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2019 Hainan free trade zone (port) blockchain application scenario knowledge lecture held

Time : 01/04/2022 Author : kt2vfb Click : + -
        On June 23, Haikou Federation of industry and commerce, together with Hainan Internet of things Association and Hainan health care association, held a special knowledge lecture on the 2019 Hainan free trade zone (port) blockchain application scenario of "driving the world and linking the future" at the Run Run Run Shaw academic exchange center of Hainan University. Peng Jian, an authoritative expert who has been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years and the executive director of Guoke blockchain Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., was invited as the keynote speaker. The event attracted nearly 200 entrepreneur friends from all walks of life. Tang Huogen, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party group of the Federation of industry and commerce, and Fu Qiang, full-time vice chairman of the Federation of industry and commerce, attended the event and listened attentively to the relevant personnel.
        At the same time, the event also invited Caojiang, President of Hainan Health Industry Promotion Association, donglinfeng, director and professor of the e-commerce Steering Committee of Hainan Higher Education Department, and liuhanxi, chairman of Hainan Nanguo Food Industry Co., Ltd., as guests of the on-site dialogue. The lecture was presided over by liuzelin, the head of Hainan reporter Station of health newspaper. Tang Huogen delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the Federation of industry and Commerce and the organizer, explaining the significance and purpose of holding this lecture to representatives from all walks of life. Then, the keynote speaker Peng Jian introduced the background of blockchain, analyzed the current attitude of the government and some enterprises towards blockchain, and analyzed the current and future of blockchain from three aspects: the overview of blockchain, the overview of Guojin public chain, and blockchain promoting the construction of Hainan free trade zone (port), It focuses on the development trend of blockchain technology and its application in all walks of life.
        At the lecture, entrepreneurs not only paid attention to listening and taking notes carefully, but also thought together with the ideas of experts and scholars. Whether in the salon stage of free communication or the interactive Q & a session of the audience, everyone has given a strong interest in blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship applications, and talked about ideas and ideas in their familiar fields. In response to the various questions raised by the audience, the keynote speaker and guest guests patiently and carefully answered them one by one, helping you remove doubts, clarify your ideas, and provide you with better auxiliary guidance for accurately grasping the development trend of the times and clarifying the future business direction.
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