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Time : 27/11/2021 Author : mof0dg Click : + -
        With the recognition and mastery of blockchain, blockchain technology is often regarded as the standard technology of virtual currency. At present, the central banks of all countries are also focusing on the verification of blockchain technology in the pilot or experiment of virtual currency. As an innovative technology, blockchain technology continues to develop to this day. Wherever continuous occurrence occurs, there must be money. The relationship between the two imitates Buddha's light and shadow. Existence is reasonable. What is the relationship between virtual currency and blockchain?. Digital RMB will always be compared with digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum using blockchain technology. Digital RMB refers to blockchain technology, but as legal tender, digital RMB has the characteristics of centralization.
        Executives from key European central banks have shown that blockchain technology is not needed to issue central bank digital currencies. The core elements of the digital RMB system framework are "one currency, two repositories, and three centers". The technologies used in the use process include NFC and distributed account book technology. Digital RMB will always be compared with digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum using blockchain technology. Theoretically, blockchain technology is a new distributed system architecture and computing method that uses block chain algorithm design to verify and store data, uses distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, uses cryptography methods to ensure the security of data transmission and browsing, and uses smart contracts composed of automated script code to program and operate data.
        Digital RMB has the same characteristics as blockchain technology, such as traceability and cannot be forged, but digital RMB only refers to blockchain technology. As legal tender, one of the main features of digital RMB is the centralized management mechanism, while one of the key features of blockchain is decentralization. Previously, virtual currencies based on blockchain technology were issued in Iran, Ecuador, Uruguay, Senegal, etc., but these virtual currencies did not rise. In September 2020, executives of key European central banks showed that if central banks worldwide want to issue central bank digital currencies, they do not need to apply blockchain technology. Under the premise of central bank digital currencies, central banks bring "trust", so there is no need to apply blockchain technology after the central bank's intervention.
        Nowadays, the development of blockchain is in an early stage, but its development speed is also very fast. I believe that China will be in the forefront, because now China's blockchain invention patents are in the forefront. In the future, I believe that if China's application development is very rich, it will actually improve everyone's business situation. At present, with the improvement of the application and exploration of blockchain projects in various countries and the improvement of the consensus on digital assets, blockchain is increasingly entering everyone's life.
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