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Full record of major events during the Spring Festival holiday: blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain!

Time : 04/07/2022 Author : 4v7z0r Click : + -
        The Spring Festival holiday ended imperceptibly, and most of my friends must have returned to work now. During the Spring Festival, when we get together with our family and visit relatives and friends, we will also miss a lot of big news. After combing the science and technology news, we found that more than half of the hot news in the science and technology circle were occupied by blockchain. Various discussions of a three o'clock sleepless blockchain group have also exploded in the circle of friends. The hottest topics in previous years, such as the red envelope war and the Spring Festival Gala black technology, have become supporting roles. Next, titanium media editors will take stock of the scientific and technological hotspots that occurred during the Spring Festival. The highlights should not be missed. JD group (nasdaq:jd) announced that its JD Logistics Group (hereinafter referred to as JD logistics) has completed a binding final capital increase agreement.
        According to the final agreement, the total amount of this round of financing is about US $2.5 billion. The main investors of this financing include Hillhouse capital, Sequoia China, China Merchants Group, Tencent, China Life Insurance, CDB master fund, guodiao fund, ICBC international and other institutions. After the transaction is completed, JD group will still hold 81.4% equity of JD logistics. According to the usual transaction conditions, the financing is expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018. On February 15, according to, Foxconn participated in investing in the world's first virtual currency commercial bank through its private equity fund, with an investment amount of more than 100million yuan. According to the investor's plan, the bank will become a commercial bank focusing on the field of virtual currency and blockchain, and its main services include trading, principal investment, asset management and consulting.
        Foxconn did not disclose its final shareholding in the bank and whether it has decision-making power over the bank in the future. During the Spring Festival this year, all major platforms have tried their best to attract users, and are particularly willing to spend money "bleeding", throwing hundreds of millions of red envelopes. Think about last year, the whole family played with their mobile phones alone. This year, the whole family went out. Among them, Taobao is one of the most lavish platforms this year. From advertising to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Alipay set five blessings and divided them into 500 million. Taobao opened a family account to grab red envelopes, which has driven the whole family, old and young. Especially during this year's Spring Festival Gala, it can't be more attractive to help you empty your shopping cart.
        However, when the Spring Festival Gala was the first wave of welfare grabbing, it was the card owner. I thought there was something wrong with our home network or mobile phone, but after switching WiFi, traffic and garbage cleaning, they were still abnormal. As a leading country in the application of blockchain technology and virtual currency transactions in the world, the attitude of the U.S. government towards ICO and its exploration of blockchain scenario applications have always been the focus of attention in the industry. On February 14, the U.S. Congress held a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives entitled "beyond bitcoin: the application of emerging blockchain technology". Witnesses at the hearing suggested that Congress should establish a legal framework to promote or even fund the research and application of blockchain technology in the public domain.
        On February 6, the US Congress has held a hearing on virtual currency. At this meeting, jayclayton, chairman of the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), pointed out that unregistered ICOS were illegal and denied that they had approved or would approve ICOS. He also said that ICO has nothing to do with blockchain itself. Buying ICO does not mean investing in blockchain. At present, there are many problems in the virtual money market and ICO, mainly manifested in the lack of supervision and many ICOS are illegal. According to foreign media CNBC, in a hearing, six heads of U.S. intelligence agencies told the Senate Intelligence Committee that they would not recommend Americans to buy Huawei products or services.
        The six principals are in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the director of national intelligence. They first expressed their doubts about Huawei and ZTE, saying that American public officials and state organs should not trust the products of these two Chinese enterprises. At 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve, the total number of Alipay Wufu was finally set at 251million. As last year, the five blessings lottery was held at 10:18, although the total bonus was 500million yuan. Due to the large number of people gathered, from the information shared by netizens, most users received about 2 yuan. Many netizens left a message on Alipay Weibo saying, "although the final money is not much, the process has added a new year flavor to the current year.
        ”。 On the first day of the Chinese dog year in 2018 on the lunar calendar, I met you at dawn. From now on, as the founder of titanium media, I have a new identity, the founder of chaindd (chain de), which was officially launched on the whole platform on the first day of the lunar calendar. All the start-up teams of Linde are on standby, and there are no holidays during the Spring Festival, with continuous updates of 7 * 24 hours. The young start-up team also gathered the capable forces that have made many influential financial reports in titanium media, bringing together the industry's top financial technology media people, bat's operating elite and experienced product team. (click to read the original text, download the link to get the app, and view the full text).
        According to LinkedIn app, bitcoin China (BTCC), the first bitcoin trading platform in China, has confirmed that it has been transferred, and the four major shareholders chose to liquidate their shares. The original four major shareholders of bitcoin China were Li Qiyuan, Lightspeed capital, Yang Linke and Huang Xiao. Among them, Yang Linke publicly claimed that bitcoin China had transferred 100% of its equity to an investment fund in Hong Kong. According to Yang Linke, this transaction did not reach the level of tens of billions of yuan, but it was very satisfactory. At the end of January, bitcoin China announced that BTCC, as a bitcoin trading platform with a long history of global operation, had been acquired by Hong Kong blockchain investment fund.
        Bitcoin China was founded in 2011 and once accounted for 80% of the global market. In 2014, the platform trading volume ranked second in the world, with more than 100000 transactions per day. At that time, the unit price of bitcoin was only about $1100. In September 2017, the domestic policy was tightened, and bitcoin China was the first to be shut down, and then its registration place was transferred to the UK, where it was traded in US dollars. On January 3, 2018, bitcoin China stopped its website login and online cash withdrawal services. On February 16, Xu Mingxing, the founder of okcoin (okex), a famous domestic virtual currency trading platform, announced through wechat circle of friends that the global general points okb of the platform has not been privately placed, and no one can get okb quota.
        Previously, Wang Kaixin, the former CEO of magic department store, publicly said in his circle of friends that "okb is available". In this regard, Xu Mingxing pointed out that Wang Kaixin was a "fraud". Wang Kaixin, born in 1998, is a famous post-90s entrepreneur. Previously, he was the CEO of magic department store and burned 20million yuan in half a year. Recently, she said in her circle of friends that okb is available on a first come, first served basis. She wrote, "don't tell me that okb doesn't have private placement, it's because you don't have channels." In this regard, Xu Mingxing said in his circle of friends that if someone can prove that there is a private placement limit, he will pay 10, and said, "this magical girl Wang Kaixin is a typical fraud, please call the police immediately.
        ”。 The securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suspended three US listed companies cherubiminterestsinc, pdxpartnersinc. and byadamo Manzor's securities trading believes that the statements made by these companies to acquire assets related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are questionable, and also questions the business nature and asset value of these companies. Cherubiminterests previously announced token financing through ICO. The SEC has warned investors that some companies may publicly announce ICO or related events in order to push up the company's share price.
        On February 16, wechat officially announced the wechat red envelope data for the 2018 Spring Festival. 688million people used wechat red envelopes to convey the blessing of the year of the dog on New Year's Eve, and the number of wechat red envelopes sent and received increased by 15% over last year. The data shows that users in Beijing, Chongqing and Chengdu have amazing hand speed, and the number of red packets won ranks among the top three in the country. Among them, post-80s users are the mainstay of the red packet army, accounting for 32% of the total red packet receiving and sending, 27% of the post-90s and 22% of the Post-70s. In addition, wechat payment data also showed that on New Year's Eve this year, people across the country were the most active in retail stores, catering industry and transportation. Interestingly, wechat also announced the users who received and sent the largest number of red envelopes. A woman in Shandong grabbed 1848 red envelopes on New Year's Eve, while a woman in Zhejiang sent 1203 red envelopes in a day.
        Vitalikbuterin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the "V God" in the industry, posted a reminder on Twitter: cryptocurrency is still a new asset class, with great fluctuations, and the market value may fall close to zero at any time. Don't invest more money than you can bear the loss. If you want to find out where you should save your life savings, traditional assets are still your safest investment. On February 17, Wan Gang, chairman of the China Association for science and technology, said that in 2017, China's R & D investment was the second in the world, the number of full-time R & D personnel was the first in the world, and the number of invention patent applications was the first in the world for seven consecutive years. According to the data previously released by the State Intellectual Property Office, as of the end of 2017, there were 1.356 million invention patents in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and 9.8 invention patents per 10000 people.
        On February 17, according to foreign media reports, after SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon heavy rocket with the most powerful thrust in the world this month, its project to provide broadband services via satellite has won the support of the U.S. communications regulatory authority. Ajitpai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), urged the agency to approve SpaceX's previous application to provide broadband services via satellite. Trading bitcoin and other digital currencies, whether they should be taxed or not, and how to pay taxes, has been a problem that puzzles the world, and will also directly affect the attitude of governments towards cryptocurrencies. From February 16 to March 15 every year, it is the tax declaration season in Japan, and the virtual currency with ups and downs in 2017 has also become one of the declaration objects for the first time in the world. The tax issues related to virtual currency have become the hot issues of tax declaration in 2017.
        It also has benchmarking significance for the whole world. Through detailed visits, researchers in Japan of LinkedIn app have made a comprehensive anatomy of Japan's tax plan. (click to read the original text, download the link to get the app, and view the full text). Musk put forward the new concept of "hyperloop" underground transportation, and a company he set up is preparing to build a super loop high-speed rail network in many places in the United States. According to the latest news from foreign media, this company has made another major progress in its project in the eastern United States. The capital city of Washington has approved the company to build a super ring high-speed railway station. In the early stage, musk only put forward the theory and concept of super ring high-speed rail, and did not personally participate in it.
        However, musk changed his strategy and established the "boringcompany" to personally develop the super ring high-speed rail line. Drilling company is preparing to carry out a construction project in the United States, which is to build a super ring high-speed rail underground transportation network in the dense urban areas on the east coast. According to a recent report by the Washington Post, the drilling company has made a new progress. At the end of last year, the company obtained permission from the Washington municipal government to excavate and build a super ring high-speed railway station in the city. On February 18, foreign media reported that Qualcomm rejected Broadcom's $121 billion acquisition proposal, saying that Broadcom's current proposal was unacceptable, and was open to further negotiations with Broadcom.
        At the same time, Broadcom has never given up its plan to acquire Qualcomm. The media quoted sources as saying that bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley have agreed to provide up to $100billion in credit instruments to Broadcom, including $5billion in revolving loans and bridge loans. On February 18, Zhang Ying, founding managing partner of Jingwei China, published her position on blockchain currencies and ICOS in the circle of friends, saying that she was optimistic about blockchain applications and business opportunities in appropriate scenarios, but it took time, and more importantly, she needed a team that could settle down and really work hard. "Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. will also choose to buy some, just for the consideration of asset management and configuration".
        Zhang Ying said that no matter what team ICO doesn't do, 99.99% of it is cheating, overdraft and cutting ordinary people's leeks. This kind of thing hangs its own name and can't control the results. It will only hurt others, hurt itself, hurt luck and immorality, and it's completely disdainful. " Zhang Ying also admitted that the Jingwei team is also looking at the blockchain project carefully. The real big companies of mobile Internet are mainly the founders who came out in the middle and late stage. On February 18, Toutiao today completed the acquisition of photo tool faceu Jimeng, with a transaction volume of $300million. In the first half of 2017, faceu completed the latest financing of $50million, and the leading investor is today's headlines. Faceu excitedly named the Spring Festival Gala of Zhejiang satellite TV, Oriental satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV in the year of the dog.
        It is generally believed in the industry that due to the expiration of audio-visual license and compliance, faceu took over the volcano video as the headline today. On February 19, caiwensheng, chairman of metu, said in the sleepless blockchain group at 3o'clock that the token attribute was one level higher than stocks, bonds and other warrants. Token can have the right to use, share value, and vote, but there is no dividend right. He admitted that at present, token does not have voting rights, but things are developed and will be applied in the future. In the future, many foundations may use the token ratio to vote for re-election of directors. He also believes that it is a good thing for the regulatory authorities to issue policies. At the beginning, Wall Street also developed disorderly without rules, and gradually formed a consensus and established a regulatory system.
        On February 19, Venezuela's cryptocurrency regulator said that Venezuela's "petro" had attracted investment from Turkey, Qatar, the United States and Europe. The government of Venezuelan President Maduro plans to launch the first sale of petrodollars on Tuesday. Venezuela believes that petrodollars will help the country bypass U.S. sanctions. Skeptics believe that Venezuela's insufficient fiscal solvency may affect investors' interest. The US Treasury Department warned that the purchase of petrodollars might violate the sanctions agreement against Venezuela. Telecom's ICO (coin issuance financing) has reached its first milestone.
        The financing amount of the company's ICO has reached US $850million. The document shows that the funds raised will be used for "the development of ton blockchain, the development and maintenance of telegrammessanger, and other purposes". The initial financing is likely to come from the pre-sale period of telegramico. According to previous media reports, the main participants in the pre-sale are venture capital companies and well-known investors, who have a substantial discount on the purchase of Telegraph's cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg, the initial target of pre-sale was $600million, but the final figure was as high as $850million. At six o'clock, when the guild VIP telegram group was dissolved, Shi Hu realized that he had been cheated.
        From January 2018 to now, Shi Hu has lost 27 Ethereum due to agency investment in six weeks. On September 4, 2017, the Central Bank jointly issued a document with the central Internet Information Office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other relevant state departments, formally characterizing ICO as illegal fund-raising, and explicitly prohibiting any token issuance and financing activities. According to LinkedIn app, because
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