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What is the use of blockchain,Shanda Diwei joins hands with Shandong credit bureau and Guoxin health to jointly expand the application scenario of "blockchain +"

Time : 06/07/2022 Author : crewp1 Click : + -
        On the evening of August 1, Shanda Diwei, a leading domestic "ai+ blockchain" technology service provider, announced that the company had signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with Shandong credit reporting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong credit reporting") and Guoxin health 000503) Security Service Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin health"). The company said that the cooperation with Shandong credit bureau can promote the company's exploration in the field of blockchain technology enabled credit system construction and credit bureau business; The strategic cooperation with Guoxin health can jointly carry out technical and business cooperation in the fields of medical insurance, medical treatment and health security, so as to realize complementary advantages. According to the announcement, Shandong credit bureau is mainly responsible for the construction and operation of Shandong provincial comprehensive financial service platform and provincial local credit bureau platform, the comprehensive management, development and use of government data financial applications by using big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and the provision of full process digital inclusive financial services.
        The two sides intend to explore cooperation in the construction of blockchain technology enabled credit system and credit reporting business, and explore the application of Quancheng chain and other city chains, human resources and social security chain, medical insurance chain, provident fund chain in Inclusive Finance scenarios. Shanda Diwei said that strengthening the construction of the credit system is an important way to promote the financing increment, expansion and price reduction of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. Shanda Diwei has significant advantages in autonomous and controllable blockchain technology and product system with "Dawei chain" as the core. The two sides will build a strategic partnership to jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in credit reporting business, promote the optimal allocation of business resources, promote the development of Inclusive Finance, science and innovation finance, green finance and other fields, and optimize and improve the business environment.
        Guoxin health, founded in 1987, is a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Guoxin health has significant business, brand and channel advantages in the fields of medical insurance third-party services, digital medicine, digital medicine and Internet health security services. Its business covers more than 190 medical insurance planning areas in 26 provinces, serves more than 600 million insured people, and covers more than 1 trillion yuan of medical insurance fund. The two sides plan to carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of medical insurance and health services, discuss the formation of an overall solution for medical insurance data services and digital health management, and carry out joint marketing. Shanda Diwei said that the company has significant advantages in the fields of smart medical insurance medical solutions, autonomous and controllable blockchain technology and product system with "Dawei chain" as the core.
        Building a strategic partnership between the two sides can strengthen technical and business cooperation, improve market competitiveness, and build a new pattern of benign interaction and common development. At present, the "blockchain +" business model of sandivi has opened up markets in many segments. Data shows that the company has built Jinan unified government blockchain platform — "Quancheng chain" is the first new model of government data trusted sharing in China, which is "government data online + Personal Online authorization + social online use + full process retrospective supervision". In July this year, Shanda Diwei successfully passed the double evaluation of trusted blockchain deposit application and government application, and has passed seven special evaluation of blockchain of China Academy of communications and communications. The company's blockchain technology research and demonstration application are in the forefront of the country.
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