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Technology empowers all industries! Enterprise power in new infrastructure construction

Time : 07/07/2022 Author : 5qbr4j Click : + -
        The opportunity of new infrastructure construction does not lie in the infrastructure itself, but comes from the superposition of digital and intelligent upgrading and economic and social transformation needs, which is a combination of time and potential. As the primary productive force, science and technology has always been the focus of attention of the state and the business community. With the proposal of the new national infrastructure policy and the deep integration of artificial intelligence and economic development over the years, technological innovation has become the general trend. In 2020, the concept and connotation of new infrastructure will be officially defined at the national level, and seven fields, including 5g base station construction, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, will usher in a new round of explosion.
        Many industrial chains involved in the new infrastructure have poured into a large number of entrepreneurs, attracting frequent capital injections. With science and technology to empower various industries, new infrastructure has brought opportunities and challenges to a large number of enterprises. It is understood that central enterprises have moved quickly to start early, plan early, invest early, research and development early, build early, give play to the advantages of the main force of the industrial chain, lead the new infrastructure with investment driven and hard core technology, strive to be investors, researchers and builders of the new infrastructure industrial chain, upgrade "new consumption" with new infrastructure, form a new driving force for growth (310328), and promote high-quality development. The new infrastructure is a new engine of China's economic growth, with huge investment and demand on the one hand and a strong and escalating consumer market on the other.
        In terms of 5g network construction alone, by cultivating prosperous Internet economy, artificial intelligence, digital economy and other new technology industries, it will indirectly drive the total economic output of billions of yuan, and lay a solid foundation for seizing the commanding height of the global new generation of information technology. Previously, the three major central telecommunications enterprises and tower companies said that they would actively accelerate the construction of 5g from 2020 and make greater contributions to the realization of a network power. For a time, 5g became the "leader" of the new infrastructure. According to the "China Mobile economic development report 2020" released by GSMA mobile think tank, the penetration rate of 5g users in China will increase to nearly 50% by 2025, which is equivalent to other major 5g markets such as South Korea, Japan and the United States.
        The China Academy of information and communications predicts that by 2025, the cumulative investment in 5g network construction in China will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, and 5g network construction will also drive investment in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and applications in various industries. It is expected that by 2025, it will drive more than 3.5 trillion yuan of investment. On March 6, 2020, China Mobile launched the procurement of 5g phase II wireless network main equipment. The data shows that by the end of February 2020, the number of 5g base stations of China Mobile has exceeded 80000, and the number of 5g package users has reached 10million. In that year, the goal of "building 300000 5g base stations and 5g networks covering cities above the prefecture level nationwide" remained unchanged.
        China Tower said that it would actively give play to its overall advantages to meet the 5g construction needs of telecom enterprises comprehensively and economically. By the beginning of March 2020, more than 200000 5g base stations had been built. In 5g construction, China's iron towers insist on sharing and not building new ones, strictly control the proportion of new stations, and reduce construction costs. More than 97% of the demand is met through the use of stock resources. At the same time, in-depth cooperation with railways, power grids, real estate, municipal transportation, etc., for 5g development, formulate indoor and outdoor standardization and integrated coverage schemes of communication networks. Chihiro location Co., Ltd., jointly founded by ordnance industry group and Alibaba group, officially launched the "flying wing action" to build an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) epidemic fighting platform. Tens of thousands of UAVs across the country have access to the Beidou high-precision positioning service provided by Chihiro location, and carry out precise spraying and disinfection, patrol inspection and shouting and other epidemic prevention operations through UAVs.
        At China Merchants port 001872), China Merchants Group has built a unified digital application platform for business innovation scenarios such as paperless and electronic circulation of documents, gate automation, etc., that is, China Merchants eport, using a number of new technologies such as blockchain and big data. During the epidemic period, China Merchants eport made great efforts to provide 24-hour online customs clearance, logistics and other services for units and users in the port ecosystem, continuously improve the level of operation intelligence and automation, greatly reduce offline contact, and build a safe defense line for the resumption of work and production. The social governance big data platform developed by Aerospace Intelligence company of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group has played an important role in the management and control work in many places, from identifying people to identifying vehicles, from personnel flow, information screening of key groups to information reporting and integration, and analyzing the key and difficult points of management and control.
        Aerospace Science and technology 000901) China Satcom 601698) also provides users with epidemic information related to novel coronavirus pneumonia according to the deployment of the State Administration of radio, film and television. More than 140million rural live satellite users can receive and view the epidemic dynamics at any time through the live satellite set-top box. Research and development, investment, construction, and more central enterprises are deploying new infrastructure. With the passage of time, central enterprises will have more and better performance in the new infrastructure, better serve high-quality industrialization and urbanization, promote supply side structural reform, and serve the high-quality economic development of our country. Under the new infrastructure, many Internet and technology giants have accelerated their layout.
        From highlighting the "new digital infrastructure", to embracing the "industrial Internet", and then to building a "smart world with interconnected things", although the slogans and specific ideas of all parties are different, artificial intelligence is a common intersection. In 2019, Baidu ranked first with 5712 AI patent applications in China. By May 28, 2020, Baidu has applied for more than 10000 AI patents worldwide, including more than 7000 Chinese patents, ranking first in China, and ranking first in China in the four subdivisions of speech recognition, natural language processing, knowledge mapping and automatic driving, showing the deep technical heritage and vigorous innovation ability of AI leaders.
        Baidu is not only the builder of AI infrastructure, but also the leader and promoter of AI technology and application innovation. It is understood that as the leading AI enterprise with the earliest investment, the strongest technology and the most complete layout in China, Baidu has already launched a comprehensive layout in the new infrastructure of AI, and has a first mover advantage. Relying on the full stack and leading AI technology capabilities, Baidu has built a series of self controllable new AI technology infrastructure, including Baidu brain, propeller, intelligent cloud, chip, data center, etc., covering hundreds of AI basic capabilities. At the same time, Baidu AI Cloud will continue to increase investment in new infrastructure fields such as artificial intelligence, chips, cloud computing and data centers in the next decade, and launch two "5million" plans: it is expected that by 2030, the number of Baidu Intelligent Cloud servers will exceed 5million, so as to better meet the demand for high-performance computing in the upgrading of industrial intelligence and provide a strong computing base support for the development of China's intelligent economy; In the next five years, it is expected to cultivate 5million AI talents, providing AI talent guarantee for the development of China's intelligent economy and intelligent society.
        New infrastructure and traditional infrastructure are not mutually exclusive and antagonistic, but complementary and integrated. Since the strategic upgrading was announced in 2018, Tencent has begun to actively participate in the new infrastructure, and gradually become a "digital assistant" for the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life by "taking root in the consumer Internet and embracing the industrial Internet". At present, the tide of new infrastructure is in full swing. 31 provinces announced new infrastructure investment plans with a total amount of more than 40 trillion. As the foundation of new infrastructure projects, digital infrastructure has received unprecedented attention. To build a real smart city, there are still technological bottlenecks and restrictions. For this reason, Huawei put forward the concepts of "agent" and "full scene intelligence" at the 2020 Huawei full connection conference, pushing the new infrastructure to a new dimension.
        According to houjinlong, President of Huawei cloud and computing BG, "agent" is the reference framework for the upgrading of government and enterprise intelligence. Based on cloud and AI as the core, build an open intelligent system with three-dimensional perception, global collaboration, accurate judgment and continuous evolution. What supports the smart body is Huawei's full scene smart industry technology capabilities in 5g, cloud, AI, computing and so on. The proposal of smart body and whole scene wisdom actually integrates and expounds the new infrastructure in depth within Huawei's capabilities. Dr. Zhou Hong, President of Huawei Strategic Research Institute, said at the 2022 Huawei analyst conference that facing the future, Huawei believes that information technology will grow at a rate of more than 100 times in more than a decade, and digitalization will promote the accelerated development of people and society.
        Driven by the ten-year development, many existing theories and technologies have encountered bottlenecks, and new visions and directions are needed to drive breakthroughs. Huawei has been continuously innovating for more than 30 years; Today, Huawei is restructuring its competitiveness through systematic innovation and accelerating the development of digitalization and low-carbon. The intersection of digitalization and low-carbon is green new infrastructure. The opportunity of new infrastructure construction does not lie in the infrastructure itself, but comes from the superposition of digital and intelligent upgrading and economic and social transformation needs, which is a combination of time and potential. However, before the gunshot rang out, the major giants had already entered the new infrastructure, deployed troops and took the lead. Recently, Alibaba upgraded Alipay to an open platform for digital life.
        Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Alibaba ant financial, said frankly that this move is to build a new infrastructure for the digitalization of the service industry. Tencent is also the pioneer in the layout of industrial Internet. So far, the digital blueprint launched by Tencent in 5g, big data, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other fields has begun to take shape. Huawei, through the leading edge of 5g base station technology, combined with cloud AI, IOT, optical communication and other technologies, has comprehensively expanded the new infrastructure road in the direction of mobile communication. At the same time, international giants have long been involved. Well-known manufacturers such as Google and Samsung have not stopped their digital exploration of "cloud, 5g, AI, big data" and so on.
        Compared with the "old infrastructure", the new infrastructure is a digital dynamic construction. Although the concept is new, the big manufacturers have already raced around the track. According to iResearch data, the scale of the cloud market will expand to 494.4 billion yuan in 2023. And as the state attaches importance to new infrastructure, the cloud has also become a must for big Internet companies. At present, in addition to Alibaba and Tencent, Huawei and Xiaomi also have their own cloud. However, the corresponding service ecosystems of their respective clouds are different. The core business of Xiaomi and Huawei is mobile communication hardware based on mobile phones, which leads to their cloud services being more personal services. Different from the former two, Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud prefer services in the service and industrial fields.
        Alibaba cloud's local service ecosystem helps enterprises achieve online growth by quickly building online systems such as smart stores. During the epidemic, the Alipay health code implemented in many cities across the country and the big data service to help enterprises complete the resumption of work were all built on Alibaba cloud. Tencent cloud focuses on providing solutions for industry. Qiu yuepeng, President of Tencent cloud, said: "the development of industrial intelligence is the direction of China's industrial transformation and upgrading.". Tencent cloud stands behind the construction of Foxconn industrial Internet. Through the cooperation with Tencent cloud, Foxconn completed the construction of IT infrastructure to platform, and from ecological construction to operation in a short period of time.
        Traditional industry is a large-scale standardized production, forming a stable output B2C mode. However, in the Internet era, C2B mode, which emphasizes production from the perspective of customers and meets customers' personalized needs, is the mainstream. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Tencent cloud + IOT is positioned as a full link IOT infrastructure builder to build the IOT end — Tube — Edge — The ability of cloud provides infrastructure capabilities for enterprises to realize digitalization, and reduces the threshold and complexity of development. 5g should be the most special in all fields of new infrastructure. In a certain dimension, 5g is a bridge linking all fields and a channel for transmitting information.
        Huawei is at the top of the world in 5g base station technology, with more than 6500 patents necessary for 5g standards, and has formed its own closed loop from the formulation of 5g standards, the design of 5g base station chips, blade base station equipment technology and other key technologies. 5g base station technology is like a highway. Internet enterprises, combined with other digital technologies and applications, are physical scenes located on the highway. On March 10, 2020, aridamo Academy announced the establishment of XG laboratory, officially entering 5g business. This is the trend of the times, but it also officially opens the comprehensive competition for new digital infrastructure. Compared with the strength of Huawei's base station and Alibaba's new start, Tencent is the first enterprise to layout 5g ecosystem in China.
        Tencent's future network laboratory is the first 5g technology and application research team of Chinese Internet companies, and has established the first 5g commercial experimental network of global Internet companies. It is undeniable that China's leading 5g technology has made China the birthplace of the current fourth industrial revolution. Under the trend of new infrastructure, China's 5g technology has also won new opportunities. Chinese enterprises have a great say in the formulation of 5g international standardization rules.
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