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Can dogs on blockchain make you rich? Please don't insult blockchain and games

Time : 12/01/2022 Author : t6g4if Click : + -
        When the blockchain cat keeping game cryptokitties was reported a while ago, honeybee predicted that products that would soon be skinned would come in waves. Before 2018, the blockchain dog game crytodogs came. Ethereum blockchain congestion has limited the speed and scale of cryptokitties entering the mainstream population. Even so, it has achieved a transaction volume of more than 110million yuan in just over a month. Cryptologs produced by the Chinese team seems to have become a wealth opportunity in the eyes of many people. Although both of them flaunt themselves as games, they are in fact to whitewash the essence. In fact, there is no game to talk about, and it can even be said that they are not qualified simulation games.
        The problem with cryptokitties' trading congestion is Ethereum's trading performance of up to 15tps. After the application became popular, the transaction process became longer and the transaction cost became very high, even more expensive than cryptokitties itself. Crytodogs is not based on Ethereum public chain, but on achain public chain. According to achain team, achain's transaction performance can reach 1000tps. It adopts the consensus mechanism of rdpos, which has greatly improved its scalability, transaction performance and cost.
        However, in fact, if you search for achain, its credibility is not as good as Ethereum, with mixed reputation. Even if the public chain is changed, the essence of the game is a circular process of "feeding Act (virtual currency) to keep dogs, breeding, and selling dogs". Unlike cryptokitties, the breeding interval of cryptologs only takes 30 minutes. Officials said that the breeding efficiency of crytodogs was improved, which increased the probability of obtaining rare genetic dogs and increased the playability and continuity of the game. Also because more dogs can be sold and bring benefits to users. According to the development team, one of the most interesting features of cryptologs is gene mutation.
        Because the value of dogs largely depends on the scarcity of genes. In order to make the game more playable, each newborn puppy inherits some genes from ordinary parents. Once there is a genetic mutation, it will have collection value. However, in order to maintain the balance of the overall system and ensure the value rarity of dogs, there is a possibility of gene degradation after parental reproduction. Obviously, accelerating reproduction can increase the frequency of participants' input into act feeding, and genetic breakthrough increases randomness. The fundamental purpose is to attract more people to participate in this digital game. In short, the essence of cryptologs is the same as cryptokitties. The so-called increase in gameplay is nothing more than changing the probability of gambling and making this carnival more exciting.
        Blockchain itself is a new technology direction, but now blockchain games have become a gathering place for speculators to dream of making money. The concept of decentralization and reducing transaction costs is not reflected in such games. Instead, developers emphasize the characteristics of non replicability and no loss of virtual assets. From the perspective of value, crytodogs itself does not create value, but is jointly formulated by participants. This means that high turnover is needed to stimulate latecomers to continuously invest money, resulting in the so-called concept of appreciation. Convert real currency into cryptocurrency and give the so-called cat and dog value (value conversion). In the turnover of funds, some people make profits.
        Once no one enters the site, the raised price lacks practical protection and natural avalanche. How similar is this to pyramid schemes? The latecomers who constantly bring money into the market will pay. Buffett mentioned virtual currency at an annual meeting in Omaha in October this year, but surprisingly, Buffett is not optimistic about this product. Buffett said that many people are excited by the rise of bitcoin, but virtual currency is a real foam, and any idea that virtual currency is valuable is wrong. In fact, this is not the first time Buffett denied virtual currency. In 2014, he claimed that bitcoin was just a mirage, and we must stay away from bitcoin.
        However, at that time, Buffett's view was ridiculed by the media and some investors, who believed that Buffett was too slow to recognize high-tech products and refused to accept the future. Another hidden worry of these blockchain games is that any team can build a similar application, label it as a game, and trick people into entering under the banner of uncontrollable and eternal value. Like gambling games, the only competitive point is that the higher the price is, the more people can be fooled into the game. Because gamblers are never lacking. Raising cats and dogs today, birds, flowers and insects tomorrow, and rare animals the day after tomorrow, does it seem that the industry is booming?.
        A friend advised the author that this is the current outlet, and you can fly when you enter the game. It seems that I can only move bricks and be a lowlife. Blockchain games? Please stop insulting blockchain and games! Return to Sohu to see more.
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