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The investigation of coin circle business: app, white paper... 80000 design a set of virtual coins, and change the name offline after making millions

Time : 13/02/2022 Author : 6n1ar8 Click : + -
        Since the birth of bitcoin in 2009, its price has risen from US $0.0025 to the current US $10000, up 4million times. With the continuous upsurge of hype, "digital currency" and "blockchain" are like magic, attracting everyone's attention. But on the other hand, in this complex world, blockchain has long been played by pyramid schemes. In your daily life, do you often have strangers add your friends and recommend you "blockchain financial management project", "you can earn thousands of yuan every day, and you can make a single order in a few minutes, each order has hundreds of Yuan". Even relatives and friends keep pulling you into the partnership, saying that you have made millions. Let you get on the bus quickly.
        Recently, the collapse of plustoken, the world's largest capital market in the currency circle, obviously cannot hide the rise of thousands of capital markets. So who developed these funds? What is the mode of operation behind it? Why do so many people go one after another on the capital disk?. Recently, the reporter secretly interviewed a blockchain pyramid selling system development company of virtual mining machine + trading. The following is the dialogue content of the secretly interviewed dialogue, in which Q represents the reporter and a represents Mr. Wang, the system development company. A: It is to issue a virtual currency by yourself, and the name can be taken by yourself. Our customized software supports currency transaction transfer and currency digging systems. New users can sign up for the platform, buy mining machines and produce coins every day.
        Then there is a trading market in the software, which can transfer transactions and pending transactions. A: First, the software background is in your hands. You can build a user in advance to store a large amount of money, and the price of money will rise and sell in the later stage. Second, handling charges can be charged for currency transactions. A: You can set it yourself. Hype and propaganda. If there are many people and less money, the price will rise. The law of the market. For example, if someone collects money at a high price and there are few people who issue money, the price will always rise. A: After going online, we only need to promote. We are not responsible for promotion. It's advertising, posting, and pulling groups. Like setting up wechat groups, they are free. To tell the truth, those who participated early in the early stage made money, because they bought mining machines early, and they also had more money. When they rose in the late stage, they made money.
        These loyal customers will also help push and pull people, inviting people to send computing power and inviting people to send small mining machines. Mr. Wang said that to build a system, we must first determine the demand. What kind of blockchain do you want to build? Is it virtual mining machine + trading? At the same time, Mr. Wang sent a similar model to the reporter, with special remarks, "try to have one copy of this map for everyone, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the offline, and strive to promote it in order to realize wealth freedom.". A: You need to first determine the software requirements, that is, what functions and levels of mining machines you need. Determine the demand - quotation - contract signing - Software Development - finished product delivery. After the software is delivered, just promote and attract people directly.
        A: We can rent foreign servers and store apps and websites abroad. This is our content. We just need to promote it. A: You can do it whether you want it or not. You ask a lot of money speculators. They don't know what the white paper is at all. If you want, we can make a white paper to see your needs. The picture explains: "nuclear coins are made by the bomb team, with a total of 10million, and each nuclear bomb online transfer will destroy 1% of the transaction volume! Nuclear coins are to combat the inflation of traditional finance, and nuclear coins give everyone who needs financial freedom the right to master wealth!". A: You can inspect. Here are all the professional technical teams of the company. Welcome to inspect.
        You can also look at the contract template first. You are sure it is OK. The company here signs and seals and sends it to you. You can sign and save it when you receive it. It's completely reassuring to choose our cooperation. A series of full services are guaranteed in the later stage, including PPT, white paper, website, including going to the exchange in the later stage. A: We are all software service companies with special channels. We can think about this later. In the early stage, we should make and promote the software first, and then we can go on it later. Finally, Mr. Wang continued to sell to reporters, "we can determine the name here and prepare for publicity", "now is the era of virtual currency, let's land the project early and make money early".
        For this blockchain pyramid scheme, the reporter of the daily economic news found that the participants not only have ordinary victims who are completely laymen in technology and are simply confused by ultra-high returns, but also some highly educated practitioners. As an it practitioner, Mr. Zhang has a very professional understanding of blockchain. Mr. Zhang participated in the pyramid selling of virtual currency for many times and shared his experience with reporters. Mr. Zhang said that before the collapse of plustoken, the largest capital market in the currency circle, the most famous one was 3M capital market. Mr. Zhang "invested 200000 yuan and withdrew 260000 yuan in three days", "what he said is 30% income in 15 days, but it's probably your turn to make money after you place an order for about 12 days, and you can withdraw money in 15 days, so it's 260000 yuan in three days", "I just worked a few tickets and stopped playing, which is too exciting," Mr. Zhang said.
        "How do you know when the project will collapse?" Mr. Zhang said, "originally, the payment was made on the 12th day after the order was placed, but then the payment had to be made after a while as soon as the order was placed. It means that there are more people withdrawing money and fewer people coming in. Later, one week, three days, one day, the time is getting shorter and shorter, so I quickly withdrew.". "When you play, do you know it is pyramid selling?", As for the reporter's question, Mr. Zhang said, "I'm sure I know. If I don't do anything, I can earn 30% a month.". "Have you ever participated in other digital currency pyramid schemes?" Mr. Zhang recalled, "more.". At the end of 2017, Mr. Zhang lost hundreds of thousands because of his participation in a virtual currency fund dish.
        "Three days' running at the opening · · · "XX doesn't play cards according to the routine", Mr. Zhang cursed. "Now don't play these, occasionally look, my wife won't play," Mr. Zhang said. "Overall, did you earn or lose?" Mr. Zhang said, "I lost. After all, it took time, and the income was very small. I still went to work honestly.". With regard to the current virtual mining machine in the name of blockchain, Mr. Hu, a senior practitioner, told the reporter of the daily economic news, "the capital market is all about making an app, known as blockchain. The so-called quantitative transactions are all gimmicks, just to make it sound good.
        To put it bluntly, the people in front eat meat and the people behind drink soup. At last, the capital chain is broken, and we need to change a vest to continue. ". For reprint, please contact the daily economic news. Without the authorization of the daily economic news, reprinting or mirroring is strictly prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted. Special reminder: if we use your pictures, please contact our website for remuneration. If you don't want your work to appear on this site, you can contact us and ask to remove your work.
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