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Customized development of blockchain DAPP

Time : 06/12/2021 Author : pyc5ln Click : + -
        First of all, we should clarify our own needs, that is, we should know what we want to do, then write down this demand, and then use this demand to consult developers, similar to Nanning blockchain development, to see what developers can do and whether they can figure it out? If you can, you can check the requirements with the developer Nanning Hongye software and improve the scheme. Finally, you can wait for the development test and accept it. Because the development of blockchain software requires certain technology, the cost is basically not low. For example, blockchain wallets, blockchain exchanges, blockchain browsers, blockchain malls, etc., cost hundreds of thousands. It will cost tens of thousands to develop a single function. If blockchain software is customized, the price will be higher.
        The abbreviation of application is translated as: decentralized application. As we all know, the application we install on smart phones is also an application. DAPP has one more "d" than app, and "d" means decentralization. So, it means. App is an Internet application. The biggest difference from traditional apps is that DAPP runs on a decentralized network, that is, blockchain network. There is no centralized node in the network that can fully control DAPP. As we all know, app is centralized. You need to request the server to obtain data, process data, etc.
        Compared with DAPP, blockchain is the underlying environment for applications to run. It can be simply compared with various applications running on mobile operating systems such as IOS and andorid. Learning blockchain is not to learn the bottom part of blockchain. Maybe more people need to learn the development of dapps. Build and run applications in a blockchain environment.
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