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Blockchain is frequently mentioned in the work reports of local governments, and AUC cloud Chain Research Institute: industrial development has entered the fast lane

Time : 28/12/2021 Author : 93sk08 Click : + -
        Compared with the past few years, with the continuous expansion of the application field of blockchain technology to more fields serving the real economy, the development of blockchain technology has become increasingly clear. At present, major countries around the world are aware of the important value of blockchain in the digital transformation, and continue to increase their support for blockchain technology. In China, blockchain technology has risen to the national strategy and has been included in the scope of new infrastructure. Under the guidance of the east wind of the policy, "new infrastructure" has become China's key construction task from 2020 to 2022. Recently, the two sessions of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress have been held in most provincial regions. According to the incomplete statistics of the European cloud Chain Research Institute, blockchain has been mentioned in the work reports of more than 10 provincial and municipal governments.
        Specifically, most places that have issued special development policies for blockchain have put forward clear development plans. For example, in terms of enterprise cultivation, Guizhou said it would introduce and cultivate more than 100 growing blockchain enterprises; Hebei made it clear that there should be 20 leading enterprises and leading enterprises in blockchain related fields; Hunan said it would promote 30000 enterprises to "go online". In terms of industrial parks, Guizhou plans to build two to three blockchain industrial bases, Jiangsu plans to build two to three provincial blockchain industrial parks with high standards, Hebei plans to form three blockchain industrial agglomeration parks with regional influence, and Hunan plans to build about five blockchain industrial parks.
        It is worth mentioning that six provinces and cities have put forward many "landing" application fields and scenarios, involving finance, manufacturing, people's livelihood, government affairs, communications and other directions. Taking the financial field as an example, Jiangsu plans to establish a bill blockchain platform for banking, insurance, leasing and other industries, connecting financial units, customers, investors and regulators, and realizing the leap forward development of the traditional bill market to the digital bill market; Beijing plans to promote "mutual trust among various parties, cost reduction and efficiency increase" in financial services, and promote the implementation of a number of application scenarios in supply chain finance, asset securitization, cross-border payment and other fields. On December 22, 2020, at the 2020 trusted blockchain summit co hosted by the China Academy of information and communications, the China Communications Standardization Association and the trusted blockchain promotion plan, the shared energy storage marketization trading platform based on blockchain technology jointly built by the State Grid Qinghai electric power company and the State Grid e-commerce company (state grid Financial Technology Group) was rated as a high-value case of the 2020 trusted blockchain summit.
        This is just a case that blockchain technology has been more and more widely used in the real economy in recent years. At present, the layout of blockchain has been accelerated in many places across the country, and local governments have successively issued special policies on blockchain to actively support the blockchain industry. According to the Ouke cloud chain research Institute, as the national political center and the leader in the development of the blockchain industry, Beijing's blockchain policy can be regarded as the wind vane of the industry. Last June, The action plan for the innovation and development of blockchain in Beijing (2020222) clearly points out that by 2022, Beijing should be initially built into an influential highland of blockchain scientific and technological innovation, application demonstration, industrial development and innovative talents, take the lead in forming a "Beijing plan" for blockchain enabled economic and social development, and establish a new system of integration and interaction between blockchain scientific and technological innovation and industrial development.
        Local policies are an important window to observe China's local economic and social development. In the view of Hu Chao, vice president of okiyun chain group, with the implementation of local governments' policies to promote the development of industrial blockchain, blockchain and local digital economy and real economy have shown a trend of deep integration and development. More and more local industries have risen through blockchain technology empowerment. In the era of value interconnection based on blockchain technology, With the advantages of decentralization, traceability, security and credibility, blockchain technology strongly supports innovative manufacturing enterprises to quickly cross the chasm, achieve exponential growth, and form a new commercial format led by technological innovation. It is reported that the Research Institute of okiyun chain is a research institution under okiyun chain group. Its main research content focuses on the field of blockchain industry. Okiyun chain group is the world's leading blockchain industry group. Since 2013, okiyun chain group has been committed to the research and development and commercial use of blockchain technology, and has developed into a large-scale global blockchain technology and service provider. The founder Xu Mingxing is a well-known blockchain technology expert The founding director of China blockchain Application Research Center has actively promoted the development of blockchain in various fields for many years.
        As the development of blockchain industry in various regions has entered the fast lane, Xu Mingxing promised to shoulder the corporate responsibility, help blockchain + industry take root in all walks of life, jointly build all kinds of blockchain industrial infrastructure, and accelerate the close integration and application of blockchain and the real economy.
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