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The central government affirmed that blockchain technology innovation related concept stocks rose sharply in response to the call. Can the market continue?

Time : 04/04/2022 Author : 3otsd4 Click : + -
        Last weekend, the top level conducted the 18th collective learning on the development status and future trends of blockchain technology, emphasized the important role of the integrated application of blockchain technology in the development and technological reform, and introduced the cryptography. Affected by the first good news, the A-share market opened today, and all blockchain sectors broke out. Relevant stocks rose by the limit at the close of the afternoon, and the blockchain concept once again stood on the forefront. Blockchain is essentially a technology that transfers ledger (value / data ownership) information among multiple distributed nodes, reaches agreement through a certain consensus mechanism (public / alliance), and establishes a trust relationship. Various point-to-point transactions can be easily developed through blockchain. If physical goods are exchanged through blockchain, the world's currency leader will change owners. Whoever masters the blockchain database is the source of the world economy. Of course, this is still a long way to go.
        If you speculate, you bet on how long the rising popularity of this concept can last. You can buy when everyone is buying, and you should also run fast when everyone is selling. First of all, it is necessary to determine which of these hyped companies' main businesses are really blockchain. The companies whose main business is blockchain, how long they can be realized in the future, and how much growth they can ultimately bring to the company's profits. Then look at how much the current position has risen, how much profit space there is after our intervention, and how much valuation premium space there is in the later stage. To put it simply, to invest in blockchain concept, we should first know whether the company really has blockchain concept, how much percentage the concept can bring to the company's profit growth after realization, and then consider the price of intervention. After these are determined, we can decide to buy the investment.
        However, from the perspective of listed companies with current A-share related concepts, there is no real listed company with blockchain as its main business, so the blockchain concept is not substantially different from the hype of previous related concepts. For details, please refer to the previous concepts of "the Belt and Road", "xiong'an" and this year's science and innovation board. In other words, the concept of blockchain is still a speculative concept in essence, because we can't or how much money related companies can get from the blockchain to realize, but the whole market has been paying attention to blockchain these two days. Today, the rise of the whole blockchain sector is indeed eye-catching, and the related follow-up funds are no less than tens of billions, which is enough to push many concept stocks to the top.
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