configure the call permission of the smart contract when publishing application services.
        At present, the test network supports three alliance chain frameworks: hyperledgerfabric, fiscobcos and xuprechain. In the future, it will continue to integrate all the alliance chain frameworks adapted to BSN. The test network also integrates the newly released IPFs private network services and cross chain services for developers to try out. BSN will periodically clean up the test data according to the resource load usage of the test network. Please do not use the test network as a production environment. You are welcome to try the test network service and give feedback on Problems and suggestions. We will continue to improve the functions. For more help on the test network service, please check the "5.6 test network service" section of the blockchain service network help manual.
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