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"Blockchain + reassuring charging" to prevent businesses from running off with cash and prepayment to crack consumption pain points

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : f039u5 Click : + -
        After prepaying the annual fee, I found that the gym owner ran away with money, and the restaurant closed down after recharging, and the money could not be taken back &hellip& hellip; In recent years, prepaid consumption has been the "hardest hit area" of consumer complaints. How to effectively solve this problem has become the focus of the government and consumers. In response to this problem, ant chain, together with Alipay and financial institutions, launched a solution of prepaid insurance, and actively solved the capital risk of prepaid consumption through cooperation with government departments, consumer associations and other institutions. On September 28, the first application of prepaid insurance was officially launched in Weihai, Shandong Province. It is understood that Weihai prepaid insurance platform is the first blockchain prepaid consumption collaborative service platform combining "policy guidance + market-oriented operation" in China. Under the guidance of Weihai market supervision and Administration Bureau and Weihai Consumer Association, it is jointly built by ant chain of ant group, Alipay anxinchong and Weihai Branch of Industrial Bank.
        Weihai prepaid insurance platform is built based on the blockchain technology provided by ant chain. At the same time, it opens Alipay's member operating products to merchants who settle in the platform. In short, businesses provide services through prepaid insurance. The funds prepaid by consumers to businesses will be deposited in the regulated account of the cooperative bank, rather than being directly paid to the personal account of the business at one time, and then will be settled to the business one by one according to the actual consumption. The transaction information and capital flow of consumers and merchants can be verified, traced and tampered with on the blockchain, while the transaction activities are fully supported by the payment service and online membership system operation provided by Alipay Baoan. After the consumption behavior is completed, the current consumption amount is allocated from the prepayment to the merchant.
        If the merchant defaults or "runs away", the advance payment will be returned to the consumer from the bank deposit account. In addition, if businesses issue cards in violation of regulations, such as the amount of a single card exceeds the limit, the proportion of deposited funds is insufficient, or there are consumer complaints, the platform will send an early warning to businesses and regulatory departments through the smart contract function of blockchain to ensure that the regulatory process is automatic, intelligent and efficient. It is understood that after the Weihai prepaid treasure platform is launched, local businesses in Weihai will successively access the platform to provide services for consumers. Consumers can enter the platform by searching Alipay for "prepaid insurance". Fushitou, Secretary of the Party group and director of Weihai Market Supervision Bureau, said at the scene: the underlying technology of the prepaid insurance platform adopts the blockchain technology provided by ant chain; At the application level, it relies on Alipay to implement, give full play to its advantages of connecting users and platform operation, and attract operators to settle on the platform with business logic; Industrial Bank holds the funds in trust and provides credit support for merchants settling in the platform; The consumer association opens an account in the bank, holds the unused prepayment for consumers, and coordinates all parties involved in the construction of the platform to attract consumers and businesses to the platform to carry out prepayment consumption, squeezing the space for non-standard prepayment consumption.
        "For businesses, prepayment can improve users' stickiness and consumption frequency. Only when the safety of funds is guaranteed, consumers can safely prepay." Zouliang, vice president of the intelligent technology business group of ant group, said. Zouliang said that the prepaid insurance platform does not charge any platform usage fees, no commission and other additional fees for the settled businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses can obtain Alipay's digital tools and digital management capabilities. Industry insiders believe that blockchain, as a trust infrastructure in the digital era, is playing an important role in more and more fields in recent years. For example, in the field of government affairs and people's livelihood services, blockchain based applications such as electronic bills, electronic seals, judicial deposits, traceability, public welfare, etc. are helping the government to continuously improve its governance level.
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