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Million chain home, after the spark of the collision between game and blockchain

Time : 05/12/2021 Author : 04a1ho Click : + -
        At the end of 2017, the Ethereum cat raising game cryptokitties came strongly, which ushered in the upsurge of "blockchain + Games" in China. The combination mode and application prospect of the two have also attracted much attention. The author learned from a small gathering of game practitioners in Sichuan and Chongqing organized by the game teahouse in early March 2018 that 40% of the more than 50 game companies present were doing blockchain. Several other companies have directly launched blockchain related projects. It can be seen that blockchain has great potential in game development. Crypto cat, genesis cat, golden shrem, shop farm & hellip& hellip; With the growing popularity of blockchain technology, these games supported by blockchain technology have also emerged and become favorites in the game market.
        As an independent game, cryptocat allows users to trade cute cats through blockchain. In its first week of release, cryptocat had a turnover of millions of dollars, and Genesis cat sold for as much as 115000 dollars. "Limited quantity" is the most fascinating part of these virtual objects, and this "limited quantity" is clearly proved on the blockchain. At the end of 2017, Chengdu mobile digital, which focuses on the research and development of mobile games, began to develop the first blockchain game, golden shrem. Statistics show that this is a cartoon style pet cultivation game based on achain public chain. Players can collect, cultivate, sell, rent and breed shrems.
        The reproduction of slim is determined by the genes of parents and the genes in the advanced gene pool. Any slim gene is unique. Spade interactive's RPG mobile game "Xuanyuan swordsman record" launched on February 5 this year also announced the introduction of blockchain technology and the introduction of "bitbeast" gameplay. According to the official introduction, the game launched 8888 mutually independent mythical beasts, each of which is unique and has extremely high attributes, and supports transactions between players. With the injection of blockchain technology, they cannot be copied and will not be lost. They are the private property of players for life. South Korean BCG game company and consumer chain have developed a simulated business game "shop farm" with a farm as the background and a blockchain.
        It is reported that in the game, users will play a farm operator, experiencing the process from buying seeds to farming, watering, fertilizing, weeding, harvesting fruits, and then selling to the market. The game integrates traditional games with blockchain mode, unites global farm game players, and ensures that every player is the builder of the game without geographical and time restrictions. In addition, an ARPG online game, Ares of war, launched in February this year, claims to have added blockchain technology to the original legendary online game, increasing the in-game mining function. According to the introduction, players can get divine hoes for mining by recharging chain grams, and then get Yuanbao or chain grams by mining every day to buy in-game props.
        It changed the previous mode that online games used RMB to recharge and buy Yuanbao in exchange for in-game props. It is reported that Beijing diworld Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it will also launch a blockchain real estate game bitrichman (Chinese name "bitrichman") overseas in the near future. The game plans to release 1million pieces of real estate at one time, covering most countries and regions in the world. Each piece is real in the real world, such as Wall Street in the United States, Roppongi in Tokyo, Beijing international trade, etc. Players can purchase and own "real estate" nearby in the real map through lbs positioning, and each real estate will be stored on the blockchain, with a unique number, unique geographical location (LBS) and unique name.
        Games may be the favorite term of the majority of consumers at present. The key to pushing blockchain to the general public is also likely to be this most popular game market. Startups are adopting encrypted tokens and launching many video game related services based on blockchain technology. Gamers may be an excellent target audience for blockchain applications such as cryptocurrencies. Because they are familiar with virtual currency and are used to online payment and processing of replaceable items that only exist in the digital ecosystem. Lisa ·, founder and managing partner of nikopartners, a market analysis company; Lisahanson said, "game players are already very familiar with the virtual economy inside and outside the game, and many virtual objects are very valuable.
        ”This makes them ideal early adopters of cryptocurrencies, some of which also cater to gamers. Bountie, a Singapore based start-up, is planning to build an online game platform. Players will be able to get cryptocurrency rewards from the platform by spending time playing games and participating in the community. Then, they can use bountie's currency to buy new games and goods, or participate in online tournaments. In addition to supporting payment, blockchain records can also help players establish game achievement files, form a "resume", and help them join Championships or E-sports teams. The startup hopes that this will help bountie currency spread widely in the community.
        Gametester, an Australian company, plans to provide a platform for small game developers to play games, find vulnerabilities and provide feedback. Through these efforts, players get gametester's own gtcoin reward. Then, they can use those tokens to buy more games, in-game content or game hardware, and use blockchain technology to record and compile players' contributions and payment information. In view of the tamper proof and unique characteristics of blockchain technology, its application prospect in game prop trading is very promising. Many enterprises and teams have announced their intention to launch a blockchain based game prop trading platform.
        At the end of 2017, gameflip, a digital commodity trading platform, announced plans to launch a decentralized prop trading system based on blockchain. According to the information on the official website, the main selling points of gameflip's system include that gamers can own and safely store their game digital products on the blockchain, real-time transactions without fraud, and publishers will receive a lot of rewards. In China, there has also been a blockchain based game operation and distribution platform, basicworld. According to the introduction, the basic world can be opened to all games through the platform API, using the transaction extraction mode: CP does not sell props, and the props needed in the game are created and freely traded by players in the game; CP will charge a part of the fee as commission after the player's successful transaction.
        In the game ecosystem of the basic world, each player has a unique virtual property account. The unused game currency obtained by the player in the game and the items created by the player in the game or the props dropped by the player are all the players' virtual property. Players can use the basic currency to directly buy props or VIP in the game without recharging into the game. ■。 As for blockchain, there are both those who talk loudly and describe the prospect, and those who want to do practical projects. Among these projects, blockchain games are regarded as the existence that is most likely to land first. At present, this existence is refreshing people's cognition. Some people say that the integration of games and blockchain will be inevitable, and the impact of this change will be no less than the emergence of games on the front line in more than a decade.
        Many companies are frantically chasing the latest technology, or applying existing technology in new fields, just to stand out from the crowd and bring the best experience to users. Nowadays, in the field of blockchain, many companies have provided solutions for game developers to help them achieve change. The distributed ledger of blockchain allows players to continuously use their identities and virtual items in different games. Developers can also infer players' preferences from these data through algorithms, so as to provide a more unique experience for each player. Game development studios can even work together to create parallel game worlds. Such a strategy can improve users' loyalty in all interrelated games.
        In terms of virtual goods, blockchain can enhance their functional value, economic value and social value. For example, virtual objects can be used both inside and outside the game; Virtual goods can be sold and converted into cash through the blockchain network; Virtual goods can be traded, shared and given through blockchain network. At this time, virtual goods will no longer be just virtual goods, but will become digital assets. Another feature of blockchain is that it is secure and cannot be tampered with. The use of encrypted blockchain ledgers can ensure the permanent and secure storage of virtual objects in the game. Game developers can also create rare virtual items and prove their scarcity through the public account books of blockchain.
        Anyone who wants to create a rare digital collection, blockchain can prove its scarcity, which is why cryptocat is so successful. The integration of games and blockchain is of great significance for the regulation of game economy. If game developers are unable to control the trading process, they may miss a profit opportunity and may let users be cheated in the black market trading process. In order to get the virtual objects they want, players may try to bypass the rules of the game and risk being banned. At this time, blockchain is needed for economic regulation. Even if blockchain can make virtual goods flow in different game spaces, it can better retain players.
        Developers can also choose to allow free trading of virtual items or prohibit trading. In addition, the distributed payment system of blockchain technology can also help players greatly save handling charges when paying compared with high credit card payment fees. And developers can also save many payment systems and merchants' account opening fees or monthly fees.
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