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The era of "blockchain +" is coming

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        As far as the capital market is concerned, blockchain was undoubtedly the star of the day on October 28. As of the close of the day, more than 100 blockchain concept stocks rose by the daily limit due to the influx of capital from Shanghai and Shenzhen markets. There is no love without reason. On October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted a collective study on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development. Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed that the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation; We should take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, strive to overcome a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.
        General Secretary Xi's speech will have a significant impact on the development of the blockchain industry, accelerate the reform of the blockchain industry, accelerate the application and promotion of blockchain, and accelerate the innovative development of the blockchain industry. A number of people interviewed by the China economic times gave the above answers. Huang Zhen, Professor of the Central University of Finance and economics and President of the China Internet Finance Innovation Research Institute, pointed out that blockchain is a storage method of electronic data. As a new generation of revolutionary technology after the mobile Internet, blockchain, with its distributed storage, decentralization, tamper proof and other characteristics, can effectively reduce the cost of trust between individuals, thereby improving production efficiency and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of various industries, which is regarded as the core of the next generation of technology development.
        "The reason why blockchain is proposed at this time node is that the technology application of blockchain has been extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields." Huang Zhen believes that at present, although the most successful application fields of blockchain are still in digital currency and digital assets, there is unlimited application space in the future. "The general secretary's speech gave practitioners a boost. At a time when major powers in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, the central government's encouragement and support will greatly release the vitality of independent innovation of Chinese enterprises and maintain competitiveness in this new field. At the same time, industry practitioners will also strengthen multi technology integration and multi-party cooperation to promote the development of China's digital economy.
        ”Li Lin, the founder of Huo coin group, who has long focused on blockchain professional services in China, said in an interview with reporters that blockchain technology will lead the transformation from information internet to value Internet. Starting with solving the problem of trust, it will reconstruct the social online and offline value and credit system, build a new integrity system that includes economic and social development and various activities of people's production and life, and accelerate the development of digital economy. In the era of digital economy, Chinese enterprises should continue to grasp the pulse of the Internet. The next 5g, Internet of things, AI and blockchain will become new accelerators, continue to leverage the new development of the digital economy, and will certainly bring new changes to the market pattern.
        Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, told reporters that the reason why blockchain will rise to a national strategy mainly lies in China's existing technological advantages and intensified international competition. Blockchain is considered to be another wave after the Internet, which will bring great opportunities for change to all walks of life as an infrastructure. Blockchain technology will have broader application prospects in finance, people's livelihood, government affairs and other fields in the future. For commercial banks that use blockchain widely, "supply chain finance + financial blockchain" mode is also the key for banks to open new market capacity. Yang Sheng, head of Zhongan technology supply chain finance team, told reporters that supply chain finance has become the "last mile" to open up and serve the real economy.
        Despite the policy dividend, in the context of supply chain finance, there are still business pain points and technical difficulties for all parties involved in the transaction: there is a risk of fraud, causing business risks and financial risks; The isolated island of enterprise information increases the cost of bank information acquisition and the difficulty of risk control; Credit transmission is difficult, the financing of small and micro enterprises at the end is difficult, and the bank has limited access to customers; The performance risk is high, with the influence of fund misappropriation, malicious breach of contract and so on. Yang Sheng believes that the introduction of blockchain technology can break the long-standing technical barriers of supply chain finance. First of all, the trade data of the supply chain cannot be tampered with after it is online. Combined with the Internet of things technology, it dynamically monitors the flow of goods, records the information of transactions, transportation and other nodes, and reduces the risk of fraud; Secondly, in the case of credible data, blockchain supports privacy protection and data security, effectively promotes the integration of four flows (invoice flow, capital flow, contract flow, and cargo logistics), improves the efficiency of information acquisition, and reduces the difficulty of risk control; Thirdly, the electronic voucher generated by blockchain technology can realize flexible multi-level splitting, circulation and financing, transfer the core enterprise credit to the end supply chain, and solve the financing difficulties of small and micro suppliers.
        Finally, by generating blockchain smart contracts, we can solidify the fund clearing path and cooperate with the payment system to greatly reduce the occurrence of fund misappropriation and default. In the future, China must strengthen basic research, improve its original innovation ability, and strive to make China stay at the forefront of theory, occupy the commanding height of innovation, and gain new industrial advantages in the emerging field of blockchain. The "cutting edge", "commanding height" and "new advantages" in General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech indicate that China's goal in the field of blockchain competition worldwide is to seize the commanding height. In terms of traditional financial institutions, whether it is Jianguo big bank in industry and agriculture, or joint-stock banks such as Zheshang Bank and Ping An Bank, they all said that blockchain had been used long ago.
        It is understood that relying on the advantages of financial technology, ICBC released an enterprise level blockchain technology platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2018, which has a high-performance technical architecture, a financial level privacy protection scheme, a state secret acceleration technology combined with software and hardware, and an easy to expand cross chain mutual visit capability. At present, the platform has made more than 60 core technological breakthroughs and submitted 41 patents. It has achieved breakthroughs in the construction of enterprise level financial security system, dynamic expansion and scalable configuration of node resources, hot standby intelligent switching of consensus nodes and accounting nodes, cluster resource monitoring of blockchain platform, one click networking of various blockchain products, and concurrent processing capability of blockchain based on Byzantine consensus, which are applied to fund transfer In more than 60 scenarios, such as fund clearing, fund allocation, bank enterprise interconnection, etc., we took the lead in launching safe and reliable blockchain services in the financial industry.
        The reporter learned that the way banks use blockchain technology is mainly represented by the alliance chain between banks and enterprises, that is, through the mode of "supply chain finance + financial blockchain". According to iResearch's analysis on the landing strategy and development trend of blockchain supply chain finance, blockchain can bring about 3.6 trillion yuan of increment to the supply chain financial market by 2023, mainly from the accounts receivable side. Not only that, various fintech companies have also accelerated their layout. At present, the top three Internet giants Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are all trying to develop local blockchain technology and involve relatively basic technology development, such as Baidu super chain platform, ant blockchain baas platform, Tencent cloud tbaas blockchain service platform, etc.
        In addition to service platforms, more institutions are developing various application platforms. The reporter learned that has always adhered to the strategic layout and investment in blockchain technology, focusing on the research and development of blockchain technology for enterprises and government affairs with China's independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, based on blockchain technology, we have done a lot of innovative practices in the fields of supply chain management, financial technology, government affairs, public services and so on. "Zhizhen chain" is the technology brand of JD digital technology blockchain. JD Zhizhen chain has been fully open to the society, focusing on supply chain management and financial technology, and exporting three capabilities of "blockchain technology platform", "supply chain traceability application" and "digital depository application".
        The reporter learned that as an enterprise in the field of intelligent risk control, analysis and decision-making, tongdun technology began to explore the application of blockchain technology in the risk control scenario as early as 2017, and has achieved preliminary results in many fields. Blockchain North America laboratory -- the first experimental project has been implemented. At the same time, the IASC platform, a blockchain platform of tongdun technology, has taken an important step in the industrial operation, accessed the system node of Beijing Ronglian Yiyun Co., Ltd., and provided banks with secure computing services based on the multi-party data fusion of this platform. In addition, tongdun technology also has a blockchain based certificate storage platform and frontier exploration - "blockchain + federal learning" to build a security defense.
        In the future, tongdun will continue to deepen its understanding and innovation of blockchain technology, explore the real value of blockchain technology, and put forward perfect solutions to promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy, and solve the difficulties of SME loan financing and bank risk control. As a representative of licensed consumer financial institutions, instant finance has developed the "instant financial blockchain platform", which is based on blockchain technology. For the provision management and reconciliation management of bank joint loans, it designs and develops a quasi real-time reconciliation mechanism for capital flow and information flow, shortening the reconciliation cycle that previously required T1 to quasi real time. Through this system, cooperative banks can view the status of reserve accounts and reconciliation results in real time, and conduct real-time position monitoring.
        With regard to the layout of blockchain technology this time, Jiang Ning, chief technology officer of instant consumer finance, said that in recent years, the popularity of the "ecosystem" model, which is mainly characterized by the sharing economy and value link, has spawned a large number of new cross agency innovative cooperation scenarios. For various scenarios and cooperation on the capital side, consumer finance is actively deploying blockchain technology, comprehensively using other types of financial technology and machine learning technology, and creating an open platform for cross domain, multi agency industrial value links. Relevant members of 360 financial technology committee said recently that blockchain and AI are also basic technologies. The natural application scenario is the financial industry based on information and confidence. Blockchain provides new technical solutions for the financial industry in terms of data storage, security encryption, credit mechanism and privacy protection.
        At the same time, due to the industry characteristics and sensitivity of finance, the practical application of blockchain technology in the financial field will face technical challenges of security and privacy. It is reported that in May, 2018, Vulcan team of 360 group found and warned blockchain vulnerabilities of EOS platform, and assisted it in repairing security risks. 360 financial related blockchain technology experts said: "360 finance's blockchain technology exploration and application in the financial field will carry out joint basic research and collaborative research on key technologies with 360 group's security technology team and blockchain technology research team, promote the technological breakthrough of blockchain in the application of financial technology, and combine its own leading AI and risk control technology to create a safe and innovative scenario practice, so as to provide a safe and controllable technical sample for the application and development of blockchain in the financial industry.
        ”。 The reporter learned from Zhong'an technology that by the end of September this year, Zhong'an technology had submitted 129 blockchain related patents, ranking sixth in the world. Zhong'an technology also builds a supply chain financial service brand - "Zhong'an chain of enterprises", and works with enterprises to build a safe and reliable supply chain financial ecosystem. "Zhong'an chain" is a supply chain financial solution based on the blockchain technology independently developed by Zhong'an technology and combined with the real trade scenario of the supply chain. Blockchain data encryption, tamper proof, digital asset certification and other characteristics can break the long-standing business barriers of supply chain finance, such as the risk of information fraud, high performance risk, data sharing and circulation, difficult credit transmission of core enterprises, difficult financing of end-of-line small and micro enterprises, and the limitation of bank customer acquisition.
        At present, the public enterprise safety chain has been gradually implemented in the supply chain scenarios of automobile manufacturing, logistics, construction, e-commerce, medical drugs and so on. Moreover, a number of listed companies recently announced that the company is entering the military region blockchain. There is no doubt that an era of "blockchain +" is coming to us.
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