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The 2020 blockchain digital economy Leadership Forum of "on chain technology x ant chain" was successfully held

Time : 17/05/2022 Author : p1vc9u Click : + -
        The development direction and problems faced by traditional enterprises, in-depth understanding of how to use blockchain technology to achieve curve overtaking, hope to guide the benign development of the industry together and jointly promote the digital economy of blockchain technology. At 3:00 p.m., the on chain technology x ant chain 2020 blockchain digital economy leaders' Forum officially began. President Ren, CEO of on chain technology, introduced in detail the enterprise creation background, project background, competitive advantage, solutions and future prospects, and deeply analyzed the reasons for the industry leadership of on chain technology from multiple dimensions such as technology, operation, development and policy. Mr. Ren took the pain point of current traditional enterprises as the starting point, and made an in-depth analysis of how technology on the chain can help traditional enterprises get on the fast track of blockchain under the dual tuyere of blockchain and live broadcast. He also shared the role of technology on the chain in the chain reform and the recent developments of enterprises, and looked forward to the future development of technology on the chain.
        President Ren believes that, "In the post epidemic era, data has become a new factor of production. Due to the advent of the era of personalization, large-scale mass production cannot meet the needs of fragmentation. The credit enhancement and digitalization needs in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises need the support of blockchain technology. The chain reform is reshaping the social structure and economic pattern, and the technology on the chain, with the help of the underlying technology of ant chain, is a blockchain one-stop solution for traditional enterprises through the joint secondary development of strong companies Plug in the wings of rapid development ". Hangzhou chain technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on chain reform, which matches industry application scenarios based on blockchain technology for global customers and activates the real economy.
        As the official designated brand operator of ant chain of ant group, the seven self-developed solutions make use of the characteristics of blockchain decentralization, traceability, smart contracts and so on to accelerate the empowerment of global traditional enterprises. Next, President Wang of chain technology shared the theme of "changes of the times in the digital economy", systematically analyzed the great changes in the digital economy, expounded new opportunities and opportunities under the new trade pattern, new trade pattern, new economic pattern, new financial pattern and new consumption pattern, and deeply analyzed the five positioning of the platform under the new policy. As the chairman of the board of directors of on chain technology, Mr. Wang holds a master's degree from a double first-class prestigious university. He has more than 10 years of experience in the physical and financial industry, and is also an early preacher in the blockchain industry.
        Wang Dong said, "Ai changes productivity, blockchain changes production relations, and the center of demand side reform is to be able to consume, dare to consume, and be able to consume." President Wang's deep understanding of the digital economy has aroused enthusiastic responses from the guests present and pushed the atmosphere to a climax. ". Finally, Mr. Yu, Mr. Ye and Mr. Wu, vice presidents of on chain technology, delivered a keynote speech on "how the real economy embraces blockchain", explaining the development strategy and market positioning of on chain technology, and working together with partners to build a diversified ecosystem and link trillions of blue oceans. At present, financial technology represented by blockchain, digital economy and artificial intelligence is changing the pattern of world finance at an unprecedented speed and breadth. Technology on the chain will also grasp the trend of the times, accelerate the empowerment of global traditional enterprises, and lead the new era of digital economy.
        With the success of this digital economy leaders' forum, chain technology will continue to take root, actively expand the sinking market, and contribute its own strength to the transformation of traditional enterprises. You and I on the chain will share the future!.
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