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How will yuancosmos affect fashion business?

Time : 18/12/2021 Author : 4rxkso Click : + -
        The following discussion of lengyun fashion circle is a discussion and summary of industry issues. These sharing belong to the crystallization of collective wisdom. (they do not represent lengyun's personal views). I hope this way can benefit more people in the industry!. Affected by the epidemic since the end of 19, the online growth of the whole society has increased significantly, and the technological iteration and development related to the meta universe will expand the dimension of human life in the future to a certain extent. In the fashion industry, with the development of technology, NFT, virtual clothing products, virtual fitting technology, virtual image and other content may bring new opportunities to traditional fields. In fact, I have searched many concepts about the meta universe, and I feel it is difficult to say that it is a fixed thing, just like saying that "wechat" is an app.
        The meta universe itself is the integration of many new technologies. Its future development and maturity will enable us to live in a comprehensive environment combining "virtual environment + real environment". I think the most basic needs are related to our survival and life in reality. Food, clothing, housing and transportation are our most basic needs. Yes, so if we live in the future virtual environment, do we still have needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation? I think the demand that still exists is "clothes". In fact, my understanding is that clothes are not needed, at least clothes that cover the body in the traditional sense are not needed. What we need is "clothes" at the level of consumer psychology or game props?.
        Yes, but now most people's demand for clothes may not only hide from the cold, but also rise to the social and respect level. In the game, it is the avatar image. Later, if there are many occasions in the metauniverse in the future, I think the virtual clothing needed by the avatar image will be an important source of value related to fashion. Yes, virtual clothing can even be designed without considering ergonomics. Jewelry that is impossible to wear in reality can be achieved through this. Have you ever considered this kind of fashion design? Is it a person who doesn't need to learn fashion design? Even in terms of 3D modeling and rendering effects, game companies will do better.
        What might you experience? Can it be the current mobile phone? Now some apps say they are the so-called "meta universe". If AR is the first to complete the development and popularization in the future, the form of the meta universe (not necessarily the final form) may be that everyone has a pair of AR glasses like a mobile phone. Then everyone's real clothes may be relatively simple, but everyone sees each other with virtual clothes under ar glasses. Similarly, if AR is not so mature, but is still a relatively popular "platform" created by existing networks or VR devices (like wechat, which everyone has), the effect is similar.
        We may use this "platform" to accomplish what we are doing on wechat, Dingding, Tencent conferences, and online classes. If the final technological development can achieve that the human brain and machine can complete the sensory transmission, then the popularization of this technology may be the real final form of the meta universe. Does it mean that sneakers are simulated to be worn on the feet and photographed through AR or VR? Gucci also seems to have a one-time try on, which is called "the cheapest luxury". Nike's NFT can watch the changed appearance through wearable devices. The market price of Nike's NFT blind box is now 20W. Let's return to the theme, the source of value of the meta universe.
        In fact, taking the above example, the value of metauniverse still needs to be popularized to a certain extent, and only with the participation of users can it have more general business value. There are virtual NFT and physical NFT. More people must participate in it. The prerequisite is to reduce the threshold of participation and realize it in a more convenient way. There are many kinds of NFT. I personally feel that many people may play NFT to hype products for profit, or to pursue a taste and popularity. As for NFT, we will have a chance to discuss it in the future. Discussing the value of NFT alone is actually beyond the scope of fashion. In fact, as we said before, virtual clothing can't be seen or touched. Now that the threshold of "meta universe" is still relatively high, is there any purchase value.
        Will you "want" to buy a fashionable but unsuitable clothes for daily wear for only oneortwo good photos / social needs?. Virtual clothing can make wearing more possible. Bold people can wear more boldly and try more styles. I think some fashion bloggers will try to take photos alone, and I won't consider buying them for the time being. However, in the future, I may try to buy and experience the whole process. I usually choose to buy some clothes that are not suitable for daily wear, but not for taking photos. I like them alone. Clothes can express my psychology. And I have some friends who pursue fashion around me. Every time the photos sent by my circle of friends are not the same clothes.
        There is an interesting contradiction in this minor research. Can you see it?. The current technology can meet the static photo output of virtual clothing. However, the form of single sale is still very suitable for disposable wear, especially for photos. It's true that you say so, but it's still quite eye-catching. Social media may have a certain audience. I seem to have seen these pictures in little red book. Bloggers who operate social media will use it. I have different views on the consumption of virtual clothing. I don't have such a strong demand for operating social software. I care more about the brand's attitude towards this project and the significance behind it. The main reason is that the technology is not mature enough for popularization.
        But now, for the online celebrities who pursue fashion and fancy, it should be able to avoid a lot of trouble, such as production, design, transportation and subsequent processing. In 2018, some high-end shops in Beijing Xidan core business center launched virtual fitting mirrors of purchasing companies. If there is a virtual fitting when shopping offline, will you try it?. For example, the virtual shoes of Nike this time are the first plan launched by Nike after the acquisition of refkt. Even if it is 200000 yuan, I will buy them if I have economic strength. Because of Nike endorsement, we can see Nike's ambition and action in this regard in the future, and their first product must be of collectable significance.
        And like the static virtual clothing of xiaohongshu bloggers, I will definitely not buy it no matter how cheap it is. There is a machine in their laboratory, but it seems to be really immature. It is usually used for middle school students to visit. My roommate went to the smart car company to do image recognition. I saw some people say that this virtual fitting mirror will make intelligent wear recommendations according to people's body shape and skin color. I think this aspect may be more meaningful than the offline virtual fitting itself. Some suit shops have virtual fitting, which can input their own three-dimensional data to form their own human body for recommended fitting, but if you look closely at the clothes, they do not fit the human body, and there will be obvious p-graph traces.
        This may still need to be done by a professional measurer. If it is online, it may be referred to appropriately. yes. In short, the NFT we own is "independent". For example, our game props are based on the existence of the game itself. Game props are data, which are stored in the data center of the game company, and the game company has the final right to interpret these things. It can also be understood that your platform-based game props do not completely belong to you. One of the earliest ways of playing NFT is NFT art, which is mostly collected by auction. Each digital collection is stored on the blockchain to create an immutable record.
        I haven't played stepn. I see that stepn is a mode that allows players to buy NFT in the form of sneakers and then exercise in reality to obtain tokens. In this mode, will there be brands and games jointly launch NFT sneakers?. If we make it bigger, there will be. However, the current policy supervision is not clear in the short term. Some shoes are limited, there will be fried shoes; The token obtained is bound to another blockchain currency and will also be fired. Gamefi is an nft+game+defi mode. This kind of NFT is commonly understood by me as a prop in the game world, which has certain trading attributes.
        Because there are trading floors inside and outside the game, players have the opportunity to convert rare props in the game into assets. Your explanations are too easy to understand. As far as I know, uni has produced realnft socks before. Each NFT corresponds to a pair of socks in reality. Whoever has this NFT can exchange this pair of socks. What else do you think realnft can be used for fashion business?. I think I can try some out of print limited fashion items. But in fact, there will be the risk of financializing commodities. There is no need for physical goods to speculate in "realnft".
        Recently, nice's "trendy toys" are quite representative. It's a little too easy to deviate from reality to falsehood. It is said that nice is also about to face supervision. I had an idea before. For the sales form of limited quantity clothing accessories, can we consider both physical goods and realnft at the same time. Let users and speculators get different ways. There may be risks associated with domestic speculation involving virtual currencies. No, this product was originally the periphery of a supreme several years ago. In those days, it was highly hyped, and now nice has published the engraving of this product. Yes, I also think many people are mainly using it to make money.
        Whether the work itself has speculation value has become the reason for its popularity. This is the sofa issued by nowre, another trend company, last year. Someone just said that nice copied nowre. Creativity has "reference". It is difficult to define plagiarism at the legal level only by changing the part of the product. This is true in "trend entertainment", and I think it is also true in NFT. Now there are many online tutorials to teach creators to play NFT, and I am also skeptical of NFT's good creators. On the one hand, the plagiarism problem you mentioned has not been fundamentally solved. There is also the creator's own creation. In the current mainstream NFT hype environment, the lack of marketing may still not be noticed.
        The last NFT identity can be understood as a VIP membership card. Generally, it is an NFT issued by the community to users, because it is an identity and does not have transaction attributes. Finally, I will briefly talk about the fourth part, avatar image and social interaction. In fact, we already talked about this part at the beginning. Have you heard of zepeto? It is a virtual social community with user image. Of course, there must be a gap with the form of the meta universe. In fact, avatar image social networking, as mentioned above, has existed as early as the early days of the Internet. Like QQ show and even Moore Manor. As long as the metauniverse will involve avatars in the future, the way should be similar.
        As for virtual idols, in fact, they don't need the avatar image of the prototype in reality. Its benefits to fashion business are also very simple and direct. First, it avoids the spokesperson's adverse influence on the spokesperson's brand; The second is permanent use, which is equivalent to an IP that can accompany the brand for life. You can also add ideas. Virtual clothing can make wearing more possible. Bold people can wear more boldly and try more styles. Virtual clothing can appear in users' photo shooting and online social networking needs in the form of a single sale. At this stage, it is suitable for online celebrities and other groups who like social media, and it can reduce the purchase of clothing with good photo taking effect, but it is not suitable for daily wear.
        Avoid pollution and inconvenience caused by transportation, manufacturing and abandonment. Compared with the online and offline applications of virtual fitting, the online and offline functions of intelligent wearing recommendation based on people's body shape and skin color are more practical. The effect of measuring body, fitting and makeup through technology is still not very mature at this stage, but it has a certain effect in marketing. NFT art is the earliest NFT play, and it is also the current mainstream play. Its business model is similar to real art or rare goods, which are collected by auction. Each digital collection is stored on the blockchain to create an immutable record. Gamefi is an nft+game+defi mode.
        Popular understanding is the props in the game world, which has certain trading attributes. There are trading floors inside and outside the game, and players have the opportunity to convert rare props in the game into assets. On behalf of the project stepn, players buy NFT in the form of sneakers, and then exercise in reality to obtain tokens. Realnft is an NFT that has a direct mapping relationship with the real world. It is popularly understood as "commodity exchange certificate". Nice's "trendy toys" are quite representative, but in fact, there is a risk of financializing commodities. You can speculate without physical goods, which is easy to get rid of reality and turn to falsehood. Popular point can be understood as a VIP membership card.
        Generally, it is an NFT issued by the community to users, because it is an identity and does not have transaction attributes. Zepeto is a virtual social community with user image, in which users can create their own virtual image. At present, the function of virtual community only stays at the simplest entertainment social networking online, which is more like a kind of leisure and entertainment, and does not have more commercial popularization significance of metauniverse. This prototype of social interaction with virtual images has appeared in some software since the birth of the Internet, such as QQ show of Tencent. There have been many explorations in this way, and the avatar images involved in the future metauniverse may also be used for reference.
        Virtual idols are avatars that do not need real prototypes. Its benefits to fashion business are also very simple and direct. In addition to the long-term cost reduction, it can avoid the spokesperson's adverse effects on the endorsement brand. Secondly, permanent use is equivalent to an IP that can accompany the brand for life.
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