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2019614, blockchain hotspot information

Time : 14/08/2021 Author : x4jlnq Click : + -
        Ed media learned that from 0:00 on June 9 to 24:00 on June 23, Qinghai once again launched the all clean energy power supply activities. During this activity, the clean energy electricity generated entirely by water, solar energy and wind power will meet the total electricity load of Qinghai Province for 15 consecutive days and 360 hours. On the morning of June 13, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court, together with the Guangzhou bankruptcy administrator Association and Ping An Bank Guangzhou Branch, held the launch ceremony of the "smart break" system in the Guangzhou intermediate people's court. By inheriting the advantages of the national bankruptcy network and relying on the existing Guangzhou smart court platform, the system has expanded its personalized functions and achieved "four initiatives": the country's first local administrator intelligent service platform, the country's first local bankruptcy trial dynamic supervision platform, the country's first creditor evaluation and supervision platform, and the country's first bankruptcy trial blockchain collaboration platform.
        Recently, Yu Lijun, Secretary of Tianjin Jizhou district Party committee, said that in recent years, based on the functional positioning of Beijing Tianjin Hebei ecological conservation area, Jizhou has actively seized the development opportunities of a new generation of artificial intelligence by taking advantage of the Tianjin world intelligence conference. He also pointed out that Jizhou's next step is to "implement the achievements of the blockchain sub forum of the third world Intelligence Conference and the global blockchain science and Technology Innovation Summit, and open the leading acceleration key of artificial intelligence". On June 13, Hangzhou online published the article "Yuhang plays a good" combined fist "in industrial transformation and upgrading. The article points out that focusing on the deep integration of "digital economy" and manufacturing industry, Yuhang District will focus on the key industries of new industries and new formats in the direction of a (Artificial Intelligence), B (blockchain), C (Cloud Computing) and D (big data), focus on the key projects such as rookie network headquarters, ByteDance, Qiushi semiconductor, and focus on the key platforms such as China (Hangzhou) AI town and China (Hangzhou) 5g innovation park.
        On June 13, the 11th Lujiazui Forum opened in Shanghai. Yi Gang, President of the people's Bank of China, said that Shanghai should be built into a RMB financial asset allocation center, a RMB financial asset risk management center, a financial technology center, a high-quality business environment center, and a financial talent center. He also pointed out that the people's Bank of China actively supported Shanghai in exploring the application of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies in the financial field. Aimeide learned that on June 13, Yangcheng Evening News published an article "what is the secret of the successful transformation and upgrading of the Pearl River Delta economy?". The article points out that at present, Guangdong has made significant progress in economic restructuring, significantly improved the quality and efficiency of development, entered the ranks of innovative economies as a whole, basically formed a modern industrial system, and basically established a new open economic system.
        Especially in the field of new economy, new technology and new finance, Guangdong is in the forefront of the country. Internet, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet finance, financial technology, blockchain technology, digital currency, personalized customization, sensing technology, VR, AR, Mr, sharing economy, new energy vehicles, autonomous driving technology, etc. are all at the forefront of the country.
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