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What is blockchain white paper? What's the effect? How do you write it?

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : denur0 Click : + -
        If you want to issue tokens, a white paper is essential. Every initial coin product (ICO) on the market needs a white paper. The white paper is a document, which includes an overview of the problem to be solved by the project, the solution to the problem, and a detailed description of the product, architecture and its interaction with users. The beginning of the white paper is also a good part for issuing legal statements or disclaimers, which should contain any important restrictions or notices. This may be to exempt residents of some countries from buying tokens of the project due to local laws, or just let future investors know that investment itself cannot guarantee profits. One of the most important steps in writing almost all documents is probably to write a compelling introduction.
        A good measure is to introduce future token holders in the form of a letter from the CEO. In this section, you need to outline the problem that the project intends to solve, explain why this problem is important, and may even touch the consequences of solving the problem. It is necessary to attract readers' attention and interpret each point of the project in detail. White papers are mainly technical documents. Generally speaking, they are quite long. Therefore, clear navigation is very important. An informative and well structured directory will certainly enable readers to better understand us and get what they want more directly and accurately. Use as much space as possible to discuss your project in depth and explain its exact position in the current market to potential investors.
        Most importantly, make sure to explain what the project is and what parts it contains. Current situation of the project. This section should also contain a detailed description of the current status of the project: prototype data, first user (if any), development strategy and overall objectives. Most serious investors will only support the projects that have been shown, because having an ecosystem and user base will increase the chances of survival of project tokens in the market. If you have any of these elements, be sure to let readers know clearly. Most importantly, the white paper should not mention expenditure items such as "online activities", "industry development", "miscellaneous". Your white paper should clearly state that all the money collected will be used for development, not anything else.
        Ensure that most of the white papers are dedicated to the financial status of the project. You should be able to clearly explain why your project needs your own tokens, how and when to allocate them, whether ICO's token problems are limited, when sales will start in the market, and so on. Finally, the white paper should include not only a detailed technical description of the project, but also a development roadmap. Ideally, an in-depth work plan for the next 12-24 months should be provided, including at least a beta version. If some of the tasks listed in the roadmap have been completed, please be sure to make it clear in the white paper, because it will be regarded as a major advantage by investors. The team is an indispensable part of the project, which should be presented in this way.
        With very few exceptions, ICO working with anonymous developers will not succeed. Experienced teams often determine the direction and speed of project development. Although the rest of the white paper should be a technical description, this specific part is an essential part of human touch. In the eyes of investors, the photos and brief biographies of the development team will be a great advantage. Be sure to not only describe who the individuals behind the project are, but also explain why they are so important to this particular project and why they make it work. Make sure to specify how their previous experience will help with this project. If any team member has experience in blockchain or cryptocurrency related projects, please make it clear.
        In addition, you can say a few words to the consultant of the project. However, please make sure to avoid losing meaningless names, because the consultants mentioned should be more or less focused on the objectives of the project. When preparing the white paper, be sure to use formal, almost academic writing. This document needs to be very descriptive and professional. Its focus should be narrow, because it is best to choose a theme and focus on it. Many times, the authors of white papers tend to discuss potential use cases and possible future technology implementation, rather than focusing on the task at hand. In addition, it goes without saying that you must check your white paper for lack of grammar and spelling errors, as well as check everything you can do.
        The text of the entire document must be formatted correctly to make it look unprofessional. Like any other semi complex business-related document, a large number of white paper templates are available online. Generally, the cryptocurrency community and investors are not in favor of using this template. If you are preparing a unique high-quality product, it is best not to use these templates. The unique template design will make your project look more professional. A few years ago, a successful ICO activity was released on the bitcoin related forum, and the white paper is the first news on this topic. Nowadays, however, as the wave of ICO seems to have peaked, most projects choose to publish white papers on their websites.
        For example, GitHub, forum, etc. are still feasible, but you need to ensure that only one central point can access your white paper. Avoid copying and pasting it on several different platforms. Instead, when promoting your project on different forums and websites, just publish a link. The white paper is the main selling point of the project. This is your team's unique view of the product and should be taken seriously. Hiring a freelancer to complete this work for you can only lead to unprofessional results, so you can't raise the required funds. Professional people do professional things, and the writing of white papers should also be operated by professionals. Ethereum is useless. It may be the shortest white paper in the world. It includes a few words written on their website, with a slogan seriously saying, don't buy these tokens.
        Surprisingly, they actually raised more than $250000 through their ICO.
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