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Financial Lianliankan stock market weekly review: three new changes in the A-share market

Time : 20/04/2022 Author : var8y5 Click : + -
        From the perspective of the index, this week is another dull week. The end point of the Shanghai stock index returns to the starting point. The closing of the week is similar to the opening of the week, and a cross star is closed on the K-line of the week. Such a balance pattern has been in place for some time, and it seems difficult to break it for the time being. However, from the perspective of stocks, three new changes occurred this week: the rapid cooling of concept speculation, the sharp decline in the increase of new shares, and the increasing delisting of market value. It is surprising that the speculation of blockchain concept stocks, which is the hottest in the market this week, is so short. It is surprising that the first day of the listing of new shares has been opened, and the continuous increase of delisted stocks at par value is alarming. These new changes show that a shares are increasingly rational and mature. The index returned to calm after fluctuating up and down this week. Driven by blockchain concept stocks, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 25 points on Monday to close at 2980.05, which is also the highest point of this week.
        After falling for three consecutive days on Tuesday, it rebounded sharply after falling to the lowest 2917.15 points of the week on Friday, and finally closed at 2958.2 points, returning to the opening position of the week, with weekly K-line%. The Shenzhen market trend is stronger. The Shenzhen composite index closed at 9802.33 points on Friday, and the weekly K line closed at a small positive line%; The small and medium-sized board index closed at 6217.91 points this week, up 0.88% this week; The gem index closed at 1687 points, up 0.7% this week. Both the small and medium-sized board and the gem received Cross stars this week, with a very small increase, which can be said to be very flat. The trading in October also ended this week. From the perspective of the overall market in October, it was also calm and the range of fluctuation was very small.
        The Shanghai Composite Index peaked at 3026.38 points in October and fell to 2891.54 points, with a monthly closing of 2929.06 points. Although the monthly K-line is a small positive line%. Shanghai stock index monthly K line 66%, and the increase in October was less than 1%. The Shanghai Composite Index has fluctuated between 2900 and 3000 points for several consecutive months. The Shenzhen composite index increased slightly in October, closing at 9635.33 points in October, with a monthly increase of 2%. From July to October, the Shenzhen composite index increased by 1.62%, 0.42%, 0.86% and 2% respectively, with a very small overall range. The small and medium-sized board index is also in this pattern. It closed at 6149.6 points in October, with a monthly increase of 2.53%; The gem index closed at 1671.31 points in October, with a monthly increase of 2.69%. The K-line of the gem continued to rise, but the increase was very small.
        First, hot topics come and go quickly. Undoubtedly, the hottest topic this week is blockchain concept stocks. Last Friday, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee carried out the 18th collective learning on the development status and trends of blockchain technology, making blockchain the hottest topic in the weekend investment circle. Moreover, the share price of Xunlei, a blockchain stock in the U.S. stock market, doubled last Friday. Therefore, everyone believes that blockchain concept stocks in the A-share market are bound to rise sharply. Moreover, many companies have been involved in blockchain research. Last weekend, companies such as McDonnell digital, mayingsen, Aikang technology, Guomai technology, Haoyun technology, xuanya international, Jinyun laser, Jinglan technology, Maya Boke, huaruan technology, Hailian Jinhui introduced their research on blockchain on the interactive platform.
        Blockchain concept stocks did rise collectively on Monday, with a 100 share limit. However, the situation began to change on Tuesday, with many stocks changing from up to down, and blockchain concept stocks that continued to rise significantly decreased. It is surprising that the boom lasted only one day. Moreover, blockchain concept stocks continued to fall on Wednesday and Thursday, and the number of down limit stocks in blockchain concept stocks exceeded the up limit stocks on Thursday. The blockchain index rose 7.11% on Monday, and fell 2.45%, 1.9% and 1.84% from Tuesday to Thursday, respectively. It didn't rebound until Friday. It's a little surprising that the market is so short. Among blockchain concept stocks, only Xinhu Zhongbao has five daily limit boards this week, of which the first four are flat boards.
        The rapid ebb of blockchain concept stocks shows that the market is becoming more and more rational, and concepts alone are not enough. Many listed companies are indeed involved in blockchain technology research, but they are not able to generate revenue in a short time. For example, linkage advantage Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hailian Jinhui, has been researching and exploring the underlying technology of blockchain since the end of 2015, and has 36 patents. "Hailian Jinhui supply chain financial service system based on blockchain" has launched a limit board. However, the third quarter report released by the company on Wednesday evening showed that the company lost 24.91 million yuan in the first three quarters of this year. The company predicts an operating profit loss of 50million yuan in 2019 – 180 million yuan.
        The company said that due to the complex competition in the industry, it is difficult to assess whether the company's blockchain technology has core competitiveness in the industry at this stage, and the company's blockchain technology has not been widely applied externally and has not yet generated significant benefits. As a result, gold exchange fell by the limit on Thursday. We believe that blockchain is a long-term theme. In the future, if a company makes a breakthrough in blockchain technology and achieves good returns, it will be sought after by the market. However, some companies with only concepts will fall into silence after a short-term speculation. The second surprising phenomenon this week is the sharp drop in new shares. On Tuesday, Yu Nong commercial bank opened the daily limit on the first day of listing, which first appeared after the reform of new share issuance.
        On Wednesday, Yu Nong Commercial Bank fell by the limit, and continued to fall on Thursday and Friday. It closed at 7.88 yuan on Friday. Compared with the issue price of 7.36 yuan, the first signing only earned 500 yuan, which can be said to be the worst new share. Coincidentally, the small and medium-sized board stocks listed this week &mdash& mdash; Halsey opened after three trading boards and fell all the way. It closed at 35.67 yuan on Friday, only 1 yuan higher than the closing price on the first day of listing. The income of winning the first contract is only more than 3000 yuan. The increase of new shares on the science and Innovation Board also fell significantly. Baolande, which was listed on Friday, closed at 100.2 yuan on the first day of listing, up 26% from the issue price of 79.3 yuan, which is the new share with the smallest increase on the first day of listing on the science and innovation board.
        The third phenomenon this week is that delisting stocks with par value continue to increase, *st Shencheng delisted because of falling below par value for 20 consecutive trading days. This stock has B shares, becoming the first a+b delisting stock with par value. The power of delisting at face value is getting stronger and stronger. This week, many stocks are close to the face value. For example, *st Huaye has been hovering around the face value. It closed at 0.95 yuan on Friday, which has been below the face value for 13 consecutive trading days* St Oupu has also been hovering around the face value, closing at 1.04 yuan this week* St Pegasus fell 12% to close at 1.07 yuan this week. St Tianbao fell 11% to close at 1.1 yuan this week. St Zhongnan fell 11% to close at 1.17 yuan this week.
        St Ruidian, *st Pengqi, *st Jiuyou, *st Pangda, *st Qiulin, *st Zhongan, closed at 1.05 yuan, 1.06 yuan, 1.12 yuan, 1.14 yuan, 1.14 yuan and 1.16 yuan respectively on Friday. These stocks will fall into the abyss of delisting if they are not careful. These phenomena show that the current stock market is becoming more and more rational and mature, and the signs of queuing according to performance and valuation are becoming more and more obvious. This is a good thing, and investors need to establish the concept of value investment. Judging from the three quarterly reports at the end of this week, the overall P / E ratio of a shares is still relatively low. I believe that there is no major systemic risk in a shares as a whole. However, for some stocks, there are still great risks. Once there is a sharp decline in performance or exposure of risks, the stock price will fall sharply without mercy. Therefore, we should still focus on blue chip stocks and stay away from problem stocks.
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