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How did you get the second uncle's coin that exploded overnight? Did you really run away?

Time : 16/04/2022 Author : m4vb1d Click : + -
        After the second uncle who cured my spiritual internal friction got angry, the news of the collapse of a digital currency called secondunclecoin (second uncle coin) was posted on the hot search, which shocked netizens. One stone caused a thousand waves, and soon there were rumors that the second uncle coin had made a sharp correction in the past two trading days, falling from the highest point to only one tenth of the current market value, and the issuer was suspected of running away with money, involving an amount of up to $1.3 million. The creation of the second uncle coin, followed by the collapse of the currency value, and three days later, the issuer rolled up the money and ran away. Is this really the case? Tianmu news conducted multiple textual research. He wrote on twitter that a group of caring people who aim to help the second uncle launched seconduncao, which will deliver love through blockchain, and the marketing wallet will be donated to the second uncle, relying on everyone's strength to provide security for the second uncle's pension, so that the second uncle's life will no longer have regrets, and even the contract address is attached at the end of the article.
        On July 28, an account named whocaresnews sent a message saying that the security expert iketriniarais tweeted that rugbull had been detected in the recently hot second uncle coin (suc) pool. A contract deployer has laundered the stolen money through tornadocash, and the price of token suc has fallen by 99.7% so far. According to statistics, the total profit of this fraud is as high as 1.3 million US dollars. Although the motives of the sponsors are suspicious, there is great doubt about the authenticity of the charge of running away with the money. The reporter of Tianmu news didn't find the so-called iketriniarais security expert on twitter. The account of whocaresnews has just been established, but the virtual currency project erjiucoin does exist.
        Seconduncandao responded to the relevant runaway remarks on July 30, saying: the team has neither rugpull nor removed the pool. Where is the so-called expert twitter? Can you give us directions. On August 1, a reporter from Tianmu news found in the top100token of the virtual currency information website that at present, the website has not been able to query the project of seconduncain. However, through web search, seconduncain can still be displayed on other virtual currency consulting platforms, and is in continuous trading. The introduction shows that erjiucoin is a new token, which was recently created on the coin security smart chain.
        This page is automatically generated based on recent public information. The official registration data of this token project has not been submitted yet. Please consider the above situation before investing. It is worth mentioning that in fact, there are not only two uncle coins registered and created recently. On August 1, someone created 2unclemoche with a similar name, which looks like two aunt coins; Sucdoge, shaped like the second uncle dog coin, has less trading volume than the second uncle coin, and some even have a market value of only dozens of dollars. The so-called security experts on twitter tweeted, and caused heated discussion among countless people. Did the second uncle coin really come in a hurry and run away in a hurry? Can such behavior be regarded as fraud?.
        Someone analyzed the 3000 lines of source code and historical transaction records of Er Jiu coin on the blockchain, verified it from the technical level, and found that it was unlikely that Er Jiu coin would run away. Tianmu news reporter interviewed 14 Jun, a blockchain technology researcher. The other party said that the characteristic of blockchain technology is that all transactions must be recorded on the chain, and the contract source code can never be tampered with. If the issuer wants to run away, there must be capital interaction, so there will be records on the transaction chain. To judge whether to run away, it depends on how many tokens the project party holds when issuing, and how many tokens are converted into other tokens through the trading pool. Through the interpretation of the source code of the smart contract of Erjiu coin and the backtracking of the transaction records on the chain, shizijun found that in all the records of the project party of Erjiu coin from its issuance to July 31, there were only four core transactions, and three of them had nothing to do with the money taken away by the project party.
        Tracking the management behavior initiated by the project party on the contract address of erjicoin, the only amount of funds that the project party really took away was only 1.3bnb (yuan an coin), which was only about 2000 yuan according to the currency value at that time. It is worth noting that in the afternoon of July 31, the project also made a decisive operation, that is, to give up the administrator authority of the project party. After 3000 lines of source code analysis, shizijun believes that after the issuer gives up its authority, there is no obvious reserved back door to issue additional two uncle coins. In other words, the issuer transferred his second brother-in-law coins and gave up ownership, so he could not produce new coins. Therefore, from a technical point of view, he could no longer make profits from issuing coins.
        Fourteen Jun said that at least so far, the project side has not made much money maliciously. According to top100token website, a total of 1trillion two uncle coins have been issued. As of press time, the price of one two uncle coin is $0.46, and the total market value is only $440000. Although it cannot be judged as fraud, the event itself is still worth pondering: why can virtual currency issued by a short video become popular on the whole network and reap a wave of eyeballs and money without too much technology?. It's easy to issue a virtual currency. You can find the network and type a few lines of code in a few minutes. Xiao Liu, a former currency circle person, told reporters that he didn't need to pay anything except gas fees of dozens of yuan (the fees paid by users to complete transactions on the blockchain).
        Xiao Liu said that both the second uncle coin, the second aunt coin and the second uncle Dog Coin were issued on the coin security smart chain and had nothing to do with China. Although virtual currency trading has been banned in China, many people can also participate in virtual currency trading through foreign websites. Discovering hot spots, issuing currencies, and using social platforms to hype have become a routine of virtual currencies. Like dog coins, animal coins and Luna coins, which became popular in the past two years, the lessons have been profound enough. After the Internet speculation, the value of the currency soared, and then experienced roller coaster ups and downs. After a sharp fall, countless investors lost money. Like the virtual cryptocurrency in recent years, the issuer of Erjiu coin generates financing through virtual currency crowdfunding, which is a financing behavior without any credit guarantee.
        Pan Helin, CO director and researcher of the digital economy and financial innovation research center of the International Union Business School of Zhejiang University, told Tianmu news that the virtual cryptocurrency itself can be issued by everyone, and there may be some issuance costs. For example, Ethereum will charge gas as the contract fee, and users can sign smart contracts at will. According to pan Helin's analysis, this time, it is a way of fund-raising. Some people believe that the sponsors will cash in the money, but in fact, there are no rules to restrict the sponsors to fulfill their commitments. The sponsors also follow the law of large numbers. There are always a few simple users. The sponsors use the second uncle's video to fuel the flames, obtain user traffic, and then use the law of large numbers. Even if 1% of them are gullible, it will be a huge amount of fraud.
        Considering the huge potential risks of virtual currency, China has banned the issuance of virtual currency. The announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance issued by the people's Bank of China and other seven departments shows that token issuance is an unauthorized act of illegal public financing, which is suspected of illegal sales of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities. Moreover, it is clear that the transaction of virtual currency is not protected by law, and the losses caused by it are borne by the parties themselves. In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that came into market in the first half of this year.
        Recently, an ideal L9 store test drive recently hit a pit on the road at high speed, causing air leakage damage to the right front air spring, which has brought users' doubts about the quality and durability of the air spring.
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