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Blockchain faces three major challenges. Qi Xiangdong suggests that the security budget should not be less than 20%

Time : 07/10/2021 Author : bd4jsp Click : + -
        Recently, at the third session of the 13th Beijing CPPCC, Qi Xiangdong, a member of the Beijing CPPCC and chairman of Qianxin group, made a proposal on strengthening the security construction of blockchain. In the proposal, Qi Xiangdong pointed out that the security budget in blockchain construction should be mandatory, and the security budget in blockchain construction should not be less than 20%, so as to ensure the synchronous planning, construction and use of security technical measures. Qi Xiangdong said that at present, major countries in the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. The application of blockchain technology has been extended to many fields, such as digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading, etc. these scenarios have extremely high requirements for security. However, blockchain security issues are also becoming increasingly prominent, major security incidents occur frequently, and attack methods emerge in endlessly, causing huge economic losses.
        In addition, the security maintenance in the operation of blockchain is mandatory. The developers and operators of blockchain are required to pay attention to their own system security, conduct regular code audit, including transaction security review and access control review, regularly update patches, enable device firewalls, disable unnecessary components in routers, etc., and strive to repair security problems before attackers find vulnerabilities. "Strengthen the innovation of" supervision sandbox "and provide a paradigm for unified supervision across the country. In December 2019, Beijing took the lead in carrying out the pilot of "regulatory sandbox". It is suggested that in the process of implementation, some international experience should be absorbed and used for reference first, and the positive communication and interaction with participating enterprises should be strengthened, so as to provide a demonstration template for the construction of a complete regulatory sandbox system in China.
        1、 There are many loopholes in its own mechanism. The system security of blockchain is a holistic concept, which is jointly affected by security factors at all levels. The data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other to achieve a decentralized trust mechanism. At different levels, there are widespread algorithm vulnerabilities, protocol vulnerabilities, usage vulnerabilities, implementation vulnerabilities, and system vulnerabilities. For example, security vulnerabilities may be introduced intentionally or unintentionally when writing smart contracts. The underlying source code of blockchain may also have integer overflow vulnerabilities, short address vulnerabilities, public function vulnerabilities, and other vulnerabilities. Attackers can use these vulnerabilities to freely publish illegal content, spread worms, Trojans, viruses, and implement famous 51% attacks, eclipse attacks, routing attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. these attacks are not easy to detect and spread quickly.
        2、 The risk of privacy disclosure is becoming increasingly prominent. Compared with the traditional centralized storage architecture, the blockchain mechanism does not rely on specific central nodes to process and store data, so it can avoid the risk of centralized server single point of collapse and data leakage. However, in order to reach a consensus among the nodes in the distributed system, all transaction records in the blockchain must be made public to all nodes, and the data must be synchronously recorded and stored on all user sides. Attackers can launch different forms of attacks at the network layer, transaction layer and application layer to obtain data copies in more locations, so as to achieve the purposes of stealing privacy, analyzing block data, extracting user portraits, etc. 3、 Data security and supervision are facing challenges.
        The data storage structure of blockchain determines that blockchain is difficult to tamper with. In addition, the anonymity of blockchain brings great challenges to data security and network supervision. The data on the blockchain is difficult to modify and delete in the traditional way. Once violent terrorist, pornographic and other harmful information is written into the blockchain, it can not only use its synchronization mechanism to spread rapidly, but also difficult to modify and delete, which increases the difficulty of supervision of harmful information on the chain; Blockchain digital currency provides a safe and stable funding channel for money laundering, extortion virus and other criminal activities, and promotes the operation of the underground black market; Blockchain digital currency makes cross-border fund transfer easier, which may damage the financial sovereignty of countries and affect the stability of financial markets; It is difficult for regulators to find the true identity of the sender through these sensitive information and the address of the sender involved in illegal and criminal transactions.
        Previously, Qi Xiangdong said in an interview with blue whale finance that the security problem faced by the 5g era is not only the security problem of computers, but also some communication security problems caused by the connection of computer networks and communication networks. In addition, the security faced in the 5g era is not a 5g problem, but various challenges brought about by the interconnection of everything.
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