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Blockchain bull market rule: the rising market will soon come, and $60000 bitcoin will become a masterpiece

Time : 16/07/2021 Author : s75814 Click : + -
        According to the inquiry, on May 8, "market value of Dog Coin" was listed on the microblog hot search list and now ranks 19th. According to qkl123 data, the dog coin rose by more than 23% today, once breaking through $0.7. At present, the market value is $89.4 billion, ranking fourth, second only to BTC, Eth and BNB. Dogcoin once again attracts attention through its rise. Should investors abandon bitcoin and buy dogcoin? This video will comprehensively analyze this problem, tell investors the answer, and give investors the latest investment strategy through global economic analysis. When inflation expectations in the United States burst and 10-year Treasury bonds soared rapidly, we reminded investors that this will not last long. The yield of U.S. Treasury bonds is in the process of falling for 40 years, and this trend will not be reversed. We reminded investors that the Federal Reserve cannot raise interest rates this year, and investors should avoid pursuing emotional panic in the short term.
        The employment data of the United States yesterday confirmed our view. At 8:30 Beijing time yesterday evening, the US dollar index fell rapidly, and gold and bitcoin rose rapidly. The reason is that the non farm data in the United States far exceeded the unexpected weakness. In April, the new employment in the United States was only 266000, far lower than the expected 1million, and the unemployment rate rose from 6% to 6.1%. The employment data severely hit the market's expectations of overheating or rapid recovery of the U.S. economy and overheating of inflation this year. This undoubtedly provides the basis for the U.S. government's stimulus bill and the maintenance of a loose monetary environment. The picture shows a bitcoin price trend chart released by @therationalroot on twitter.
        We can observe that among the three bull markets of bitcoin, horizontal consolidation will be carried out whenever the price reaches three times the previous round's high. In 2013, it was about 174-197 days sideways, and after the breakthrough, the price became a masterpiece. In this round of bitcoin bull market, when bitcoin reached three times the historical high of $20000, it has been collated horizontally for about 76 days. Once it effectively broke through $60000, and history has certain repeatability and similarities, bitcoin of $60000 will also become the masterpiece of history. We believe that the low point of bitcoin's current round of adjustment has already been given. Considering the madness of Shanzhai coins and the oversold market value of bitcoin, we choose to hold bitcoin with more rising potential, even if it means missing the final crazy rise of some Shanzhai coins.
        With the usdt trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and dogcoin hitting an important resistance level, we believe that the market value of bitcoin will rise in the short term.
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