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The only art: we don't produce art. We are just an art supermarket,Ranking of blockchain trading platforms

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : mrfsnq Click : + -
        In the past two years, with the popularity of blockchain and metauniverse concepts in the world, the frequency of "copyright" has become higher and higher. According to Google search index, Chinese Mainland ranks first in the global search popularity map of the word "copyright" with an absolutely leading search volume. However, there are many particularities in the matching of copyright supply and demand. There are risks and problems in every link of copyright confirmation, protection and transaction. This is also the reason for the slow development of the domestic copyright market, especially the art copyright market. The traditional art copyright trading market includes galleries, cultural exchange, etc., but not only is the capacity extremely limited, the trading efficiency is relatively low, but the trading cost is high. These reasons directly lead to the limited number of artists and collectors involved in copyright transactions.
        Traditional Internet platforms have volume and traffic, but copyright protection cannot be guaranteed. For fear of copyright infringement, artists dare not easily display their paintings on public platforms. And a large number of art lovers do not know where to find their favorite art paintings. The supply and demand sides of art paintings urgently need a platform that both sides trust and can communicate barrier free. The only art digital art e-commerce platform came into being under this background, which was jointly launched by senior operating companies in the art design circle and the blockchain technology team. Relying on blockchain technology, the platform enables copyright to be protected with uniqueness, tamperability and orderly source, which reassures artists.
        Artists can safely put their works on the only art digital art e-commerce platform for public display, attract fans' attention and interact with fans. Art lovers can collect their favorite art works with one click through the platform. The problems of copyright confirmation, protection and circulation in the copyright transaction of works of art have been solved. With the trust and settlement of more and more artists and institutions, the number of copyrighted paintings on the only art platform is increasing, and the categories are becoming richer and richer, attracting the attention of more and more art lovers. Like the art supermarket, it brings together artists and art lovers, and realizes the zero distance communication between the two sides.
        In the word-of-mouth communication between users and artists, the influence of unique art continues to increase, and the scale of unique art digital art e-commerce platform continues to grow. At present, the only art digital art e-commerce platform has become a digital art e-commerce platform loved and trusted by artists and art lovers. Recently, it was listed in the "new knowledge list · metauniverse - domestic digital cultural and creative blockchain trading platform list". With the digital art e-commerce platform as the infrastructure, the only art promotes the matching of domestic copyright supply and demand from the "Stone Age" to the "industrial age", so that copyrighted works of art can be fully displayed and freely circulated. The production and consumption of digital art content are both activated, and the two promote each other, forming a virtuous circle in the digital art market.
        Since the 21st century, China's Engel's coefficient has continued to decline, and the decline has accelerated during the 13th Five Year Plan period, from 30.1% in 2016 to 28.2% in 2019. At the same time, social consumption is rising sharply year by year. Of course, this has the impact of other consumption rising gradually except for the food industry, but it is undeniable that in this historical process, the consumption demand of Chinese people for spiritual culture has been on the eve of a blowout. At present, spiritual and cultural consumption, such as watching movies, visiting art exhibitions, and enjoying musicals, has become daily in the consumption of Chinese residents. The young post-90s, post-95s and even post-00s are the representatives of personality publicity. They like to collect all kinds of handicrafts and works of art.
        However, traditional works of art are often expensive and difficult to preserve, and are not suitable for public consumption. Digital art, a brand-new cultural and creative art form, has its own blockchain attribute with a sense of technology and trend; Digital form, easy to save and share, and the price is also close to the people; It just fills the gap in the general public art consumption market. This is the fundamental reason for the rapid development of digital art and digital art e-commerce platform after its birth. Unique art is the trendsetter in this wave of digital art. Up to now, although it has developed for more than a year, unique art has become an enterprise with both brand influence and scale advantages in the digital art e-commerce platform. In an interview, the relevant person in charge of the only art said that the original intention of the only art is to provide a solid infrastructure guarantee for China's digital art industry, promote the realization of the value of intellectual property rights, promote the healthy development of contemporary art industry, especially digital art, and help realize the strategy of building a strong cultural country.
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