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The highest specification in the province! Luzhou team won the highest award for team and individual in this competition

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : ctubms Click : + -
        On December 24, the first Sichuan blockchain vocational skills competition results conference and the on Chain Digital Economy Industry Development Summit Forum were held. The "public housing steward blockchain innovation team" of Luzhou Fazhan Zhihui Technology Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Luzhou, won the first prize of the Sichuan blockchain vocational skills competition team with the "smart contract design of the state-owned assets traceability platform". The team leader Hu Zhiyu won the personal Gold Award and the team member Zhang Yongheng won the personal Silver Award. At the same time, Luzhou Digital Economy Development Bureau was awarded the organization award, Luzhou Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. won the outstanding contribution award. The "state owned assets traceability platform" developed by Luzhou's award-winning team takes advantage of blockchain decentralization, distributed storage, tamper proof, traceability and other technical advantages to link key information such as property rights changes and transaction behaviors of state-owned assets in real time, realizing the traceability of core information of state-owned assets. This application can be widely used in the core scenarios of state-owned assets management, It fundamentally solves the loss of state-owned assets caused by data loss or artificial tampering.
        The competition expert group agreed that the blockchain + state-owned assets supervision mode adopted by the "state-owned assets traceability platform" is an innovative application of blockchain technology in the field of state-owned assets, and has the value of pioneering, exemplary, practical and feasible. The province's highest standard blockchain vocational skills competition. It is understood that this competition, with the theme of "building Tianfu on the chain and driving development", is hosted by Sichuan Provincial Department of economy and information technology, Sichuan Provincial Department of human resources and social security, Sichuan Federation of trade unions and Dujiangyan Municipal People's government, and organized by Sichuan blockchain Industry Association, Sichuan Vocational Technology Appraisal and guidance center and Dujiangyan Bureau of economy, science, technology and information technology. The competition aims to speed up the training of blockchain application talents, tap our province's blockchain industry professionals and excellent projects, and accelerate the incubation of excellent projects in the blockchain industry. It is the highest standard blockchain vocational skills competition in the province at present.
        More than 80 professional teams from universities, enterprises and scientific research institutions across the province competed fiercely. In recent years, Luzhou state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission has actively explored the innovation of state-owned assets supervision. By the end of 2021, an online supervision platform for state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in the city has been initially established, which is based on the comprehensive business platform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, with the data collection and exchange platform and data index system as the core, characterized by the resource asset supervision sector, and based on the construction and application of enterprise management and control system. During the construction of the supervision platform, the "state-owned assets traceability platform" was promoted.
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