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Introduction of a top blockchain platform based on defi

Time : 06/11/2021 Author : k1bmx2 Click : + -
        Do you know that the development of cryptocurrency is constantly developing, which allows you to borrow, lend or obtain insurance in a decentralized manner in a few minutes?. This is not surprising. Defi constitutes a powerful concept that can achieve or even exceed the original goal of bitcoin. That is, create a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system. The total market value of decentralized financial industry is US $1.11 billion, which is developing rapidly. Since January 1st, 2018, the defi market has surged by more than 2160%. These issues are very important for cryptocurrency investors, because many tokens listed on AAX have gained a lot of value and utility from the development of this field.
        Defi refers to the movement that includes a collection of financial services (such as transactions, loans, loans, payments). These services use decentralized infrastructure to operate in the form of blockchain networks and smart contracts. The traditional payment industry is centralized in nature, which often leads to inefficient products and services, and it needs a certain degree of trust in such central institutions, which can be said to be unreasonable. On the other hand, defi provides anyone in the world with access to the world, and can use decentralized alternatives to traditional financial services (such as transactions, insurance, savings and loans). Instead, you only need a smartphone or desktop device with an active internet connection.
        Just open the application and specify the fund you want to borrow, and the service will automatically pair you with the lender who lent you the money. We have created a table for you to illustrate the main functions of DFI distributed applications (dapps) and the main differences from traditional financial services. These platforms allow people to borrow money by using their cryptocurrencies as collateral, or earn interest by lending their digital assets to other users. Top level platforms such as maker and compound have the functions of other products (such as stable currency) in their DAPP, and can access other DFI services. However, the disadvantage of these defi services is the limited popularity, because most encrypted users are using centralized services (with better interface, faster transaction speed and higher liquidity) to trade their assets.
        When someone uses insurance services, the provider guarantees to compensate the customer for different events (such as death, loss, damage and disease) in exchange for insurance premiums. In the field of defi, the service host is usually the DAPP community itself, which is characterized by an insurance product with decentralized protocols to provide blockchain power supply. For example, etherisc, an insurance platform established by Ethereum, has a variety of decentralized, community built insurance products that users can buy (such as Hurricane protection and flight delay insurance). Blockchain networks using proof of interest (POS) consensus algorithms require verifiers to bet a portion of their cryptocurrency funds to create, propose, and vote in the network.
        In order to support this consensus algorithm and obtain passive income (similar to the savings account of a bank), developers created defidapp, in which decentralized products such as lofting pool and "put and sell as you serve" solutions can be used. Defi products need blockchain to operate. Most of them use platforms such as Ethereum and EOS, and support smart contracts and dapps at the same time. However, for DFI developers, bitcoin is also a popular choice, because lightning network (a layer 2 scalable solution of cryptocurrency that supports fast and low-cost off-chain transactions) allows the creation and operation of dapps and smart contracts on the platform.
        1. Ethereum: with the second largest cryptocurrency (ETH), many dapps and millions of smart contracts, the blockchain is the most popular platform for DFI, with about 200 projects built on the Ethereum network. 2. Bitcoin: with the implementation of lightning network, bitcoin has become the second largest defi blockchain, supporting 24 decentralized financial applications. 3. EOS: Ethereum's main competitor, the smart contract platform EOS, lags behind bitcoin and becomes the third popular blockchain hosting 21 defi applications. With its growing market share, defi enables users to access traditional financial products worldwide without the supervision of intermediaries and central institutions (such as service providers).
        Therefore, defi is a real-life proof that cryptocurrency is not just a digital asset, which is specifically used to promote decentralized (P2P) payments or speculative transactions. With the rise of DFI, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency seem to be striving to achieve the original goal proposed by satoshinakamoto, the founder of bitcoin, which will promote financial inclusiveness, freedom and true ownership of all people. Statement: the content and pictures of this article are written by the settled author or reprinted by the settled cooperative website with authorization. The views of this article only represent the author himself, not the position of The article and its accompanying drawings are only for engineers to learn. If there is any infringement of content and pictures or other problems, please contact this site for infringement and deletion.
        Infringement complaint. The traditional customer service management system is difficult to establish a convenient and reliable data sharing channel between the participants, and cannot realize the deep integration and sharing of information. Firstly, the paper expounds based on. Consistency, tamperability, confidentiality, and strong scalability, which can reduce infrastructure construction costs and avoid the risk of single point of failure at the same time.; The analysis application unit is used to provide various big data analysis, including Bi, prediction and advanced analysis, risk analysis, emotion analysis, web and digital analysis. Jinrong, electronic bills, equity and creditor's rights, charity mutual assistance guarantee, judicial credible deposit, etc. are all application systems that we have more contact with in our daily life.
        , the Internet of things and cloud technology to help enterprises manage logistics around commodity purchase and transportation have raised $8.2 million in round a financing. The core value of is to assume full responsibility. Any end-user can conduct a comprehensive audit of the system and verify that it really works as advertised. The application fields are different. Some fields need more security, while others pay more attention to efficiency. As a result, there are many improved versions on the market. Ethereum network effect: at present, Ethereum is becoming a globaldecentralizedfinanceledger, and the Ethereum community has been more active than ever in the recent past.
        We can't give a clear answer until we are sure. But what we want to say is that we don't pay attention to hype, price or anything else at all. We only focus on users and developers. Now there are two. IIC (intelligentinvestmentchain) is based on intelligent investment analysis, big data analysis. Transfer arbitrary data between, not just tokens. Therefore, developers can flexibly build privacy oriented or other application specific. Currency, ie0, mode currency, etc. Many players have said that investing in virtual currency is much more tiring than investing in stocks. They can't finish learning knowledge and watching hot spots.
        Open source API, so it works efficiently and is protected by the latest encryption technology. Supported by AI, bankorus' engine can continuously output data-based analysis results, and high net worth customers can conduct digital wealth management more easily. And other new technologies are also becoming mature. At the intersection of these trends, workday is working to build the world's most advanced certification network, which is made up of. Technology, a project called Dubai Future Accelerators, has also organized several. Network (collectively referred to as "token") transactions, access or other data with participation rights.
        Coinbene can provide users with other auxiliary services to promote token exchange, such as loans, limit orders and stop orders. A similar new protocol is the trustprotocol. Based on it, it may be built into an Internet that transfers value &mdash& mdash; Value Internet. Now through cryptography, consensus algorithm and distributed account book technology, people can jointly maintain. Technology, and most of them have not been defined yet. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to do. Fox said, "now, it organizations need to establish. Yaonetwork is based on the design concept of baas3.0.
        Through the governance system and incentive mechanism, constantly cultivate new. Runtime mechanism. You can reap unprecedented benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repositories, and many preconfigured tasks. Matching of resources. In the future, DBA community will provide sectors to start-ups and community members to match appropriate resources, including operation, capital, technology and other resources. Our ecosystem will be built. Chainzilla can make the process of transferring from Ethereum very smooth. Developers first need to determine what their projects need., Not only can users' assets be stored professionally and safely, but also HD wallet architecture allows users to easily and autonomously manage multi currency digital assets, providing users with safe value-added channels and rich application scenarios to share with users.
        Cryptocurrency to get enough attraction, we will regularly use it for shopping), bitcoin trading technology can also be used to create and manage in-game currency accounts. The user-friendly web development experience greatly reduces the threshold of entry. In other words, morpheuslabs is here for those who want to enter. A self-sufficient ecosystem established by the commodity priority economy. Our encrypted items are shareable and can be used and traded between multiple games and players. Singapore day entertainment foundation, English Name: Singapore blackkingfoundation (BK for short), headquartered in Singapore, is committed to.
        Customized solutions. Izichain allows users to interact with smart contracts, participate in the completion and operation of smart contracts through AI and big data mechanisms. The first token issue (ICO) was completed in June 2016, with a total financing of more than US $16million (c.30000 bitcoin, BTC), and the., Provide online fund-raising tools for its users (project sponsors, sponsors, consultants, escrow agents, translation designers, advertisers) through decentralized. Module smart meter. The patent was applied by Hepu technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and was authorized and announced on March 20, 2018.
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