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Chainw, list, global blockchain information TOP10 on June 9

Time : 30/01/2022 Author : yeuf9p Click : + -
        According to Xinhuanet, Professor Songhua, deputy dean of the Business School of Renmin University of China, pointed out the problems existing in the development of supply chain finance. "At present, many things in supply chain finance are too hyped. Supply chain finance is not about issuing any currency or ticket, nor is it a new P2P. He believes that we should supervise the digital information governance in the industrial ecosystem, and do not let all kinds of" currencies "and" tickets "overflow, At the same time, blockchain should be used to monitor the flow of commercial receivables and payables. ". Recently, Hunan Province issued the notice of the leading group for combating and disposing of illegal fund-raising in Hunan Province on doing a good job in the investigation of the risks of suspected illegal fund-raising. The notice pointed out that Hunan would spend two months from the beginning of June to the end of July to carry out a special investigation of the risks of suspected illegal fund-raising within the province.
        Among them, the focus is on the investigation of wealth management companies, online loan platforms, virtual currency trading platforms, token issuance and financing (ICO), private equity, e-commerce and other fields. Recently, at the 2018 "CITIC cloud technology fan'er" series salon activities, Fucong, senior manager of CITIC Group's Internet + transformation working group, said that in terms of technical architecture, CITIC now applies three main technologies: blockchain, big data and cloud platform. Using blockchain technology, various tags are concentrated on the CITIC alliance platform to generate a cross institutional, multi-dimensional and professional CITIC alliance tag system, which is also known as accurate user portraits. Recently, Polish financial regulators issued an official statement on their website saying that the country's financial regulators have recently confirmed that cryptocurrency transactions are completely legal in the country.
        In recent actions, the Polish Financial Supervisory Commission (KNF) tried to clarify the status of cryptocurrencies and cryptotransactions. Polish financial authorities pointed out that the government's focus is to develop a regulatory framework for the market to prevent market risks sometimes related to encryption, such as money laundering, tax evasion and financing. The Committee mentioned that it is planning to launch a monitoring system for bitcoin (BTC) and other tokens, which will be officially launched on July 13, 2018. According to cryptodaily, American Express is already using ripple's xcurrent to process some payments. Now it hopes to expand this business and develop new fraud prevention services on ripple blockchain as part of its cross-border payment solution.
        This may mean that ripple (XRP) may be added to the portfolio of the fraud prevention solution AMEX. According to the research of secbit laboratory, at least 2603 erc20token contracts did not comply with the eip20 specification, involving 17 top 100 currencies in terms of market value. After the Ethereum smart contract compiler solid is upgraded, the contract code generated by compilation will not be compatible with some non-standard smart contracts. These non-standard contracts will have a serious impact on the ecology of DAPP, which may cause serious problems such as the failure of normal trading or transfer in decentralized exchanges.
        At present, the solution to this problem has been released to Ethereum community. According to Yangzi Evening News, at the 2018 digital Jiangsu summit recently, Tang ·, the "father of the digital economy" and author of the blockchain revolution; Dontapscott said in an interview that blockchain will become the most influential black technology in the next decade. He believes that Uber and airbnb are not real sharing economies, and blockchain brings sharing economies. "If the house exists in the blockchain database, the tenant can find a suitable room through screening, and the blockchain will sign a smart contract for both parties to complete the transaction.
        After the transaction, the room will be graded by the occupant, and the score cannot be changed. In this way, both the owner of the house and the renter participate in a blockchain. The owner shares the house with the renter to make a profit, and this profit is not managed by the so-called company, which is called the sharing economy. ". Chen Weixing released a circle of friends: "Usually, investors are required to be transparent, open and responsible about the financial situation and development and operation of the investment object. Why do I want to clarify the problems of your investment object with you: opacity, irresponsibility, excessive money encirclement, and distorted design, but you attack me instead? Use the concept of pseudo blockchain ‘ operating system ’, ‘ father of chain ’, controllable dpos centralization, vulnerability and security Why can't we doubt the omnipotence and various we media's order calling and market manipulation? Block. One raised billions of dollars from the Chinese people but completely cleared the responsibility of the "statement of agreement", why can't it be questioned? The first "richest man in bitcoin" who shouted for EOS still owed others 30000 bitcoins, you know? "Pseudo richest man" issued more than a dozen projects, raised EOS, put it in his pocket, shouted orders and cashed it out to himself. Have you ever managed it& lsquo; Fake richest man ’ Did you manage to put the bitcoin raised into the just Dice Casino to launder money or lose it? Do you know that a cat who sells tokens on various social platforms knows bm's greed and nagging orders? All public wealth should be supervised and reasonably used. Shouldn't this be the consensus of everyone! ".
        Yesterday, the three o'clock Singapore summit of WBF world blockchain conference was officially opened. Yu Hong, the initiator of the three o'clock community, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that from the beginning of 500 people to now, there are tens of thousands of forked groups, which is the power of the community. Community is the soul of blockchain. Without community, there will be no blockchain. He further said: the value of blockchain is 100 times the current value of PC Internet, and the impact of this industry will be far-reaching and long-term. Blockchain entrepreneurs should have the best initial intention, spend three to five years on practical projects, and should not be too concerned about the rise and fall of real-time currency prices. I believe that through five years and ten years of accumulation, we can get great gains.
        Baidu blockchain's native product "dueuniverse" app will be officially launched on June 13. "Dueuniverse" is Baidu's first native product based entirely on the blockchain architecture. In the early stage, some partners will be invited to do planet operation. After the app is launched, it will be gradually opened to the outside world. In terms of ecological layout, the recently announced "super chain" is the bottom public chain of Baidu blockchain, and the positioning of "dueuniverse" is a killer DAPP based on the "super chain". With the dpos consensus mechanism, there will be internal circulation rights and interests, and the code will be open-source in the near future for developers to access. In the future, Baidu will build more applications based on the "super chain", complete the value transfer and interaction within the system through their respective token rights, and establish a real digital society.
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