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The stars are shining! Blockchain game hlwgo excites millions of luxury cars with awards at Shanghai International Film Festival

Time : 08/11/2021 Author : xjgf1z Click : + -
        On June 16, the Shanghai International Film Festival opened ceremoniously! As the only international class a film festival in China, the Shanghai International Film Festival aims to present and encourage diverse artistic creation. It is reported that the Shanghai International Film Festival received 3447 films from 108 countries and regions. After layers of screening, only about 500 films were finally exhibited, which can be described as excellent films. The red carpet of the opening ceremony of the film festival is even brighter with stars shining. In the starry Film Festival venue, a blockchain game was born &mdash& mdash; Blockchain game hlw Go, as a derivative of the animated film "one thousand and one nights to save the golden city", also appeared in this film festival.
        Exciting characters, strong Hollywood style, and blockchain technology, one of the hottest fields at present, hlw Go received the enthusiastic attention of the audience as soon as it appeared. The character situation dialogue on the on-site publicity materials makes people call "cute!" The audience can't help but wonder about the content and playing method of the game. The staff introduced the blockchain game HLW to the audience Go is different from traditional games. This game integrates many wonderful ways of playing, such as birth, auction, growth, competition and gift. The characters are also very cute, and hlw The main trading currency in go games is eth, and the game rewards are very rich, which can be called "irresistible temptation": the reward for the highest level game players is a Maserati president, worth millions!.
        HLW. Although go is a derivative product of "save the golden city in one thousand and one nights", the role image used in the game is not limited to the animation work "save the golden city in one thousand and one nights", which also includes "panda vs. aliens". According to the development of the project, it will continue to enrich and add new roles, and the choice of roles will be dominated by Hollywood style, beautiful or cute role images, Only provide users with a better game experience. Ceonana of hlwchain Chinese community told reporters, "hlwchain (Hollywood chain) is our first film and television pilot blockchain based on the cultural industry chain.
        The cultural industry covers a wide range, including radio, film and television, animation, games, audio-visual, media, forums, visual arts, performing arts, museums, intangible cultural heritage, tourism, etc., which can be described as all inclusive. It symbolizes the soft power of the country. ". The improvement of cultural soft power is also a political means that countries all over the world attach great importance to. Such a huge industrial chain requires huge human, material, financial and intellectual resources to maintain. Ceonana of hlwchain Chinese community said: "blockchain technology can indeed solve a series of cumbersome problems in the cultural industry and reduce marginal costs. For example, in film and television, if blockchain encryption distributed ledger technology is applied, there will be no Cui Yongyuan incident. Everything is fair, open and fair decentralized, and there is no need for regulators to record expenditures, profits and dividends in real time.
        In this way, the investment threshold can be lowered and the whole people can participate in investment. At present, hlwchain is the landing application of a video game blockchain under the cultural industry chain. Please look forward! ".
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