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Yunhui home cloud introduces you to the changes brought by blockchain and the core values of blockchain

Time : 11/04/2022 Author : oalzst Click : + -
        The application of blockchain technology does not depend on the promotion and participation of communities, and the future development of business society and organizations will enter the community system. What the community needs is comprehensive participants. The community operates well, and everyone participates in the project and enjoys the benefits of the project together. The community contributes capital, resources and markets to the project to promote the growth of the community and the development of the project. This is a win-win community connected by value brought by blockchain. The third layer: data layer, which refers to digital assets with privacy; A blockchain technology or application without a community is lifeless. It can only be developed and promoted by the chaebol. In essence, it is a decentralized pseudo blockchain application.
        On the blockchain, every attack is a transaction that needs to be consumed, so the attack cost of hackers will increase. At the same time, the whole system is not centralized. When a wallet is broken, it is likely that this money. Beijing yunhuitianxia Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company jointly invested by Lianchuang capital, Chenxing capital and Xunlei, focusing on distributed storage and blockchain applications. My home cloud is a family oriented data storage device with 5T storage space to meet personal and family use. It is also a blockchain sharing economy product. My home cloud devices all over the world will form a global distributed network, which integrates the idle bandwidth and remaining storage space of the devices, thereby creating value and returning it to users in the form of digital asset CBC points.
        [my home cloud three coins mining] Yunhui's home cloud storage device is about to be fully upgraded, and will support CBC points based on gdoss distributed storage, CMT based on cybermiles and fil based on IPFs at the same time. It is understood that CMT will be launched on the main network in September, Yunhui will participate in the mining of CMT at the first time, and Yunhui will actively participate in the super node election of CMT. In addition, fil, which is also a distributed storage, will also be supported by our cloud storage device after the main network goes online. The wallet of blockchain has its own trading, settlement and social functions, so it is the underlying technology of asset digitalization and then digital capitalization, which barrier free transmission and real sharing economy in the future.
        The biggest obstacle of big data lies in the flow, interaction and sharing of data, which involves the privacy of customers. The emergence of blockchain will promote the development of big data to micro data. In the future, the original data will not be transmitted on the blockchain, but only exist in one place. Data processing and services will be carried out through the blockchain distributed architecture, which provides evaluation, classification, packaging, matching and transmission for micro data and micro services. Sharing breaks the monopoly of giants. Industrial interconnection has once again optimized and concentrated social resources. Big data makes resources more precise and centralized, and efficiently solves the problem of production relations. Return to Sohu to see more.
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