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Mobile blockchain app,What are the blockchain software apps (share 5 blockchain software apps for free)

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        1. Netease planet, which everyone is familiar with, is a big company and brand. I won't say more. Many friends will send invitation codes under the comments. 2. Insur (insurance currency) is the token of insurchain, a decentralized insurance blockchain platform for the world, released by the Singapore xlab foundation. It is the first blockchain pass in the insurance field. Users can use insur to get our services in insurwallet. In addition, it can also be traded on the exchange where insur logs in. 3. Gongxinbao is a decentralized exchange based on blockchain technology, which can help data buyers and sellers achieve efficient point-to-point data transactions. It has the advantages of not caching data, protecting user privacy, and having access to rich data.
        The public chain of gongxinbao &mdash& mdash; The public credit chain itself is also a public chain that supports the development of applications and the issuance of digital currencies. Developers can develop applications and issue digital currencies on the public credit chain, and improve service and business efficiency by using the rich data on the public credit chain. 3. One is an all-round mobile application of digital currency based on the independent blockchain onechain. It integrates four functions: Universal wallet, lightning transfer, decentralized exchange and decentralized social networking. One has opened the door of digital assets in the blockchain era with its strong technical strength, functionality, practicality and ease of use.
        It supports more than 700 kinds of digital assets such as bitcoin, Ethereum and bitstock; 5-second flash transfer of all digital assets; Decentralized exchange: peak processing capacity of 20000 transactions per second; Multiple transactions are supported, and mainstream currencies can be traded; Decentralized exchanges are safe and transparent! The world's first decentralized social networking: instant messaging, experience value; End to end information encryption to ensure information security; The system automatically recharges chat assets for users; Full currency digital currency red envelope; Stabilize digital assets USDA for easy recharge and withdrawal; Group red envelopes and social red envelopes are available; Cross chain technology connects all blockchains. Erc20 token transfer requires no fuel and transfers immediately; The handling fee of transfer is lower than that of original; Cross chain technology connects all blockchains.
        5. Flow magic box. The essence of the traffic magic box platform is a cloud computing solution that uses the sharing economy model to play with traffic, so that the used traffic cache or idle, redundant or even worthless traffic resources can regain their due value. It brings together many used traffic caches, such as personal handheld devices, home bandwidth, enterprise nodes, IDC machine rooms, etc., and makes real-time deployment and utilization through cloud computing, effectively helping players solve the industry dilemma of invisible traffic caches and ignoring them as waste products. 6. Iveryone is a blockchain based Facebook. It is a social economy that fully complies with the rules of the free market economy. Anyone can participate in the whole social ecological cooperation system and obtain rich economic returns.
        In iveryone, advertising fees are paid point-to-point to users. Content creators can price articles, music and other works, and earn income while being viewed. Ordinary users can get multi-level revenue sharing by forwarding and sharing content.
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