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Cryptoeconomics, lab releases blockchain application development framework gazelle, Al

Time : 06/06/2022 Author : uq0ysc Click : + -
        Cryptoeconomicslab recently released the alpha version of gazelle, a blockchain application development framework supported by plasma. This version includes the plasmasdk, which provides a simple API for plasma applications, supports deposit, transfer and exit, and aims to provide a method to develop highly expanded and available blockchain applications using on chain capacity expansion technology. In order to improve usability, developers can combine multiple two-tier constructs to take advantage of each construct's respective advantages. For example, plasma and state channels can be combined to build an instant deterministic function that allows any participant on a specific channel.
        Cryptoeconomicslab plans to release the test network and more customized trading functions including atomic exchange and instant termination in the next quarter of 2020.
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