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Foshan Angus team visited Wenchu blockchain to visit and study, and helped cultivate and develop blockchain talents

Time : 08/03/2022 Author : sntrei Click : + -
        Angus is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating cultural communication, education training and event organization planning. Recently, Wenchu education and Angus have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly help the cultivation and development of blockchain talents. He CHENFENG, founder and CEO of Wenchu blockchain, popularized the basic knowledge of blockchain era and blockchain infrastructure for the enterprise team at the meeting, and launched a series of topic sharing for the hot metauniverse and NFT hotspots. Marco, vice president of blockchain sales of Wenchu, discussed blockchain talent market research and national policy support, and led the enterprise team to understand the potential and prospects of blockchain talent market.
        At present, the country is vigorously supporting the cultivation of blockchain talents, and various regions have issued incentive policies for blockchain talents, which is conducive to increasing the employment competitiveness of blockchain talents. Therefore, Qu Tao, director of government and enterprise of Wenchu blockchain, shared the prospects and cases of blockchain industry and national certification certificates at the meeting. In order to deepen the understanding of cooperative institutions on the blockchain industry and better grasp the opportunities of blockchain, Wenchu blockchain has launched a series of enterprise training plans to interpret national blockchain policies and measures for enterprises, deeply analyze the development trend and talent market demand of the blockchain industry, and analyze the future development and industrial application cases of blockchain. At present, Wenchu education has officially launched the national blockchain talent professional training program, which is committed to bringing comprehensive, multidimensional and deep blockchain knowledge courses to the whole industry, building a bridge for the integration of industry and education built by enterprises, colleges and training institutions in various industries, and delivering more professional blockchain talents to the society.
        Guangdong Wenchu blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wenchu blockchain") is a blockchain infrastructure service provider integrating blockchain technology research and development, government enterprise solutions, professional training and certification, and industrial investment. Wen Chu will adhere to the enterprise values of "pragmatism and sincerity, open innovation, long-term and win-win" and the enterprise mission of "making blockchain simpler", and commit to the technological breakthrough and industrial application of blockchain.
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