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Coin rings and chain rings with half water and half fire

Time : 16/08/2021 Author : 7vi6qw Click : + -
        Last night, there was a big news about the coin circle. More than a dozen blockchain media wechat official account, including Golden Finance and money world, were collectively blocked. Tencent officials said that some official account suspected of publishing hype information about ICO and virtual currency transactions have been ordered to block all content, and the accounts have been permanently blocked. And this morning, a notice entitled "notice on banning the undertaking of virtual currency promotion activities" in Chaoyang District circulated on the Internet. It is reported that this notice was really issued today. Even a blockchain seminar, originally scheduled to be held tomorrow at the diaoyutaistateguesthouse and hosted by the international strategic research center of the counsellor's office of the State Council, was also extended indefinitely after receiving relevant notice today.
        It can be said that in the past 24 hours, the domestic blockchain circle has been jittery, and everyone is a little confused. Many friends are asking me, is the country ready to "clean up"?. In fact, in the view of the political affairs hall, the country has been taking a dual track attitude towards blockchain technology and blockchain currency in the past year, firmly supporting blockchain technology and resolutely cracking down on blockchain currency. Therefore, law enforcement agencies that cannot figure out the scale of the dual track system are generally at a loss, and many liars who engage in "air currency" also take advantage of this opportunity to fish in troubled waters. If this matter had been put in other fields, pretending to be a senior officer of the people's Liberation Army, it would have been arrested and hyped up long ago, but this buddy could still continue to be active. At least for now, the regulators are still very restrained about fraud in the blockchain field.
        After Columbus discovered the American continent that year, with explorers returning home with a large amount of gold and silver, Spain immediately erupted in a large-scale financial foam, leading to inflation. Later, after the Netherlands replaced Spain as a coachman at sea and monopolized 80% of the world's maritime trade, wealthy Dutch traders fried tulips at sky high prices, creating the first recorded financial foam for mankind. Both Spanish American explorers and Dutch international traders are the emergence of a "new class" in human history. Driven by the advanced productive forces, these new classes also have far more excess wealth than others.
        Similarly, it was with Obama, who held high the banner of globalization, who came to power that Nakamoto came up with bitcoin. The users of these early digital currencies are almost all Internet upstarts under the tide of globalization. Most of them are from ordinary families, but under the tide of globalization and Internet and in the process of history, they have rapidly accumulated a lot of wealth far beyond their consumption capacity. Therefore, just like the Spanish gold foam and the Dutch tulip foam, with the emergence of new classes and the accumulation of a large amount of excess wealth, it will naturally trigger a huge financial foam. Take the United States as an example, as far as the great depression brought about by the second industrial revolution in 1929, as close as the American Internet foam around the millennium, and the real estate foam created by the financial crowd, which accounted for 40% of the U.S. economic growth in 2008, are all created by the rich new class.
        However, this digital currency foam, with the addition of the Internet, even in the case of a small population and capital scale, has achieved a dream like all the way. In a word, the foam itself is a double-edged sword. If it is not well used, it will cause great harm to itself. If it is well used, it can achieve leapfrog development. For example, before the industrial revolution, Spain's gold foam and inflation destroyed Spain's bottom industries and the budding capitalism. The tulip foam in the Netherlands ruined millions of people and severely hit the Dutch trade dominance. The British, who rose after Spain and the Netherlands, did not allow this foam to pass to the consumer market, but drove these capital to invest. Therefore, there was a huge infrastructure construction to promote commerce, as well as the East India Company, which conquered India and defeated China, and finally made the British Empire an empire that never sets the sun.
        For example, by creating a land foam, we can exchange the funds needed for infrastructure construction to develop the economy. For example, by creating a stock market foam, listed companies have a huge market value and can carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions and technological upgrading. Similarly, in the first round of the Internet foam, China gave birth to bat that can compete with international giants. In the second round of the Internet foam, China gave birth to new unicorns such as ant financial, Xiaomi, Didi, Toutiao and meituan. Therefore, the decision-making level of the Chinese government has been very familiar with the economic development driven by the foam of the new economy for a long time, and even connived at the foam economy, allowing a large number of people to "get rich first" by virtue of the foam.
        However, with the renewal of the economic system in recent years, the policy of foam driven economy has continued, but in the process of foam driven economy, the central government cut off the foam leeks. This can be seen from the banker hit by the securities regulatory system, the insurance giant hit by the insurance regulatory system, and the shadow banking and Internet Finance hit by the banking regulatory system. The central government only hopes that the foam can drive economic development, rather than allowing the foam to cut leeks. Therefore, we can see that from the prohibition of ICO by the state last year to the banning of media speculation in blockchain virtual currency this year, we still maintain strong support and even considerable connivance for blockchain technology.
        From a historical perspective, we will understand that the regulators hate the foam brought by the new economy, but they are very eager for the development driving force brought by the new economy. In other words, for the current currency circle, the state hopes that the additional credit issued by digital currencies will be used to promote the development and introduction of science and technology, but it will prohibit them from cutting leeks in China. Moreover, although the digital currency of blockchain technology was born under the banner of decentralization. But the law of history tells us that the result of decentralization is often super centralization. Just like our big brother, the Soviet Union, had a shock and decentralization when it disintegrated, dispersing state-owned assets to every citizen. As a result, some people soon concentrated their shares in the hands of the people and became super centralized oligarchs.
        Similarly, for decentralized bitcoin, according to recent news reports, the computing power of bitland has reached 42%, and its computing power is gradually approaching 51% of the holding. The global mining equipment is basically concentrated near small hydropower stations in Southwest China. Behind this, we are all moving towards super centralization, which will eventually fall to China. Just imagine that if bitcoin and other digital currencies were to become global currencies, the director of the electricity bureau of a district in a province in Southwest China could act as a "super regulator" to block the global digital money supply.... well, it is conceivable how much the Chinese government will have a say in the future.
        Moreover, the centralization of blockchain technology will gradually be widely used in e-money, taxation and commodity circulation with the strong promotion of the Chinese government and enterprises, which will also make tax evasion, money laundering and other illegal means nowhere to escape in the future. Finally, technology will promote the emergence of "big regulation" of "small government". Therefore, it can be predicted that although the government will continue to severely crack down on virtual currency cutting leeks, the exploration of blockchain and other new technologies will never stop, will only continue to move forward, and even the national team will rush forward.
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