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Blockchain empowers the real economy and finally realizes the "interconnection of all things"

Time : 19/12/2021 Author : tzdnc4 Click : + -
        Blockchain has been well and widely used in the financial field, such as industrial chain finance, Bill splitting, trade financing and bill financing. As the digital wave enters a new era, blockchain applications are radiating from small-scale pilot projects to various fields and scenes. To achieve great health, we need to establish the concept of great health, carry out great health education, innovate great health technology, develop great health industry, and improve great health services. The whole life cycle health service network (LCH) is to reduce the cost of getting customers in the industry, accelerate and integrate the global industry market, and further expand and develop it through the blockchain digital currency incentive policy. LCH uses blockchain technology to innovate the new promotion mode of financial incentives and digital medical technology services, so that the full life cycle health management technology scheme can be better promoted and disseminated.
        At the physical level, LCH is based on blockchain, gradually establishing the underlying architecture of digital technology covering digital financial technology, big data, IOT, cloud computing, etc., and consolidating the underlying services of the industry, including incentive system, digital currency payment system, digital currency wallet, etc. LCH empowers the technology, channels and products of relevant health industries through blockchain, and cooperates with various medical and health service systems to provide better services for consumers. With the rise of blockchain technology, blockchain applications have begun to cover many scenes, such as digital identity, electronic deposit certificates, electronic bills, property rights registration, industrial and commercial registration, data sharing, corporate supervision, administrative approval, public welfare and so on. A blockchain public infrastructure platform focusing on urban bottom chain infrastructure network, unified bottom level technical architecture and operation and maintenance supervision services came into being, helping to build a new urban governance ecosystem.
        As a pioneer in the application of self-developed blockchain technology, Tencent security has formed a layout from theoretical research to technology layer, platform layer, scenario application layer and industrial ecology. Through the comprehensive application of blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, Tencent has created a credible City solution for the construction of smart cities. Blockchain products are the infrastructure, with the goal of rapid chain building, multi bottom platform integration, reducing the development threshold, easy maintenance and strong supervision, to build blockchain public infrastructure for Wuhan smart city &mdash& mdash; Government blockchain hub. Blockchain must be open source. Many large companies do not open source their blockchain. They have their own ideas, but we believe that open source will allow more companies to share and develop software.
        Cross chain can transfer funds from different departments. We call it parallel chain. The data can be kept independently, but its hash value is on the blockchain. This is to report the information to experts, the government, the health commission and the state. The whole process is linked. Based on the consensus mechanism, tamper proof and other characteristics, blockchain is changing the operating rules of many field scenarios. Taking the middle stage of blockchain as the starting point, it will help the construction of new infrastructure of blockchain, cooperate with partners to output more practice samples, jointly build the industrial blockchain ecosystem, and promote urban intelligence and digital upgrading.
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