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Blockchain entrepreneurship threshold improvement is the most important entry point for new entrants

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : w9k2p0 Click : + -
        Developing blockchain technology and financial technology as much as possible is listed as the national strategy. However, with the entry of the national team and the regular army in 2019, after the miscellaneous troops and money circle bosses are gradually cleared, most of the industrial opportunities belong to the bat category of major Internet companies, and major banks dominate the blockchain Market Research and application. There are few opportunities for banks and government orders to open to small companies. Yinglian believes that at present, the threshold of blockchain entrepreneurship is raised, and new entrants need to choose carefully. First, find out the basic context of the current industrial distribution, and then find a suitable entry point. 1、 Hardware facilities, fields that provide computing power and hardware support for various blockchain projects, such as mining machine manufacturers, mining pools, chip OEM and other participants; The representative companies include bitland, Shenma mining machine, Jianan technology, Canadian Coin printing pool, TSMC, NVIDIA, AMD and Samsung;.
        2、 Underlying platform refers to blockchain projects that provide underlying architecture, development platform and ecology for various blockchain applications, such as general basic public chains such as Ethereum and EOS;. 3、 General technologies, including technologies that make blockchain applications easier to deploy and be applied. Representative products include distributed storage technology IPFs, data service protocol chainlink, distributed computing technology Golem, security service technology certificate, privacy technology nucypher, extensibility solution raidernetwork, developer tools, etc;. 4、 Vertical application, that is, blockchain is applied to various industries and scenarios to serve end users. Typical application scenarios include payment, settlement and other monetary applications, medical health, supply chain traceability and finance, copyright confirmation and trading, digital advertising, games, etc;.
        5、 Service support refers to the field that helps the flow of funds, information, etc. and provides professional services for participants in the industrial chain. Typical ones are digital asset exchanges and wallets, media, communities, quotations and information products. In the above major sections, Yinglian believes that under the trend of regular army entry and strong supervision, the public chain and exchanges have the least opportunity to enter, and it is difficult to break through the performance of the public chain. Large Internet technology companies with research investment strength are more suitable, while exchanges belong to the category of national licensed control. In the future, several exchanges in the global digital asset trading market will be able to meet the service, and the opportunity does not belong to small companies.
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