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Ping An blockchain white paper (2019) PDF, financial document resources, CSDN Library

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        Blockchain technology development environment, blockchain industry applications and challenges, Ping An blockchain technology solution fimax, Ping An blockchain financial industry practice cases. In order to drive the whole financial industry to attach importance to user experience and improve user experience, Ping An Group has transformed the accumulated industry experience and methodology into a volume, sorted out and predicted the current situation and trends of user experience in eight financial segments, and positioned the special attention, pain points and future opportunities of traditional Finance and Internet Finance in terms of experience. According to IDC research, the market expenditure scale of China's blockchain reached US $160million in 2018, and this strong growth trend is expected to continue in the next three years.
        By 2022, the expenditure scale of this market is expected to reach $1.67 billion, and the compound growth rate from 2017 to 2022 will exceed 80%. With the support of blockchain, by 2021, distributed architecture will become the core foundation of the data market and the core value of blockchain technology &mdash& mdash; Shaping digital trust. China's first joint-stock insurance enterprise has developed into an integrated, close and diversified comprehensive financial services group integrating financial insurance, banking, investment and other financial businesses. It is the first Chinese funded financial institution to join the R3 alliance, the vice chairman unit of China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum.
        For reference to the blockchain white paper, the Wanlian blockchain white paper is mainly used as an early-stage ICO to raise funds to start the application of blockchain technology. The ICO is divided into three phases, and the Wanlian currency in each phase will decrease, and the corresponding cost will also increase. Tencent blockchain scheme white paper.pdf Tencent blockchain scheme white paper.pdf Tencent blockchain scheme white paper.pdf Tencent blockchain scheme white paper.pdf Tencent blockchain scheme white paper pdf。 The white paper of aegis ZSC blockchain insurance system from Silicon Valley of the United States is derived from the white paper of aegis ZSC blockchain insurance system from Silicon Valley of the United States. Reinsurance blockchain (RIC) white paper (33 pages), resource name: reinsurance blockchain (RIC) white paper (33 pages) reinsurance blockchain (RIC) white paper - Zhong'an technology -2018.06-33
        2 white paper on the development of China's blockchain industry.pdf3 distributed general ledger white paper for China's capital market applications.pdf4 hyperledger white paper (Chinese version).Pdf6 Ethereum white paper.pdf7 quantum chain white paper: value transfer protocol and decentralized application platform.pdf8 Tencent blockchain solution. Prepared by (in no order) China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Beijing ant cloud Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., China Wanxiang Holding Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Weizhong Bank Co., Ltd., China Ping An insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., LETV Lianfu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wanda Network Technology Co., Ltd. the blockchain is a distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism The innovative application mode of computer technology such as encryption algorithm in the Internet era.
        Blockchain technology is considered as a disruptive innovation of computing mode after mainframe, personal computer and Internet, which is likely to be on a global scale. 2018 China blockchain industry analysis report 1. Blockchain overview 2. Investment 3. Industry analysis (industry status, industry key, project panorama) 4. Competition pattern 5. Project analysis 6. Pain points and trends. Huawei blockchain white paper blockchain has become a hot topic in the past two years, because it has become a hot topic in the past two years through distributed data storage and encryption of the transmission consensus mechanism. Through the integration of distributed data storage, encryption algorithm of the transmission consensus mechanism and other technologies, it can effectively solve the falsification of data in the internal circulation process in the traditional transaction mode, so as to build a trusted transaction environment and create a society.
        Reinsurance blockchain technology white paper released by Zhong'an technology. Blockchain technology can realize the sharing and exchange of reinsurance data in a safe, low-cost and efficient way. In the process of using this technology, it is required to record data in the whole reinsurance trading chain in the way of blockchain bookkeeping, starting from the direct insurance company.
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