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Blockchain hash,How will the hash rate and difficulty of halving the block reward change in May

Time : 10/06/2022 Author : aktnrj Click : + -
        Critical, often overlooked and not fully understood. Many similar scams after the birth of bitcoin tend to focus on things such as "governance", "development incentives", "defi" and other hot words that attract the attention of uninformed rookies. These scams seriously underestimate the importance of physical infrastructure, which needs to be built with software that stipulates how these protocols operate to ensure security. Those who focus on the number of protocol developers, the number of assets locked in "defi" and the security reached through the proof of equity consensus completely ignore this point. The greatest innovation of bitcoin is to make the workload proof mechanism known through difficulty adjustment.
        This innovation ensures that the production cost of the block is very high. Therefore, for those who invest money to produce blocks, this has generated great incentives. The way they do so is conducive to the normal operation of the network within the rules stipulated by the consensus followed by all nodes. If the cost of block production is not high, or the system rules can be changed through heavy weight (the proof of interest mechanism can do this), the cost of attacking these networks will be greatly reduced. This innovative approach is no less dependent on hardware / infrastructure than software. Remember, all of this may have a certain order of operation. The figure at the beginning of the article shows the hash rate since the price reached a high point in late December 2017.
        Since then, the hash rate has increased by about 8 times, from about 15exahash/ s to about 120eh / s in two years. This shows that mining machines are constantly upgrading, which makes bitcoin mining more efficient. Today, 8 nm and 7 nm ASICs are the most efficient mining machines on the market. In the next two to five years, mining machines of 5 nanometers may be produced. After halving in 2012, the hash rate decreased by about 33%, which remained stable for several months, and then began to surge in early February 2013. This decline may be due to the lack of significant progress in mining technology since mid-2011.
        The rise in hash rate since February 2013 may be the result of the combination of bitcoin price reaching a high of $230 in April of that year and bringing new and more efficient mining machines to the market at about the same time. This reminds me that due to the lack of innovation in mining machinery when it was halved in 2012, many miners shut down the machine because of inefficiency and unprofitable. Comparing this with the change of hash rate after halving in 2016, the situation in 2016 is that the hash rate decreased slightly, stabilized in the short term, and then continued to rise. Interestingly, after the last halving, the price of bitcoin fell for several months. If I guess, although it was lower than the net price within a few months after the last halving, the mining machine technology was improved to 16 nm, allowing miners to continue to operate.
        What does this mean for the upcoming halving? It's not clear, but something has happened. Mining has become more efficient since the last halving. Bitcontinental s9s was launched in mid-2016 and is still running today. However, unless you have free electricity, they don't make money. In the past five months, we have witnessed the emergence of whatsminer's M20 series miner and the latest products of bitcontinent's S17 series, which are the most efficient bitcoin miner in the market at present. We would like to see how miners will use S9, which is still running today, after the reward is halved. Will more efficient mining machines enter the market soon? We will wait and see.
        Statement: the content and pictures of this article are written by the settled author or reprinted by the settled cooperative website with authorization. The views of this article only represent the author himself, not the position of The article and its accompanying drawings are only for engineers to learn. If there is any infringement of content and pictures or other problems, please contact this site for infringement and deletion. Infringement complaint., Huawei has launched mate40 series and mate30epro, which is equipped with Kirin 990e. Now this processor will appear in the new machine &mdash& mdash; Huawei mate40e revealed that this mobile phone is expected to be the fastest. On the 25th, according to English media reports, due to the strong demand of downstream manufacturers, the supply of key components in the upstream is still tight, and the global LCD panel prices,.
        At first, the memory market became sensitive. There was a fire accident in micron's memory factory. Coupled with the global shortage of semiconductors, the price rise continued. Now 1 in 2021. It has been announced, but like other products equipped with a new generation of GPU chips, their shipments have been significantly insufficient since the date of release, making it difficult to fill the market demand. Recently, general manager of Microsoft. In the twinkling of an eye, 2020 has become the past, and which mobile phone has the most powerful performance in 2020? Obviously, let's look at December 2020. It is reported that the data of counterpointresearch shows that iphone12 has become the top 10 of this year.
        G mobile phones did not quickly gain market acceptance, with sales of less than 14million, accounting for less than 2 percentage points of domestic mobile phone sales in the same period, resulting in. Nm chipset hisiliconkirin9000 for Android smartphones. Therefore, it ranked 10 with 685359 points. On the 19th, according to Indian media reports, Indian Minister of electronic information technology sanjaydhotre said that the government did not intend to exclude Huawei and ZTE., Three basic telecom enterprises achieved mobile communication business revenue of 604.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.8%, accounting for 66% of telecom business revenue.
        The growth rate of thermal power and hydropower decreased, but the decline narrowed; Nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other new energy power generation increased rapidly. Among them, thermal power decreased by 7.5% year-on-year and hydropower decreased by 5.9%, respectively, compared with 1— 2。 On the 16th, according to foreign media reports, although the covid-19 epidemic is still raging around the world, and the Falcon 9 rocket has also experienced its first flight engine failure in eight years, NASA director Jim · Jimbredentine believes that the first manned test flight of SpaceX manned dragon spacecraft will still be scheduled as early as.
        Rebound. According to the data of British research company lmcautomotive, compared with the previous month, Tesla Model3 sedan 3., From the current 12.5btc to 6.25btc, the average daily output will also be reduced from 1800btc to 900btc. The group has been circulating the income charts of various commodities since the beginning of 2020, and the stock market naturally came to the bottom, corresponding to this year's growth in. It's a brutal knockout, "marcostrong, CEO of genesismining, a mainstream cloud mining company, expressed his view. On the 4th, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S11 series includes Galaxy s11e and Galaxy S11.
        It can be seen from the plan that the bitcoin cash network has experienced a period of "naked excavation", that is, bitcoin miners turn to the bitcoin cash network, which can be obtained more easily. US $6.17 billion, accounting for 38% of the stacking market. In terms of this part of assets, qip-16 also put forward a technical proposal to improve the income of POS mining, which is. Chinatelecom added 2.9 million new mobile subscribers, with a total of 321.46 million; In that month, 3.35 million 4G users were added, with a cumulative number of 263.52 million users. If mining becomes unprofitable, they will need to shut down their equipment - and they will reinvest only when prices rise above breakeven.
        And set the maximum possible supply of bitcoin at 21million bitcoin, making bitcoin have an anti inflation characteristic, which runs counter to the tendency of central banks to print money at will. The total global shipments of digital cameras were 935148, down 30.3% year-on-year from last year, and the decline was extremely rapid. Specifically. The flagship models with the highest sales volume in the United States are apple iphonexr, apple iphonexsmax, Samsung note9 and apple iphonexs. First let glory push smart TV to test the water, which will focus on cost performance, and later Huawei TV will be positioned at the medium and high end. After a few months, some insiders broke the news that Huawei will be launched in April this year.
        According to businessinsider, people familiar with the matter revealed that zoom, a $1billion video conferencing company, plans to launch in April. E67aa448686438f13500a6cc7f4477feb5562b0368a808fdef57 the specific code implementation is also very simple:., The month on month decrease was 15.5%, 62% of investors lost money, and the month on month increase was 5.1%; 16% of investors' profits and losses were basically flat, and 2% of investors were short on the sidelines., The electricity consumption of the whole society in China was 2662.8 billion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 9.7%, and the growth rate increased by 3.4 percentage points over the same period last year.
        Recently, due to the release of Huawei P10 and other mobile phones, there has been less and less information about Yijia mobile phones. However, according to domestic well-known media from internal information, Yijia new generation products. It can be seen from the figure that Firefox desktop browser has fallen to 20%, and chrome is slowly rising, constantly eroding Firefox's share. The share of Internet Explorer usage continues to decline, and chrome scenery takes up all the power. Netapplications, an authoritative usage research organization, announced three.
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