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Blockchain technology empowerment, six Chengdu copyright new ecosystem application scenarios display

Time : 07/10/2021 Author : sdgcit Click : + -
        I believe everyone is familiar with the "copyright" dispute among creators. With the accelerated development of the Internet, what innovations can blockchain bring to the "copyright" problem?. From October 29 to 30, with the theme of "building a new copyright ecosystem and developing digital new cultural innovation", the Chengdu Copyright Bureau opened a new copyright ecosystem application scene exhibition at the 2020 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair and the first international blockchain Industry Expo to show the great impact of blockchain technology on copyright. The exhibition hall is presented in many ways, such as graphics + animation + interactive experience. First, let the public experience the blockchain copyright confirmation on site, watch animation demonstrations, scan the code for on-site interaction, upload pictures, music works and other on-site confirmation, and obtain the blockchain certificate of deposit, so that the public can personally perceive the impact of new technologies on the reform of copyright confirmation.
        The second is to introduce the application of blockchain in the field of copyright distribution and trading to the public. By showing the process from creation to value generation of works, together with video explanation and animation demonstration, we can show the new models and business opportunities brought by the capitalization of works and the extension of the industrial chain. Third, through interaction, the public can understand the details in the text, and experience the magical process of packaging copyright works as investment goods and forming financial products into the capital market through capital operation, so as to show the charm and business opportunities of the combination of copyright and capital. In addition, the site also set up a display area for the works of famous artists such as Xu Liaoyuan, Yang Huazhen, gogopanda and well-known brands. The displayed works have been put on the chain and stored. Combined with the cultural and creative products formed by their authorized transformation, it shows the role of blockchain in promoting the authorization transformation of works.
        It is reported that Chengdu blockchain has a good copyright foundation. It is the first "copyright demonstration city" in China, won the "China Copyright Gold Award" of the world intellectual property organization, and ranked sixth in the number of game animation creation in China in 2019. Many enterprises in Chengdu have entered the blockchain construction to explore and practice, and blockchain copyright platforms such as "pixel bee", "music bee", "zebra" and "Zhixin chain" have emerged, with a single year copyright deposit of 800000 pieces. In the future, Chengdu blockchain copyright can connect with relevant ministries and commissions, local governments and major application platforms, promote the circulation of data throughout the network, give full play to the role of data elements in serving local economic development, enhance the competitiveness of Chengdu and boost the development of digital new economy.
        The Chengdu copyright new ecosystem application scenario shows six application scenarios of blockchain in copyright confirmation, trading, rights protection, capitalization, capitalization and industrialization. First, real-time confirmation of rights. Blockchain can instantly store digital certificates after the release of works, with short time, simple program and low cost. It can also accurately identify the ownership of a large number of works. Second, distribute transactions. Blockchain has a wide range of distribution channels and features such as disintermediation, transparent transactions, and evidence-based rights and interests distribution, so as to promote the standardization of copyright transactions in the industry. Third, safeguard rights quickly. Realize the whole network, full-time, full-time monitoring of works, automatic electronic evidence collection in case of infringement, issue early warning notices, and reliable traceability and judicial acceptance. Fourth, the capitalization of copyright.
        Blockchain forms the only underlying digital asset password of the whole network for real-time query, creates a value sharing platform for all parties in the copyright industry, and maximizes copyright transformation and value derivation. Fifth, copyright capitalization. Through blockchain, we can accurately and truly evaluate copyright assets, expand financing channels of copyright industry through capital operation, and realize the transformation of value and capital. Sixth, the industrialization of copyright. The blockchain vertically connects the industry chains of literature, film, short video, pictures, music, animation, games, etc., horizontally links technology, finance, consumption, capital, etc., and takes IP as the core to build a new model of digital cultural and creative industry.
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