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Anning Tax Bureau taxpayer offline class starts

Time : 14/08/2021 Author : zkg81c Click : + - (correspondent lizhuorui) recently, in combination with the 2022 practice of "I do practical things for taxpayers and taxpayers and the spring action of tax convenience", the Anning Municipal Taxation Bureau organized 45 taxpayers to participate in the offline classroom training of taxpayers, effectively solved the problems existing in the process of tax payment, and improved the satisfaction and sense of gain of taxpayers and taxpayers. For new taxpayers, the primary problem is "where and how to do tax?" Aiming at the problem of "sprouting new" in tax handling, young cadres of Anning Tax Bureau demonstrated the login process, business functions and operation steps of natural person e-tax Bureau, Yunnan Provincial e-tax Bureau and Yunnan blockchain e-invoice platform. The personnel of tax control service company made a presentation on the application, invoice issuance system installation, initial setting, invoice application, warehousing, issuance, summary and statistics of tax ukey Reporting and other links were introduced in detail to ensure that taxpayers understand the policy and will operate.
        In order to facilitate taxpayers to understand the applicable tax support policies in a timely manner, Anning Tax Bureau combed the newly issued and continuously implemented tax preferential policies, and formed a new combined tax support policy guidance covering 33 items according to the compilation style of enjoying subject, preferential content, enjoying conditions and policy basis. According to the applicability of the policy, Zhong Hong, the tax service unit, explained in detail to the trainees the VAT exemption policy for small-scale taxpayers, the "six taxes and two fees" reduction policy for small and micro enterprises, the pre Tax Deduction Policy for the income tax of equipment and appliances of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and the stamp tax law of the people's Republic of China that came into force on July 1.
        At the same time, the on-site Q & A was conducted for the hot issues collected in the early appeal collection of taxpayers and field visits. A total of 2 difficult issues of taxpayers were answered at the training site, and the form and content of the training were unanimously affirmed by taxpayers. "The taxpayer class has given us a timely rain for these new enterprises. We are in the exploratory stage in both tax operation and policy understanding. Today's training has solved all the previous puzzles, which is really helpful to us." Ms. heyuzhen, tax officer of Yunnan mushang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said. Shi Shasha of Anning Fuhao construction services Co., Ltd. said, "through this training, I have a clearer understanding of the main tax related matters handling process, basic operations and common problems in the process of enterprise establishment, and further understand the importance of tax credit rating in production and business activities. I hope to carry out more such training in the future to further improve my tax handling ability.
        ”。 In the next step, Anning tax bureau will focus on the precise efforts to benefit enterprises and facilitate the people, constantly improve the taxpayer classroom, adhere to the guidance of the legitimate and reasonable needs of taxpayers, focus on solving the outstanding problems existing in the process of tax service, innovate the classroom guidance mode by classification and Industry, and timely publicize various tax preferential policies to ensure that taxpayers know, understand and enjoy policies.
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