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Singularity Ecology: explore the potential of blockchain technology and solve the problem of "security"!

Time : 10/04/2022 Author : gwpkfe Click : + -
        Nowadays, blockchain technology is developing at a high speed. While technology brings convenience, it also brings many hidden dangers. "Hacker", a word that has been a headache for many people since the Internet, how many enterprises have been attacked by unknown hackers, resulting in asset losses. When it comes to digital currency, we can't avoid the security problem of digital currency. From the previous attacks on currency security, to the huge economic losses caused by smart contract vulnerabilities not long ago, to the high-risk vulnerabilities in EOS, all of them prove that the security problem of blockchain and digital currency is not as simple as it seems. With the loss of digital assets, the security of blockchain technology has been mentioned by the public again.
        1. Yahoo is an Internet enterprise that everyone is very familiar with. In September 2016, Yahoo announced that hackers stole the account information of at least 500million users in August 2013, and in December of the same year, it said that the number of stolen accounts was about 1billion. Then in 2017, Yahoo confirmed that all its 3billion user accounts had been hacked. Yahoo and the investigators have said that "hackers funded by the state" launched the attack, but did not specify which country it was. The world's largest bitcoin exchange Mt GOx is responsible for more than three-quarters of bitcoin transactions worldwide. In 2013, 850000 bitcoins worth US $460million (now worth US $568million) were stolen from this exchange.
        In early 2014, the exchange declared bankruptcy. When we use blockchain technology to build an efficient and complex system, we should consider the security and scientificity of the overall architecture, that is, we should consider not only the security problems faced by each level of the blockchain architecture, but also the security of each link. In the early stage of technology development, almost any platform program and code will have more or less vulnerabilities and problems, which is inevitable. These problems are like time bombs. Once they are discovered and used by malicious people, they will cause immeasurable losses to the platform and users. Then, for these hidden hidden hidden dangers, we should use technical means to find and solve them as soon as possible, so as to grasp the initiative of the situation. Such technical means mainly include code audit, penetration testing, etc.
        Through a series of security services, we can better protect the information security of the background of the system, and also help to improve the security service system of the whole platform. Decentralization &mdash& mdash; One of the most familiar features of blockchain is a word that many people will bring when introducing blockchain. The advantage it brings to us is that we no longer have to worry about single point network denial of service attacks. Its disadvantage is that due to decentralization, any information will be received, so in a short time, ultra small garbage transactions will quickly fill the block, affecting the confirmation of transfer information, resulting in transfer delay. In this regard, what blockchain researchers and developers need to do is to keep the smart contract simple, especially its logic. Because complex smart contracts will increase the risk of errors, they need to build a relatively clear structure.
        In the world of blockchain, wallet is an indispensable part. It is an important digital asset management tool. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Almost all mainstream digital currencies have their corresponding wallets to manage. However, due to potential problems such as network synchronization and historical data, the initial secret key or hard disk of the wallet is easy to be forgotten or lost, resulting in the permanent disappearance of digital assets. This piece of bitcoin, worth tens of billions of dollars, was also reported by our chain creation space before. It was permanently lost due to forgetting. Therefore, we should keep in mind that any network management tool or smart contract has more or less defects and errors, so we need to ensure that our code can correctly deal with frequent vulnerabilities and various bugs.
        In addition, when these problems occur, we should consider the capital risk of the account in advance, remember our wallet secret key, and use effective ways to repair the vulnerability. Generally speaking, the security of the system needs a good design architecture, and the design architecture depends on the code, but the actual situation is that even though we have achieved strict control over the coding security, some risks and vulnerabilities cannot be removed. Moreover, what's more, once hackers attack these vulnerabilities, it will cause immeasurable problems. Therefore, in this regard, any enterprise that makes blockchain technology should let the technology department check and fill in the gaps in time, and update the libraries and tools used by the enterprise as often as possible.
        Learn and master the latest and cutting-edge network security technology to achieve the effect of prevention. There are more or less security risks in the development of any disruptive technology, especially the development of the Internet industry. Therefore, we need to use security protection measures to effectively ensure its security. In addition, we should always keep in mind that security is a prerequisite for the development of the blockchain industry. Singularity ecosystem has also been concerned about the safe and healthy development of the system, and has done its best to protect everyone's digital assets, so that every user of the platform can feel at ease, look up at the stars, and go after their dreams.
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