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Kelan software: Internet technologies such as blockchain can be applied to the field of meta universe

Time : 29/03/2022 Author : jwe20c Click : + -
        Tonghuashun 300033) financial research center on December 19, an investor asked Kelan software 300663) that the country is vigorously promoting digital RMB, and recently has promoted the implementation of carbon neutrality in daily life scenes by rewarding the digital RMB mechanism. The company is leading the industry in the digital RMB underlying blockchain technology jointly developed by the company and Tencent in the financial field. Do you have plans to apply this technology to the field of Yuan universe? thank you!. The company replied, a: Hello! Metauniverse is not a narrow game category, but can be extended to all offline to online business scenarios. Therefore, Internet technologies such as blockchain can be applied to the field of metauniverse.
        thank you!.
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