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Blockchain hash,Blockchain content is strictly selected, media hashing power is online, and CEO Zhou Yongde interprets it for the first time

Time : 03/11/2021 Author : c0gvf8 Click : + -
        At the first China blockchain media social responsibility forum held on August 5, data showed that as many as 485 blockchain media and we media have been added since the second half of last year. Information noise reduction and information dust blowing have become the consensus of many senior media people. Zhou Yongde, the initiator and CEO of hash power, gave his own interpretation of the current situation of this industry for the first time. He believes that the rich and diverse content and forms of blockchain media just give hash power the basis for strict selection of content, which is in line with the law of new industrial expansion. From the perspective of social connection boundary, blockchain does need one or more serious, objective and more credible sharing and reading platforms. There is an urgent need to supplement the cross-border knowledge nutrition triggered by blockchain inside and outside the industry to promote the steady landing of the industry.
        He also analyzed that the rich content of the blockchain industry comes from three aspects: the industry is still in the necessary retreat stage, there are many knowledge points and topics that can be subdivided and are easy to ignite thinking and discussion, and the hollowing out of the community requires high-quality content airdrop. It was further revealed that hash power currently focuses on the selection of common content such as humanistic ideology and technology application, and guides medium - and high-end readers in many fields such as the real economy to enter the blockchain without interference and gradually. In the future, or through search, AI and other technologies, the market, community value exchange, project transactions and other individual and social content will be completely presented, and then the information will be productized, digitized and practical. It is reported that hashing power is an editor led mode, which not only provides basic editor verification services such as verifying the author and the first release when readers and blockchain media select content, but also provides high-end topic selection planning services for the industry.
        Recently, the topics being jointly planned include "top ten media travel blockchain from post-50s to post-00s", "one week video rolling interview", "99 blockfestival", "blockchain people supplement Internet, finance, AI information" and other original planning services. Zhou Yongde said that our difference is only one word: slow. All the media need fast interviews and meetings, so it is difficult to dig into every topic and article, and it is hard to polish it carefully at the expense of efficiency. However, important news must have a long-term impact, and it will be turned out at any time. Hash power focuses on this promotion. Influential figures and theories also need time to precipitate, and we will also carefully collect, store and distribute them.
        After more than a month of trial operation, Hashi power and its media counterparts have formed a cooperative consensus on cooperation and division of labor, which is more like a magazine with historical temperature. He also said that if the overall speed of the blockchain industry is reduced by 50%, it will de foam and output more results. The editing team of Hashi power is composed of experts and scholars, Internet content editors, blockchain technology editors and other diversified backgrounds. The style refers to the economist, the first reading of the global economic and business circles, and the editor is not signed. Founder and CEO Zhou Yongde is a master of statistics from the University of international business and economics. It is the earliest decentralized media form in China &mdash& mdash; One of the disseminators and entrepreneurs of blog.
        He once served in blog China, was a member of the joint founding team and the first employee, and later worked in Baidu and blockchain enterprises. Weblog (blog) is the earliest blockchain thinking &mdash& mdash; Distributed media, everyone has an independent platform for free creation. Zhou Yongde added. He also added other tags to hashpower: GitHub of text, literary and art films in regional media, editorial leadership, artificial distraction filter, etc. Zhou Yongde believes that the blockchain industry now has many views. When the industry matures, the media will be more neutral, and the strict selection service will also be accelerated and standardized.
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