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The "Han chain" ecosystem was launched, and Wuhan urban block chain industry research institute was unveiled

Time : 20/06/2021 Author : 1vu2kf Click : + -
        Hubei Daily (reporter Zhou Sanchun, correspondent Zhu Sufang of Zhang Qianqian) on November 21, the blockchain special forum of 2021 China 5g+ industrial Internet Conference was held. On the same day, Wuhan urban block chain industry research institute unveiled and released the "Han chain" ecosystem. Wuhan urban blockchain Industry Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") is jointly established by Wuhan University, Wuhan state owned assets, Jianghan District State owned assets, and local blockchain head enterprises. Liu Jingnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, served as the honorary president of the Academy. It is understood that the Research Institute will take the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as its main work goal, adopt a fully market-oriented operation mode, and strive to build itself into a comprehensive industrial development adaptation platform that integrates the functions of industrial development forward-looking research, industrial agglomeration, industry university research and government cooperation, basic technology research, industrial incubation, local independent brand building, etc.
        The Institute plans to build a complete technology ecosystem of "blockchain bottom layer - middle layer - application layer". After the technology development route is realized, it will gradually increase the in-depth integration and innovation of blockchain and technologies such as big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5g mobile Internet, and interdisciplinary application research, promote the integration and innovative application of blockchain technology in industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, finance and other fields, and accelerate the industrialization of blockchain technology, Develop new blockchain technologies and products that meet market needs. At the meeting, the "Han chain" ecosystem was released simultaneously. The construction of "Han chain" ecosystem will be an important part of the work of Wuhan urban block chain industry research institute in the future.
        "Hanchain" ecosystem will start from the whole industry links such as infrastructure, cloud resources, bottom chain (including hardware), platform services (baas layer), and application ecology, build a comprehensive technical system in each link, establish a perfect standard and application specification system, cultivate 1-2 local leading enterprises or introduce foreign well-known enterprises in each link, and establish and improve the blockchain industry chain in Wuhan and even Hubei Province. Previously, Wuhan has released the implementation plan for accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation in Wuhan (2021-2023). Among them, Jianghan District of Wuhan, as the core area of the city's blockchain industry development, has jointly established the central China blockchain technology integration innovation center with the Fifth Institute of electronics of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the provincial post Planning Institute, jointly built the blockchain industry innovation base and incubation base with China's electronic system, and actively prepared to build the digital asset evaluation and trading center with Wuhan big data industry development Co., Ltd.
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