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Yike Business Review connects human beings and AI in a social way. The social app "little Iceland" is a virtual wechat

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : 379ri4 Click : + -
        On September 22, at Xiaobing's ninth generation press conference, Xiaobing company released its first social platform app "xiaoiceland". Unlike traditional social platforms, traditional products focus on human interaction, while little Iceland aims at social interaction between human users and AI. Each user can create his own island, and will have a complete social interaction interface with functions similar to wechat or line. In little Iceland, users can have dialogues, group chats, and send circles of friends with these AI individuals created by themselves. In use, it is more like a virtual version of wechat. Casa: little Iceland is a community and a universe. The AI characters in it even have their own world outlook. Its setting is like a paradise for lonely humans.
        Little Iceland tries to connect human beings with AI in a social way, which is also the process of AI model training. As Li Di said, domestic technology manufacturers play AI emotional computing to benchmark foreign companies, and foreign companies benchmark Xiaobing. Xiaobing's commercialization exploration has been carried out for a very long time. Compared with companies that make fast money selling hardware, they unconsciously have a lot of competitiveness ahead. Jason: as the beneficiary and promoter of new consumption, bytek launched perfume across the border, aiming to root the new consumer brand in young consumers through the design of fashion trends and further expand its e-commerce brand influence. Previously, byte heavy overweight Tiktok e-commerce did not only rely on Tiktok to eat channel dividends, but more importantly, it continued to make profits through the transformation of brand culture.
        The same is true for this perfume brand. According to latepost, T3 travel, a domestic travel platform, is about to complete the latest round of financing, including equity financing of more than 5billion yuan, led by CITIC Group and followed by old shareholders; Another credit line of more than 2billion yuan was obtained. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of T3 travel said, "everything is subject to the company's announcement.". Granular sauce: it is worth noting that before the financing news of T3 travel was exposed, Cao Cao travel announced on September 6 that it had completed the round B financing of 3.8 billion yuan. The online car Hailing industry has launched a fierce battle. The war to grab users, traffic and stock market will continue. Burning money must be the result of various platforms.
        Zhang Ping'an, vice president of Huawei and CEO of Huawei cloud, announced that Huawei cloud officially launched blockchain services. Zhang Ping'an said that using the newly developed blockchain engine, a single chain can support 50000 pieces of commodity information per second to be linked at the same time, and the throughput is increased by 10 times. At present, the service has been implemented in the Internet e-commerce industry, and can be used for the full life cycle cross-border data traceability of red wine and other products. Huawei cloud's new blockchain service will support 10000 participants, while opening a blockchain based digital rights DCI protection service.
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