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Blockchain practitioners "sudden wealth"

Time : 06/03/2022 Author : o7smhc Click : + -
        From editors and journalists with a monthly salary of 60000 to engineers with a monthly salary of 100000, blockchain practitioners have been admired by other industries. Whether it is issuing their own tokens, or various benefits such as "project follow-up investment" and "share", these conditions are quite tempting when the cryptocurrency market is good, but in the bear market, some of these conditions have become the "accelerator" of the company's death. Lin Hao, who received excess benefits from the blockchain company, "out of thin air" received the company's token Li Jun, who thought he would join the lie earn game, but finally the principal was paid &hellip& hellip;。 We believe that there are always people who can become the protagonists in the myth of sudden wealth, but the more disillusioned people are the witnesses and witnesses of the cycle of the whole industry from prosperity to decline.
        At the beginning of last year, blockchain was still in the stage of rapid expansion. Bifurcated coins are clamouring to replace bitcoin, coin security has just rushed into the ranks of first-line exchanges, and CBOE's subsidiaries are vigorously promoting bitcoin etf&hellip& hellip; Everything is still thriving. Lin Hao, who has long been searching for gold in the currency circle, joined a blockchain company to be responsible for project incubation. He told 31qu, "I entered the company for nothing else, but I took a fancy to the boss's resources.". The resources mentioned by Lin Hao refer to "the share of high-quality blockchain projects", which almost became the "standard configuration" for blockchain companies to attract employees at that time. Since ICO has been recognized as an illegal means of financing, many blockchain projects have begun to take on a new look. Previous public fundraising has become a game in a small circle, and retail investors without channels are like players without tickets.
        Because the company is not in the first tier cities, Lin Hao's monthly basic salary is only 4000 yuan. But Lin Hao didn't worry at all, because when he joined the company, the leader promised that this part of salary was "salary is subsidy" compared with the company's welfare. This is indeed the case. "At that time, we were all crazy. A project had several times the income. Who could be calm?" Lin Hao recalled that the project he was most impressed with was the platform currency launched by a domestic exchange. "At that time, the platform currency was very popular, the prices of BNB and HT were high, and there were many platforms following the trend. Some people earned up to 30 times the project we got.". The coin circle has never lacked stories of sudden wealth.
        Throughout 2018, Lin Hao came into contact with dozens of blockchain projects, all of which were brought back by his boss. "At that time, as long as it was a project recommended by the company, almost all employees would follow." Lin Hao recalled, "compared with the uneven projects outside, the projects screened by the company are still guaranteed, and there is no agency investment fee.". The projects that the boss took back in the early stage and made the employees profitable began to plummet. "I invested in a project, which went online. This investment lost a lot." Lin Hao told 31qu. But Lin Hao thought he was lucky, because he calculated an account. Although there were many projects that broke and returned to zero, on the whole, he still made money.
        However, there are only a few employees who can ensure a balanced profit and loss, and many colleagues are deeply trapped because of "chasing the high". More seriously, in addition to the employees, the boss also distributed the project share to some P2P customers. "Follow the company to invest in the project, and the end is like this. It's not the company's fault." Because the company went bankrupt, Lin Hao, who has now returned to freelance, said. In the first half of 2018, dozens of listed companies announced the application or research and development of blockchain technology. In most cases, as long as the news about their involvement in blockchain came out, the company's share price would soar in a short time, and the blockchain's general shares once rose by more than 600%. Unlike Lin Hao's experience, Li Jun's company did not dare to invest on behalf of him openly.
        He told 31qu that the company was originally an Internet game company. During the Spring Festival when Xu Xiaoping shouted loudly to rush into the wave of blockchain revolution, they, like others, began to plan to enter blockchain games. Li Jun's company is not alone. In the first half of 2018, a number of giants, including Tencent, Netease and Baidu, successively launched blockchain concept games. He told 31qu that unlike the prudent attempts of the giants, the company naturally issued project tokens after the project took shape. "At that time, blockchain was very popular, and we could hear the news of the sharp rise and fall of various tokens every day. After the company issued tokens, because it was its own project, it knew the root and was not afraid to run away." therefore, although the company did not explicitly ask employees to follow, many colleagues bought some.
        Li Jun recalled that after the project was launched, the market response was very good, and the founder was also in high spirits, so he wanted to work hard. What follows is the company's welfare. "At that time, our salary was in the mode of basic salary + welfare. After the token was issued, the original salary remained unchanged, and the additional increase was welfare, which was settled in corporate tokens." For Lijun, the same salary and extra tokens are certainly good things. "Anyway, there is no loss, and maybe it can rise.". "Since last August, the company has stopped the benefits, saying that they will be saved until the end of the year." Li Jun told 31qu, but what he heard through the grapevine was that because the token fell a little seriously, some employees began to oppose the collection of tokens, "in addition, the market has become worse. The coin issued today may fall tomorrow, and the company dare not play like this.
        ”。 By the end of the year, the employee benefits promised by the company when it was in high spirits had no results. Then, the news gradually disappeared, "everyone knows that now the tokens are broken, and it's not interesting to issue them again." Li Jun said calmly. 60000 monthly salary for journalists, people grabbing war and frequent financing news make blockchain one of the hottest employment directions in 2018. In May last year, when joining blockchain company, the boss did not offer Li Xiang an attractive salary, but when he mentioned the additional conditions, the boss hinted that the company would recommend some good investment targets and other benefits internally in the future. "When I think about it now, there was a bear market in the industry when I joined the company.
        ”Li Xiang told 31qu that there are more and more broken projects, and occasionally he can hear the news of safeguarding rights. "At that time, the boss recommended some blockchain projects, but I myself was a person with very low risk appetite. I didn't dare to take rash actions every day when I saw the news of the decline in currency prices and the protection of investors' rights.". But Li Xiang's colleagues were not so timid. The male colleague sitting next to her invested in several projects with the boss, "I estimated that the principal had to be tens of thousands". At that time, many tokenfunds, which are considered to be "powerful tools for making money", were exposed as "unable to recover their investment" and began to transform to quantify. It is generally recognized that investing in blockchain projects can no longer make money, but quantification is OK.
        Even major fund managers such as Morgan and Goldman Sachs also formed a team and released the first BTC quantitative fund. "We have reached a cooperation with a top quantitative fund in the United States. People in the company can participate as LP (31qu note: limitedpartner, limited partner), and the funds will be managed by them." At the end of October last year, Li Xiang's boss said at the weekly meeting. "The money is managed by the top funds on Wall Street. Even if it doesn't earn, it won't lose." Li Xiang thought so. She collected 20000 yuan from her salary deposit, bought six Ethereum in the exchange, and hit the wallet address of the fund. The income in the first month was indeed gratifying, reaching 30%, that is to say, in just one month, the fund earned 6000 yuan for Li Xiang, "far beyond my expectation.
        ”Li Xiang told 31qu that at that time, everyone was very excited and felt that they had found a new investment continent. The good days didn't last long. "The income announced in the second month was 20%. I haven't reacted yet. My colleagues told me that I lost." Li Xiang said that because the project is a re investment, the second return is negative. In the third and fourth months, the head of the fund did not announce the income in wechat group on time until the group members took the initiative to @ the head, and the head announced the income. "Because Ethereum suddenly plummeted this month, even if we closed our positions as soon as possible, we still lost some money." This kind of pinching attitude made everyone begin to doubt. "Another week later, one of his colleagues quit the project, and he wanted to take the money back to his friend — — because most of the money he had borrowed.
        ”Li Xiang recalled that the market had deteriorated at that time, and the price of Ethereum fell from 3000 yuan to 1500 yuan. Later, Li Xiang withdrew from the plan, six Ethereum, and finally returned to seven; According to the gold standard, the investment of 20000 yuan will eventually leave more than 10000 yuan. According to Li Hong, his company is "technical model, focusing on technology research and development and application implementation". Before joining the company, he had never heard of bitcoin, let alone cryptocurrency. Across from Li Hong's station is the office area of one of the exchange employees. "I heard that it has been in operation since 2016, but also because of what Shanzhai coins are known." Li Hong told 31qu, "I can hear customer service call people every day.
        ”。 But Li Hong's estrangement from the coin circle was suddenly broken. In February last year, the personnel department suddenly issued an announcement in the company group, saying that the company will adopt a new assessment method, and all assessments will be converted into points. The personnel department will provide some benefits to employees according to the number of points. "At that time, the department often worked overtime, and there was no overtime pay. If the company had a system, it was certainly a good thing that we could benefit." Li Hong told 31qu. Sure enough, two months later, the person in charge of personnel of the company convened a small meeting of the Department and mainly introduced two projects, one is the exchange invested by the boss, and the other is the blockchain project of the company's in-depth cooperation. The employee benefits can be exchanged for the platform currency of the exchange or the token of this project.
        "Everyone said that the company wanted to imitate Huawei's internal ‘ virtual stock ’." Li Hong said that in any case, employee points can't be realized, so it's better to throw them out, "maybe you can earn a little.". Li Hong changed all his 30000 points into project tokens. After redeeming the points, Li Hong no longer paid attention to the price, only remembering the amount of RMB equivalent in the account at that time, "at most 20000 yuan". The cryptocurrency market is changing. With the advent of the bear market, there are many projects where the currency price falls below the issue price and returns to zero. According to statistics, as of November 2018, there were less than 1700 blockchain projects still active worldwide, which means that 98% of blockchain projects have died or suspended the process.
        "At the end of last year, I logged into the exchange and found that the exchange had suspended the trading of that currency." Li Hong hurriedly asked his colleagues, and then learned that as early as November, the platform issued an announcement to let users mention currencies to other exchanges. Now it can no longer operate on the platform. "It's funny that I heard from my colleagues that the project invested by the boss has been suspended and the official website has not been maintained." Li Hong was once depressed. From bear to cow, and then from cow to bear, between cow and bear switching, this bizarre blockchain industry, the employee ukiyo, more or less, represents the early abnormal and barbaric growth of the industry.
        This wave of blockchain revolution has swept countless people, and also made many people experience the "illusion of sudden wealth". Once the heat subsides, the speculators who follow the trend also begin to exit quickly.
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