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Three o'clock community rises offline, creating the world's first pure blockchain cafe

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : ngch86 Click : + -
        In the first half of 2018, the roller coaster rise and fall of the currency circle affected the hearts of many investors. As the application of blockchain technology in the financial field increasingly highlights its advantages, and the national policies encourage the implementation of blockchain technology in other fields, as China's largest blockchain ecological platform &mdash& mdash; Huo coin ecology wants to develop diversified offline application scenarios. At the same time, various blockchain comments from the "3o'clock sleepless blockchain" wechat Group continued to swipe the screen, and the 3o'clock community quickly became a hot IP. As all the famous people came here, they tried to sit together and talk about things, but they found that there was no place for offline communication.
        Under this opportunity, Huo coin ecosystem and 3o'clock blockchain community united with quantum space, the first blockchain incubator in China, to jointly create the world's first coffee shop to accept Huo coin HT transactions &mdash& mdash; "Three o'clock blockchain coffee". Since the cooperation signal came out in April this year, one stone has aroused thousands of waves. The marriage of Huo coin ecology, 3o'clock blockchain community and quantum space has made the three parties very lively in the currency circle and chain circle during this period of time. In fact, let's take a look at the cooperation between the three, and their respective advantages are very obvious. The full name of Huo coin ecosystem is Huo coin global ecological fund, which is a blockchain ecosystem with huobitoken HT as the core to build a benign development.
        Huo coin ecology aims to help the innovation of blockchain technology by jointly expanding the blockchain industry, improving the user experience of the blockchain industry, and sharing Huo coin ecological resources. After years of deep cultivation in the currency circle, the Huo coin ecological team has many years of experience in financial risk control. Its core members graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and other domestic famous schools, and come from Goldman Sachs, Baidu, Oracle, Tencent, Alibaba and other domestic Internet and financial enterprises. In terms of production research and development, management and control of trading platform, Huo coin HT, as a money circle boss with many years of experience, these are its basic skills. There is such a line of blockchain groups in the chain circle, which shows that you are not the person in the chain circle; If you haven't joined the 3o'clock blockchain group, it means that you are not the boss of the chain circle.
        As a rich three o'clock community, it will give full play to its influence in the blockchain field, lay a solid customer base for the upcoming creation of "three o'clock blockchain coffee", and provide professional supply chain management, marketing and after-sales human support. Let's look at quantum space. It is the first blockchain incubator in China. Although it has not been established for a long time, blockchain is its strength. The core members of quantum space come from Internet giants such as Microsoft, Tencent, Qihoo 360, LETV, Ping An, as well as business leaders such as IKEA and China Resources who have experience in offline entity operation. They have rich accumulation in the blockchain industry and have a wide range of capital, contacts, technology and venue resources. These advantages are bound to drive "3o'clock blockchain coffee" to a new height.
        Therefore, entering the blockchain coffee industry in full swing is also a familiar battlefield for quantum space. As the first landing business entity of Huo coin ecosystem, the offline gathering point of sano'clock sleepless blockchain community, "sano'clock blockchain coffee" is jointly promoted and endorsed by famous people in the circle, such as Yu Hong, the initiator of sano'clock, Zhu Jiawei, the COO of Huo coin, and Wang Zhengkun, the founder of quantum space. The result of the combination of strong and strong forces is naturally the overall improvement of competitiveness, which is also that "sano'clock blockchain coffee" is expected to become the first blockchain technology debut platform Three o'clock group physical community, big coffee private club, chain roadshow, salon, media interview, blockchain talent exchange as one of the spiritual landmark cafes in the circle.
        The first store of "3o'clock blockchain coffee" is located in the capital of scientific and technological innovation &mdash& mdash; Shenzhen Nanshan TCL Science Park, with a construction area of 300 square meters. At present, the "three o'clock blockchain coffee" has opened the first batch of Chuangshi shareholders' crowdfunding, and it is planned to officially open at the end of May. The first batch of shareholders and members can enjoy the benefits of many top players in the chain, such as fire money to buy coffee, floating coffee prices of securities, roadshow charters, etc. As the saying goes, the cooperation between all parties must be mutually complementary and strong combination. This cooperation of "3o'clock blockchain coffee" is an opportunity for development, whether for Huo coin ecology, 3o'clock blockchain community, or quantum space. It is also a gospel for the followers and participants of the currency circle and the chain circle, and will also play a positive role in promoting the diversified development of the industry.
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