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Unicom chain builds a capability system with "1+8" to create innovative applications of "n" blockchains

Time : 04/04/2022 Author : baruyi Click : + -
        At present, China's digital economy shows strong resilience and great potential. Digital technology accelerates the construction of new industrial forms. As one of the core technologies in the information field, blockchain will further integrate and innovate with 5g, AI, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to release the potential of digital economy. In order to efficiently promote the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, China Unicom has officially released the unified bearing platform of blockchain products and capabilities, "Unicom chain". Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, attended the press conference, and liangbaojun, deputy general manager, addressed the conference. At the event, song Yulun, CTO and chief data scientist of Unicom big data, said that Unicom chain formed the blockchain capability base through "1" baas platform and "8" general service components, created "n" kinds of innovative applications enabled by blockchain, actively enabled digital government, smart city, industrial Internet, health care, culture and tourism, transportation and other fields, and provided a credible infrastructure for the construction of digital economy in the 5g era.
        Since the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the white paper on China's blockchain technology and application development (2016) on October 18, 2016, the state has issued a series of policies such as the 13th five year plan, new infrastructure, government work report, etc., raising blockchain technology to national strategy. "The policy release of blockchain has gone through the observation period, the standardization period and the guidance period, and it will enter the landing development period by 2019." Song Yulun pointed out that China Unicom has been actively promoting the industrial innovation of blockchain integration under the guidance of national policies. From the "observation period" stage in 2016, China Unicom began to layout blockchain technology research "in advance" and participated in the writing of relevant white papers.
        In 2017, China Unicom established the world's first international standard for blockchain of Internet of things. So far, it has issued 6 standards, is studying 7 series of standards, and has begun to apply for blockchain patents. In 2018, the white paper on the application of Internet of things blockchain was jointly released with ZhongGuanCun blockchain industry alliance to apply for the Ministry of science and technology's project "application specification of new domain name resolution service system". In 2019, China Unicom took blockchain as a strategic reserve technology and formulated a blockchain technology development plan; More than 300 patents have been applied for the subject of the Ministry of industry and information technology, "Research on application security assurance and supervision strategies of artificial intelligence and blockchain". "At the same time, the development goals, strategies and paths of Unicom chain are gradually clear.
        ”Song Yulun said that Unicom chain aims to promote the construction of digital economy and improve the level of government governance. Guided by solving the actual problems of the industry, it integrates the new generation of information technology capabilities of Unicom, such as 5g, network, cloud, big, physical, intellectual, security, etc., helps government and enterprise customers' digital transformation, and provides a credible infrastructure for the construction of digital economy in the 5g era. According to song Yulun, Unicom chain is the blockchain brand of China Unicom and an important part of the "5g+abcde" capability layout of China Unicom, including blockchain technology, products, platforms and a series of industry solutions independently developed by China Unicom. "Unicom chain serves the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers with a 1+8+n blockchain capability system, which originates from the in-depth practice of China Unicom's enabling industry customers and is also the underlying blockchain support system for China Unicom's enabling industry reform.
        ”。 As liangbaojun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said at the press conference, "Unicom chain" is a unified platform for China Unicom's blockchain products and capabilities. It has the characteristics of independent and trusted, end-to-end network integration, cross cloud and cross chain, open cooperation and so on. It is a trust chain in the 5g era. In terms of independence and credibility, China Unicom not only has more than 300 patents, the number of patents is the world's leading, but also fully adapts to localization, conforms to the transformation certification of Xinchuang guomi algorithm, and the development of multilingual smart contracts; In terms of end-to-end network convergence, based on the 5g characteristics of Unicom operators, the problem of data credibility before the link is solved. It is worth mentioning that the cross cloud and cross chain capabilities of Unicom chain.
        "At present, Unicom chain has supported cross cloud interconnection such as woyun, Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Huawei cloud, and is compatible with mainstream open source frameworks such as hyperledgerfabric and Baidu xuperchain.". "The ability of Unicom chain is by no means what Unicom can do, but it needs to work with partners to create a delivery ecosystem." Song Yulun revealed that through continuous open cooperation, the Unicom chain has been implemented in digital government, industrial Internet, smart education, smart tourism, etc. In the next step, China Unicom will actively promote cooperation with the ICT Institute, customers and industry partners, and hope that the industry will work together to mobilize the capabilities of the underlying platform of the Unicom chain to promote the continuous implementation of blockchain scenarios and the improvement of overall computing efficiency.
        At the meeting, the "Unicom chain" was officially connected to the new infrastructure of the national blockchain "spark · chain network", and the "China Unicom & ICT Institute blockchain innovation laboratory" was established, as well as signing contracts with the Hebei provincial government office, Baidu, Huawei, Jiuqi software, digital technology, and Zhigui technology. Song Yulun said, "for the research and application of blockchain, the difficulty lies not in technology, but in finding suitable application scenarios. Based on the advantage of it intensification, China Unicom has very rich scenario advantages". Actions speak louder than words. At present, China Unicom has created a series of benchmark cases such as a provincial electronic license chain, a provincial financial integrated service platform, and a smart cultural tourism one yard tour, which not only provides an integrated infrastructure of cloud network chain integration for the digital transformation of government and enterprises, but also provides the best paradigm for the industry.
        C114 communication network Gao Juan.
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