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Dalian accelerates industrial digital transformation

Time : 27/12/2021 Author : 9liod2 Click : + -
        Our reporter Shi Wenyu reported that recently, 2022 logo China Travel and "logo +" Liaoning travel (Dalian venue) series activities were held in Dalian. This series of activities aims to speed up the construction of industrial Internet identity resolution system and "spark. Chain network" national blockchain infrastructure, explore the promotion and application of identity and blockchain technology in various industries and fields, promote industrial digital transformation and upgrading, and help Liaoning Province and Dalian city to deeply integrate digital economy and real economy and achieve high-quality development. It is reported that the identification analysis system, as the key nervous system of the industrial Internet, is the key core facility to drive the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, and the basic support to realize the interconnection of industrial systems and industrial data transmission and exchange.
        At present, four secondary node projects of industrial Internet identity analysis in Dalian have passed the expert demonstration, and three of them were officially put into operation on July 27. In recent years, Dalian has taken the industrial Internet as a major development opportunity for urban digital transformation, and proposed the goal of "new digital infrastructure ranks in the forefront of the country, building China's famous intelligent manufacturing city, industrial Internet leading the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, and becoming the Pearl of China's digital economy".
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